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…are carbon pollution clouds creating shadows, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on the need to now cleanse street names.

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California, Quebec, And Ontario Are Totally “Insurgent Forces” In Fight Against ‘Climate Change” Or Something

Insurgents, you guys! You know, at things like artificially raising the cost of living for their citizens while also taking more taxes/fees and restricting freedom, all for a nebulous idea that is not proven by Science

Ontario, Quebec, and California ink climate-change deal

The most powerful sub-national leader in the world says he, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Quebec’s Philippe Couillard are “insurgent forces” in the global fight to curb climate change.

California Gov. Jerry Brown, whose state has the world’s sixth-largest economy — larger than that of Canada, France or India — said it does not matter what President Donald Trump or the U.S. Congress does to try to derail efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Whatever anyone else does and whatever Mr. Trump does in Washington, China is on the move with a carbon market,” Brown said in Quebec City as California, Quebec and Ontario signed an agreement to formally link their carbon markets.

“There’s a lot of money on the other side and that’s the status quo. We’re the insurgent forces transforming. That’s where it’s at. In our systems, the sub-national jurisdictions have a power,” he said, noting states and provinces can oversee clean-air standards, building codes, and promote electric vehicles.

Quite frankly, I don’t think Trump cares one way or another. Funny how Jerry is suddenly interested in State’s Rights….wait, isn’t the notion of States Rights now considered racist?

Regardless, they’re insurgents!

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Huff Post: Hey, Let’s Hold Disaster Money Hostage To Legalize The Dreamers

This missive comes way of Cesar Vargas, Esquire, the first illegal alien to be admitted to the NY Bar, and who has stumped for people to….continue breaking U.S. immigration laws.

Let’s Make a Deal on Immigration: Dream Act with Money to Rebuild Houston, Puerto Rico, Mexico

Realistically, everything you need to know is in the headline: hold disaster money hostage to provide some sort of legal status for lawbreakers.

This radical policy change was followed with news that an agreement had been forged between Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and President Trump, allowing for a legislative solution for Dreamers in exchange for extensive “border enforcement”.

This is unacceptable. The American people are demanding urgent legislation that secures a path to citizenship — like the DREAM Act — for those young immigrants affected by the loss of DACA.

Even two-thirds of Trump supporters believe Dreamers should be allowed to stay and become citizens.

An acceptable compromise, however, could be the Dream Act in exchange for funds to provide immediate relief to Houston, Puerto Rico, and Mexico who have suffered extensive destruction by raging hurricanes and earthquakes.

Apparently, holding needed relief funds hostage is acceptable among those who support continuous violations of U.S. law.

We can’t throw our families and other immigrants under the bus in exchange for green cards. We can, however, make a deal to pass the Dream Act with billions to rebuild our nation.

They aren’t “our”: they are “theirs”.

I’ll make a counter offer: legal status for Dreamers who pass the same standards that those who are attempting to become U.S. citizens the legal way in exchange for self deportation of the people who knowingly violated U.S. laws and sovereignty in bringing the kids (legal status cannot start till the people who brought them leave the U.S., and can be rescinded permanently if they come back illegally), coupled with tough enforcement on the entities that hire illegals and restrictions on all those who would attempt to gain legal status by bringing their children after the legislation is enacted into law. If Mr. Vargas, who is just saying what Democrats are thinking, really wants legal status for the Dreamers, he has to be willing to give something. Holding needed relief money hostage is beyond despicable, but, then, we shouldn’t expect anything different from Democrats.

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NY Times Uses Earthquakes To Bash Trump

Envision in your mind, the members of the NY Times editorial board get together, glasses of fancy wine in hand, caviar on the table, linen napkins gleaming white, and the question at hand is how to bash President Trump over the latest Mexico and Japanese earthquakes. Unpaid interns are called in to work the search engines, till one finds something of interest

Mexico Has Some Earthquake Lessons for the United States

People cannot prevent earthquakes, but they can take steps to minimize the deaths and damage. Many more might have died in Mexico City this week had the country not invested in an early warning system that rang alarms just before the catastrophic earthquake struck. The United States, which has been slow to finish a similar system on the West Coast, can learn from Mexico’s example.

(Discussion of what an early warning system can do)

The United States Geological Survey is building a warning system called ShakeAlert for California, Oregon and Washington. A prototype is up and running. But Congress has not appropriated the money to finish it. Officials say just 40 percent of the necessary field stations have been built so far. The Geological Survey says that it would cost $38 million to finish the system and $16 million a year to operate it. Congress appropriated just $10.2 million in the current fiscal year. (California and private foundations have also contributed money to the project over the years.)

Not mentioned is that this is pretty much only viable for magnitude 7 earthquakes and up. It can recognize lower level earthquakes, to be sure. It will only help those in the intermediate range, because those close have no warning, and those further away pretty much do not get damage. That’s per ShakeAlert. Oh, and there other systems that are reported to be much less costly and pretty much as reliable. And California, including Governor Jerry Brown, has been reticent in providing their own funding. Regardless of it all, this is the point

Worse still, President Trump’s budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which is inhospitable to a broad range of science-based projects, proposed eliminating the program entirely. This makes no sense, particularly when you consider that the annual federal budget is about $4 trillion and that the price tag of just one F-35 fighter jet is nearly $100 million. The United States can afford to spend a few million dollars to provide earthquake warnings to states that are home to 50 million people, or nearly one in six Americans.

If it wasn’t this, they’d find another way to bash Trump. That’s what they do.

