Plants ‘N Beans

Along with CO2, methane is considered one of the greenhouse gasses. It can come from many sources. Now, scientists have discovered another

Methane, like carbon dioxide, traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists have been studying natural sources of methane for decades but hadn’t pegged plants as a producer, notes Frank Keppler, a geochemist at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany. Previously recognized sources of methane include bacterial action in the digestive systems of ruminants such as cows and in the saturated soils of swamps and rice paddies.

Now, Keppler and his colleagues find that plants, from grasses to trees, may also be sources of the greenhouse gas. "This is really surprising," Keppler says, because most scientists assumed that methane production requires an oxygenfree environment.

I think it is high time we put together a Blue Ribbon panel, gather the top diplomats of the world together in Kyoto, Japan, and force nations to address this travesty. I wonder which nation is the largest plant producer?

I wonder how plant flatulence stacks up to cow poots? Will Nance Pelosi commission a study?

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3 Responses to “Plants ‘N Beans”

  1. basil says:

    Plants cause global warming?

    Cut down the rain forests and save the planet!

  2. Basil's Blog says:

    Picnic 01-15-2006

    Items I found while perusing my blogroll.

  3. They are dastardly, and a war should be declared! 😉

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