Funny Democrat Stuff

Found over at the website for the Democratic House Leader, the wonderful Nancy "kill the Ca. Tiger Salamander" Pelosi:

  • Democrats are working hard to protect America from domestic terrorism by helping local police and firefighters, and increasing security at ports, power plants, roads, and bridges. 
  • Democrats stand up for economic growth plans that are fair, fast-acting, and fiscally responsible, providing opportunities for all Americans.
  • "Our immediate challenge is to secure our borders, strengthen security around sensitive infrastructure and give our firefighters, police and health care workers(WTF?) the tools they need to meet the threats of a new age. ”

Those are just some of the great ones from the Minority Leaders site. I was LMAO reading them. The health care workers phrase stuck in a quote about national security highlights the reality of the Democratic agenda.

Of course, the only thing missing are their ideas on how to address the issues. Most of the writing is strictly about saying "Bush/Republicans did/didn’t do." I guess it is difficult to come up with ideas through all the harsh Bush/GOP bashing and seething rhetoric.

I can tell Nancy "no unions in my hotels" Pelosi has been a busy lady with the constant seething. She only had time to get 8 pieces of legislation passed in 2005, of which 4 were "Raising a question of the privileges of the House."

In the small areas where you can actually find plans, they aren’t matched to any proposed legislation. That is the way it is done. You put the legislation on the table, and see who has the most popular ideas. It seems to be more important to whine in the public spotlight rather then to actually submit legislation and/or offer their plans up to the public.

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