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NC Democrats Look To Ban Lots Of Handguns

Remember, they aren’t trying to take anyone’s guns, and they just want common sense reform. They’re not going to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. They’re angels!!!! Can NC ensure ‘safe’ guns? Democrats want to ban handguns with dangerous design flaws A trio of Democrats want North Carolina to follow California’s footsteps in […]

Tales Of Raaaaacism: Woman Doctor Humiliated For Playing Music Too Loud

This is apparently just as bad as when those guys were kicked out of the Starbucks the other month. It’s horrible! Because no Caucasian has ever had the cops called for playing music too loud in their apartment. This is by Mary Branch, a resident at the University of North Carolina I’m a black doctor. […]

Ant Hill To Mountain: Simple Case Of Employees Being Fired Turned Into “Disturbing Trend”

This is the kind of idiocy we’re dealing with in today’s society of everyone being a Victim and having to have a National Conversation on everything A ‘disturbing trend’: Duke president issues statement following coffee shop firing Three days after two baristas were fired from a coffee shop on Duke University’s campus, President Vincent Price […]

Previously Deported Illegal Sexually Assaults Child In Raleigh

Will Nancy Pelosi be making another eight hour yammering on the House floor about how great illegal aliens are? (WNCN) A Mexican citizen living in Raleigh is facing multiple charges after breaking into a home and sexually assaulting a child, according to a Wake County Magistrate’s Order. Oscar Paez Uribe, 39, of the 4000 block […]

Illegal Alien Hiding In Church Feels Like He’s In Jail Or Something

Uh huh Well, easy answer: leave. Go back to your home country. — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) December 21, 2017 From the link Jose Chicas spends a lot of time on a porch of a home run by St. John’s Baptist Church in Durham, looking out on a street where he dares not walk. Chicas […]

Raleigh Church Decides To Get In On The Whole Sheltering Illegal Aliens Racket

Many churches across the country are actively sheltering illegal aliens as of late, and now one in Raleigh is joining in on this criminal behavior (Raleigh N&O) A Raleigh church is sheltering an undocumented immigrant fighting deportation to Mexico, adding to the small but growing sanctuary movement in North Carolina. Umstead Park United Church of […]

HB2 Hurt North Carolina So Much It Generated Record Visitor Revenue For 2016

Huh. This is weird. The media constantly beat the gong that HB2, the so-called Bathroom Bill, would really hurt North Carolina economically. You had Progressive states implementing “travel bans” on the government dime (yet refusing to say what the bathroom policies were in government buildings in their states). But, hey, what’s this! (WRAL) North Carolina […]

From What I Hear, Illegals Bring In Lots Of Revenue Or Something

Or kill people and drive their cars after dumping their bodies (WRAL) The man charged with the murder of a friend found dead on the Raleigh greenway drove the victim’s car on the day his body was found, according to a warrant in the case. Jose Humberto Lara-Pineda, 18, is being held without bond at […]

NC Democrats Have Typical Meltdowns Over Proposed Sanctuary City Crackdown Legislation

Apparently, Democrats are not big fans of The Law. Let’s start out with a quote from deep in the article (WRAL) “We’re sitting here debating whether to obey the law or not. That just amazes me. In a judiciary committee of this state, does that make any sense that we would be debating that?” asked […]

NC General Assembly Gives Final Approval On HB2 Replacement

There have been lots of trials and tribulations with the attempted repeal of HB2, the so-called bathroom bill, which was passed in response to the Charlotte city council passing a law requiring private businesses to allow men pretending to be women to enter the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms of little girls. Democrats, including Rory […]

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