Let The Seething Begin!

Some interesting wackaroo’s over at the DU today

leftyladyfrommo: Maybe We Should Just Do Ourselves In

  • The human race is the biggest mistake in all of evolution. We are wrecking everthing.
  • This world would be a lot better off if we just all drank cool aid and let some new and better form evolve. (can’t even spell kool aid correctly)

Dawgs White people, white people, white people!!!

  • What is wrong with these fucking white people? Why do so many vote Republican; especially men. How do win them back?
  • I think this is a crucial part to us winning in 06′ and 08.
  • When I was young(25 years ago), people like my grandfather were die hard Democrats. They voted for Democrats because they were pro worker, pro American, and pro military. Are white people so stupid that they let the Republicans change their minds? How do we get these people to understand that Democrats are better for all Americans?
  • It just makes me sad. 🙁
  • BTW, I am a white 35 year old male. (wackodoodle)

yurbud NEW MEME: Dems ARE strong on defense, GOP is strong on offense–

  • offending our democracy by using our military to enrich their friends which stirs up more hatred for the US.
  • There are few threats to our safety, but many temptations to use our military to make the wealthy wealthier.
  • To this end, Democrats should demand an economic benefit analysis before every use of our military or covert action. (could you perhaps explain the economic benefit of Haiti, Somalia, and the former Yugoslavia?)

Why Hillary cannot win the Dem nomination: I’ve said before that the loons wouldn’t support her.

clitzpah queen Time to OutRove ROVE – Seeking Punchy Left Slogans re: Spygate

  • Make This the Year that BUSH is Stopped Here
  • (c’mon all you CLEVER FOLKS…you can come up with better ones)
  • point is…we need SOME group that is DOGGEDLY pursuing this wiretapping issue — displaying signs with catchy slogans — some that get repeated Over and Over again (including by liberal guests who get on tv or radio) — until these notions get BURNED into people’s brains
  • –We need to be able to play in the ROVIAN playground better!
  • Master the Soundbite, Press Conference Backdrop, Repeat, repeat, repeat… (cause we all know that catchy slogans and sound bites did so well in 2004 for the Dems. Reminds me of a quote from Bruce Coslett: "We can’t run. We can’t pass. We can’t stop the run. We can’t stop the pass. We can’t kick. Other than that, we’re just not a very good football team right now.")

The wackos still believe that 9/11 was faked. And those posts are not old stuff. They are current and active.

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