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Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. I want to talk about a serious subject-global warming. Or, like folks are starting to call it, climate change. Slowly, the lexicon is being changed, due to the fact(s) about Global Warming being, oh, bullshat.  Kinda like how Liberals refer to themselves as Progressives, and refer to abortion as choice or reproductive rights. They are just words used to mask the reality and/or change the dialog.

There really isn’t alot of decent data, scientific data, about global warming. Quite a bit of it is nitpicked to give the appearance that the temperatures worldwide are going up, while ignoring contrary evidence, as well as using data to suggest that it is all Man’s fault through CO2. Certainly, Man is causing environmental problems. Ocean pollution, deforestation, fouling the air. But is this leading to global warming? Actually, yes. Particularly ocean pollution. Or so the scientific research shows can happen. However, research into what is actually happening is threadbare to non-existent. The limited data doesn’t actually show how much change is occurring. Furthermore, much of the data that is being released shows a cooling trend, which is moderated by what Man has done, as well as the Sun getting hotter over the past 60 years.

Now, I could go on and on and on, showing contrary evidence. I could show you the pattern that occurs with ocean pollution, that first leads to hotter temperatures, then to an ice age. Have you seen "The Day After Tomorrow?" While the time span is WELL off base, that is what can happen, based on the putting cold, fresh water in the ocean circulatory patterns. And we do need to reduce CO2 emissions, ocean pollution, and other pollutants. I like clean air, land, and water. But, I am still running on.

Here is what I want y’all to do. Go to the Weather Channel. Search your zip code. Look at the 10 day forecast. Now, I want you to take a look and see what happens over the next 10 days. Does it stay the same, or at least similar? Or does the outlook change?

The purpose of this exercise is to show that folks who deal with the weather cannot even accurately know what the weather will do in 10 days, much less 10, 50, 100 years in the future, where people for global warming state that the Earth will get tremendously hot and yada yada yada. This past Sunday, the 10 Day for Raleigh showed snow showers and a high of 49 on the 9th. Tuesday morning, it showed the 9th partly cloudy, and the snow/rain with highs in the low 40’s on the 10th. Tuesday night the 10th is expected to be 61 and partly cloudy. And people want to extrapolate for decades in the future? Mama didn’t raise an idiot. A silly person, yes. But not an idiot.

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