Kerry’s Iraq Plan

John Kerry’s Iraq “plan,” such as it is, is sure not winning over many converts. Considering that it is really only a souped up version of President Bush’s plan, it sure hasn’t made any friends. His whole “I can do better” rhetoric has gone by the wayside. As has already been pointed out a few days ago, his plan is actually a step back.

And now we have the slightly liberal USA Today taking shots at his “plan.”

“….But the result is that with the election just three months away, Kerry has done little to separate his views from those of President Bush.”

You don’t say. Looked to me like Kerry got ahold of the Presidents pre-war plans and just re-released them (Berger?).

Kerry’s main difference with Bush, and one he underscores, is that he would be better able to get other countries to help by returning to a more traditional inclusiveness. Involving allies heavily in everything from reconstruction to discussions on Iraq’s future, Kerry says, is the way to bring more international troops to Iraq, lessen anti-U.S. hostility and start bringing U.S. troops home

Germany has already said “no way, no matter who is President.” Spain? They have already cut and run. France? Don’t even go there. That leaves Russia, who respects strength, and China. Need I say more?

The UN is already scared to become involved. And, where were all these international forces when we went into Afghanistan? No France or Germany. They said “hey, we feel bad, but you can forget any help with anythign military.”

The only possible way to retain their help would be to give them a piece of the Iraq pie. Both France and Germany declined to help, defamed the United States, and were shown to have violated UN Resolutions, as well as being involved the the OFF scandal. If the only way to gain their help is to bribe them after we have already done the hard work, well, to hell with them.

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