40,000 Troops…

In many a chat room, I have commented on Kerry’s proposal of adding 40,000 troops, 20K for MP duty, and 20K for public affairs. Quite frankly, I probably have spent more time at Kerry’s official website then most of the people who say they are going to vote for him. I once asked:

Which is the real Kerry website?

Most couldn’t answer without looking, and then have to look for the sarcasm.

But, I digress. Troops do not grow on trees, nor do Special Ops folks. Yet Kerry said during his speech:

“We will add 40,000 active duty troops, not in Iraq, but to strengthen American forces that are now overstretched, overextended, and under pressure. We will double our special forces to conduct anti-terrorist operations. And we will provide our troops with the newest weapons and technology to save their lives and win the battle. And we will end the backdoor draft of National Guard and reservists. “

Um, yeah. That should be real easy, what with Kerry specifying on his website that he plans on doing away with all restrictions on gays and lesbians in the military. Say what you want, but, no matter how good a troop someone is, being homosexual in the military is not conductive to the esprit de corps. No offense to the Gay and Lesbian Community, just reality, but you will see enlistment and reenlistment, as well as retirements, in the US Military go up.

Isn’t this the same Kerry who voted to multiple times to kill weapons programs, and reduce the military? Yup. Didn’t vote for the $87 billion? Yup.

And Special Ops forces do not just materialize. They are the best of the best, and it takes a certain mental, as well as physical, makeup to be one. They certainly have their uses, and I would bet that we have SEALs, Rangers, Delta, etc, running around the world right now performing special ops. But we need large units to take out Nation-State armies, as well. And, that would take a draft.

I agree that the National Guard shouldn’t be used: I have always held the opinion that the NG is for defense of the United States on our home soil. Replacements? Let’s pull our troops out of Germany, for a start. See how they fare.

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