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Crush Kerry has a contest going for Leftwingers to post why they support John Kerry. is conducting a Leftwing Essay Contest. We’re asking liberals from all walks of life to tell us why they are going to vote for John Kerry for President.

But here’s the catch. You aren’t allowed to mention President George W. Bush or his administration. You can only write about the positive attributes that qualify Kerry for the Oval Office

I just have to wonder, after reading the essays: are any of them serious? They all seem like satirical jokes. Heck, were I to write one, I would be writing about how great his Issues are at his website. Many of them really are goof. His environmental stances are, mostly, excellent. Seriously. He has some great ideas.

Of course, I would have to ignore where the money for the programs would be coming from, which is one of the reasons I do not support Kerry. The Issues are not even close to being fiscally responsible, especially taken as a whole. But “Kerry supporters” (Bush haters) do not go to Kerry’s homepage: he is “anybody but Bush.

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