Thursday Linfest: Boxer’s Carbon Bill

First Boxer compared yesterdays SCOTUS decision to stop a certain partial birth abortion to the tragedy at Virginia Tech, then she stated that she wants everyone to pay much, much more for, well, everything

 ( – Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, pledged Wednesday to push legislation that would put caps on carbon emissions in an effort to fight global warming.

In a speech in Washington, D.C., Boxer said three senators — Delaware Democrat Tom Carper, Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander, and Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders — are writing legislation that would cap carbon emissions from power plants. She said the bills should be introduced in coming days.

The pending legislation would differ from existing proposals sponsored by Boxer and others that would create economy wide caps on carbon emissions. The pending proposals would specifically target power plant emissions in a move likely similar to the caps on sulfur emissions in the 1990 Clean Air Act.

Well, isn't that special? Who will that hurt? The poor and the middle class, who do not have the money to pay for everything that will jump in price due to the caps. And prices will jump. Of course, since Boxer is one of the rich, she will not have to worry about the prices she pays for her energy needs, which are already very high.

Boxer said addressing global warming is a "spiritual and moral obligation" and chastised the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for not setting national pollutant standards for cars and for not allowing states such as California to implement their own standards.

Got that? Global warming as caused by Man (sic) is a "spiritual and moral obligation." Saving the unborn is not.

A spokesman for EPW Committee ranking member Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) told Cybercast News Service that Inhofe "welcomes bringing climate legislation up for a vote."

"Once the American people get a close look at the proposed 'solutions' to natural climate fluctuations, they will realize that all of the bills are all economic pain for no climate gain," Marc Morano said in an emailed comment.

"Low- and middle-income Americans are already being strained by rising energy costs and any legislation that emits from Capitol Hill will do nothing to 'solve' the supposed climate crisis," Morano added.

Democrats do not care. Those who preach global warming as caused by Man do not care. Yet, very few of them are living the life, and these folks who push it are rich, such as Boxer, Kerry, Gore, and Edwards.

I'll repeat my constant refrain: if you are living the life, I'll be more then happy to listen to you. If you are not, then by what right do you have to tell anyone else what to do? I have visited and commented at many, many sites, asking if they are living the carbon neutral life. Way, way more often then not, I am told either "no" or get a cricket response.

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