Thirsty Thursday Linkfest: US Forces Raid Iranian Consulate in Iraq

Morning, y'all. I really have no comments on Bush's plan, haven't had a chance to read up on it yet, and was watching my Devils lose to the Blues during the speech, except to repost this from the Democrats Intelligence Bill, HR 1, section 1421:

(3) It is in the national security interests of the United States to promote democracy, the rule of law, good governance, sustainable development, a vigorous civil society, political freedom, protection of minorities, independent media, women's rights, private sector growth, and open economic systems in the countries of the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

That's what President Bush is trying to do.

Moving on, I bet there were some surprised Iranians today (their time) in Iraq

ARBIL, Iraq (Reuters) – U.S. forces raided the Iranian consulate office in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil on Thursday and arrested five employees, the official Iranian news agency IRNA said.

There was no immediate comment by the U.S. military on the raid which came hours after President George W. Bush vowed in a speech to interrupt what he called the "flow of support" from Iran and Syria for insurgent attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq.

"Around 5.00 a.m., after disarming the guards they (U.S. troops) broke into the office, without giving any explanation and arrested five employees," the official IRNA news agency reported, adding that documents and computers were seized.

We all know that Syria and Iran, and probably other Muslim countries and leaders, are supporting the "insurgency" in Iraq, in the way of material goods, fighters, and money. Coalition forces have killed Muslims from all over the Middle East, as well as as far away as Indonesia and the Phillipines. They have even caught one from Australia.

I am hoping that when I get time way later in the day (meetings) to catch up on what W plans, it will include killing lots of terrorists coming in to Iraq.

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Hot Air and Stop The ACLU have their takes.

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