There Goes the Oil Issue.

In an article for Stars and Stripes, John Kerry makes a major mistake, and refutes one of the Lefts major arguments about the war in Iraq:

Kerry: I think in the first war, their oil was a critical consideration, because Saddam Hussein’s intent was to take over the oil fields. Jim Baker said publicly that it had something to do with what we were doing.

Stripes: But our operations in Iraq right now, no?

Kerry: No. That’s not related directly to the oil … and I never suggested that it is.

So it isn’t about the oil? To use a word the Left likes quite abit, the Kerry supporters must be seeting about now.

But, of course, it never was about the oil. And, even were it about the oil, so what? Considering that the left is just as guilty as the right in driving gas guzzlers, they should want more access to oil. People have fought wars for far less reasons. Remember what started WWI?

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