Pelosi Loves Texas

Image hosting by Photobucket Yes, that is Nancy Pelosi wearing a Texas flag swim suit. She thought that those old photos wouldn’t ever be found. Bwahahahahahaha!

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Comment by Jeremy
2005-04-10 18:41:24

Well, that settles it, liberal chicks are hotter.

Comment by Janette
2005-04-10 19:19:34

I’m glad you did this! I had more “Naked Nacy Pelosi” traffic earlier this week. I’ll send the deviant trolls your way.

Comment by The Babaganoosh
2005-04-10 19:27:12

*impales you on spear*

Comment by Jeff H
2005-04-10 20:18:01

Man, what a waste of a Texas flag…

Comment by William Teach
2005-04-10 22:09:39

I had someone looking for “jessica alba” “naked” the other day. Came from one of the blog war links.

Comment by Michael
2005-04-11 02:06:33

EEuuwwwww, Nice body, How could you destroy it like that?

Comment by William Teach
2005-04-11 09:07:24

I’m Evil? Kids in the Hall type Evil.

Comment by Buckley F. Williams
2005-04-11 18:15:16

Just one suggestion. Remove the mouth.

Comment by JulieB
2005-04-12 00:04:02

Hmmm… boob job. Not particularly good one…

Comment by McGehee
2005-04-13 23:17:34

Boob job? Putting Pelosi’s face on that body goes way beyond “boob job” in my book.

Oh, wait — you were talking about the two infinitely more intelligent round things just a little bit lower. My bad.


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