Washington Post: “Know What Would Be Awesome? A Carbon Tax”

Personally, I’d recommend that they recommend taxing Carbon Dioxide, since that is what they blame every weather even on. It’s not like our bodies are made of Carbon.

(Washington Post) Now if there were just some policy that would reduce carbon emissions and raise federal ­revenue . . . .

A tax on carbon, of course, is that policy, and lawmakers and the president should be discussing it. The idea is to put a simple price on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases — some dollar amount per ton of CO² — that steadily increases at a pre-set rate.

This is the best plan lawmakers can take off the shelf to fight global warming.

The best plan would be for every True Believer in hotcoldwetdry to give up their fossil fueled travel, take 2 minute showers, unplug every appliance when not in use, turn off their ice maker, walk to work, etc and so on. Live the 1299 “carbon neutral” lifestyle.

As an added benefit, it would reduce dependence on imported oil. If businesses and consumers had to pay something for the otherwise invisible costs of their actions — in this case, pollution — they would be more careful. Their combined preferences, not those of Congress or bureaucrats, would determine how to wring carbon out of the economy.

So, the Washington Post editorial board, part of an organization that uses vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels, not to mention all the trees they harvest, to publish and distribute their paper couldn’t give a damn if your cost of living skyrockets.

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4 Responses to “Washington Post: “Know What Would Be Awesome? A Carbon Tax””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Good thing they helped get their Socialist leader back in dictatorial power.

  2. I think the Wash Post would be rather shocked if one was passed and realized that their cost of doing business was going up. Oh, and that they would have to pay the carbon tax, too.

  3. John says:

    Our bodies are made of carbon most other life forms are carbon based Teach a20 dollar per ton carbon tax would raise the cost of a gallon of gas by 15 cents

  4. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    Teach, all the commies I know, aside from the teachers of course, all work to enhance the productivity of capitalistic free enterprise. Some are in sales, software or other private industries. They all vote Obama and feel he is not left enough. They do nothing, except vote, to support their cause. They don’t donate, they don’t march, they don’t attend meetings and they don’t subscribe to any socialist propaganda. They are too busy working to accumulate wealth. Which means they don’t have any clue what they are supporting or why they are supporting it. They just love the idea of getting everything for free and having absolutely no responsibility. They are infantile. When I gently chide them for working so hard for capitalism, they sputter, get angry and have fits. But, they have no coherent response. And they cry that they have no choice because the lovely political system they yearn to see hasn’t rescued them yet. It’s so sick, it’s funny. If Obama told them clouds were destroying the economy, they would believe it.

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