Is Our President A Liar?

That is the meme that is going around, due to a video of President Bush, taken June 20, 2004, at Kleinshams Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. The video is here, at Moonbat Information Clearing  House.

And here is the official transcript. Open the transcript first, then the video. The video starts about midway through the transcript, search the word "lawyer," will be the second occurance. Now start the video.

I’ll wait a few.

Nice edit job on the video, eh? Anyhow, roving wiretaps only require warrants when used against US Citizens, not against non US citizens who are not attempting to gain citizenship.

Oh, and BTW, did you know that we had roving wiretaps prior to Bush being President? Or that it was under Clinton that the rules were relaxed, and he signed the Bill, in 1999? Woops.

Now, the Libs can look at it as "Bush lied." They would no matter what. BDS has warped their brains from all rationality. They will nitpick anything to attempt to undermine Bush, and, by extension, the security and safety of the USA. And you and me. Our families. Our friends. Our neighbors. But, the liberals should try and actually understand the whole issue for a change.

Never happen, though.

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