Whoring for links

Image hosting by Photobucket Or should that be gigoloing? Just doesn’t have the same impact. Help me, Obi-Wan Bloggobi’s. Begging for links. Why? Click on that photo. Got to get me away from the DU. Don’t make me beg more! Cause I will.

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10 Responses to “Whoring for links”

  1. JulieB says:

    Teach, I think that would be “gigobloging”? Nope, you’re right, just doesn’t have that ring that makes ’em sing.

    OK, silly man, we can’t have you polluting the DU arena, really, just not good. 😉

  2. Janette says:

    Hope you’ve had your shots!

  3. Help A Needy Pirate

    Poor William Teach of The Pirate’s Cove is a victim of chance in the Ecosystem. Help a needy pirate keep better company, throw Teach a link if you can!

  4. Moe's Woes says:

    Help a Pirate Out

    William Teach over at The Pirate’s Cove needs a bit of help. It seems the fates decided to play an evil and cruel prank on him, by putting him right underneath the dreaded Demoncratic Underground on the TTLB. The following pic shows the horror:

  5. The Pirate’s Plight

    Help a Pirate out will ya? Why? Well, I just can’t resist a gigolo.

    There is a story behind this but you’ll have to go over there and read more about the situation.

  6. thebandwagon says:

    an important announcement

    This place is making me forget the important stuff! It wasn’t until I went to An American Housewife was I subtly reminded to link a certain pirate for a certain reason that can be found here. Okay, back to…um…this.

  7. FYI

    I’m just posting this because I hate having a day with no posts.

    Look for a surprise here tomorrow! 😉 If you have any problems with the site in the morning, let me know.

    Go vote for cute cats here, and if you see Lucy Van Pelt or Sally…

  8. A Pirate in Need

    William Teach is in a quandary over in the TTLB ecosystem, so here’s a linky for him to get away

  9. moehawk says:

    geez, being a Dodgers fan isn’t bad enough for you? now you have to be lower than the DU?

    i already have you on my personal blogroll, my basil’s Blogwarriors blogroll, and my Homespun blogroll as well.

    which other groups can i join to give you another link or two in order to help you out of this, um, unpleasant predicament?

  10. blaze says:

    Inequilibrium created by the subtle distinction between the freedom of release and the tension of purpose. Hah, what a classic example.

    worth a quote, Indeed.

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