Is it a worthy project? Perhaps. We’d have to dig into the papers on it, but, if so, why is California not interested in paying for it? Again, it doesn’t matter in context, because this is about attacking Mr. Trump, nothing more, nothing less. The Editorial Board sure didn’t care when Mr. Obama was in office.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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That New Study Saying Global Warming Is Occurring Much Slower Than Thought Doesn’t Say That Or Something

Two days ago we were offered up a glimpse of a new study that basically said that the previous models were utter trash, as Skeptics have been noting for years and years. And now the spin starts

New Climate Study Doesn’t Contradict Global Warming, No Matter What Breitbart Says


Things went totally off the rails from there. “The scientists who produce those doomsday reports for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have finally come clean—the computer models they’ve been using to predict runaway global warming are wrong,” bloviated The Sun. “Climate alarmists have finally admitted that they’ve got it wrong on global warming,” Breitbartpiled on.

It got so out of hand that the University of Oxford-based researchers released a statement yesterday disavowing the idea that we now longer need to take aggressive action to reduce carbon emissions, followed by a response article in The Guardian this morning.

Here’s what really happened. …

You know some serious spin is coming your way.

Whether the authors are correct in their baseline or not, the study’s message isn’t that it’s time to rest on our laurels if we want to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. But that misleading message was compounded when some outlets keyed in on a suggestion in the paper that climate models have “overestimated” warming by 0.3 degrees C, taking this to mean that temperatures are not rising as quickly as the IPCC says they are. Not only was the paper was not intended to assess discrepancies between climate models and observations, its findings are in line with the IPCC, a fact which the authors readily admit.

That is exactly what the study was saying, prior to the spin starting.

“Out predictions for warming rates over the coming decades are identical to those of the IPCC,” study authors Miles Allen and Richard Miller wrote in the Guardian.

The IPCC models are well over what the actual observations ended up being.

Comparing models with observations isn’t always an easy or even a good thing to do.

This entire schtick is based on models. And when the observations don’t agree, the observations are changed, not the model outcomes.

Still, the essential conclusion of this new study didn’t differ all that much from those that came before it: We need aggressive carbon reductions immediately if we want to keep climate change to a minimum.

When will Gizmodo give up their own use of fossil fuels and go carbon neutral?

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If All You See…

…is a world that has so much drought that the ground turns to rock, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Crawdad Hole, with a post wondering if it’s OK to punch a woman if she’s a Nazi.

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Entitled Millionaire NFL Players Ask For SJW Month

And this is how you kill a sport by driving a large chunk of your fan base away

Memo: NFL players ask Roger Goodell for support in racial equality campaign

Current and former NFL players campaigning for racial equality and criminal justice reform wrote a lengthy memo to league commissioner Roger Goodell officially seeking overt league support in their effort, including an endorsement for an activism awareness month, Yahoo Sports has learned.

The 10-page memo, obtained by Yahoo Sports, was sent to Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent in August, requesting wide-ranging involvement in their movement from the NFL. The memo seeks an investment of time and education, political involvement, finances and other commitments from the league. It also sought to have the NFL endorse the month of November as an activism awareness month, similar to the periods of league calendar dedicated to breast cancer awareness and military recognition.

It was endorsed by four players: Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, former Buffalo Bills wideout Anquan Boldin and Eagles wideout Torrey Smith.

What could possibly go wrong? They can blame the hurricanes, but, what of this past weekend? What of when the ratings keep dropping, because fans tune into their own team, but tune out to the others which they would normally watch? If the NFL tries this, or, really, even pays lip service to it, the ratings will drop like a stone, merchandising will collapse, and there won’t be the money to pay these same entitled players their millions per year.

But, hey, if they really want racial equality, then there needs to be a cap on players by race. So, we’d have to cut the number of Blacks in the NFL down to no more than 14%, while increasing the number of Whites, Latinos, and Asians, among others. Seems fair, right?

Oh, and if they want to do all this, why don’t they put their own money where their mouths are, instead of Demanding that the NFL pony up?

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Climate Deniers Just Want To Protect The Status Quo That Gave Them Great Lives Or Something

Guardian writer John Gibbon is having a snit fit, as most Warmists do on their favorite subject, and he’s Very Upset that 1st Worlders do not want to give up their modern lifestyles

Climate deniers want to protect the status quo that made them rich

From my vantage point outside the glass doors, the sea of grey hair and balding pates had the appearance of a golf society event or an active retirement group. Instead, it was the inaugural meeting of Ireland’s first climate denial group, the self-styled Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF) in Dublin in May. All media were barred from attending.

Its guest speaker was the retired physicist and noted US climate contrarian, Richard Lindzen. His jeremiad against the “narrative of hysteria” on climate change was lapped up by an audience largely composed of male engineers and meteorologists – mostly retired. This demographic profile of attendees at climate denier meetings has been replicated in London, Washington and elsewhere.

How many people in the room had children or indeed grandchildren, I wondered. Could an audience of experienced, intelligent people really be this blithely indifferent to the devastating impacts that unmitigated climate change will wreak on the world their progeny must inhabit? These same ageing contrarians doubtless insure their homes, put on their seatbelts, check smoke alarms and fret about cholesterol levels.

Why then, when it comes to assessing the greatest threat the world has ever faced and when presented with the most overwhelming scientific consensus on any issue in the modern era, does this caution desert them? Are they prepared quite literally to bet their children’s lives on the faux optimism being peddled by contrarians?

Well, interestingly, this would apply to the majority of Warmists, since the majority refuse to change their own behavior to match their stated beliefs. It actually seems like so many of them, especially the leaders, are even worse, as they jet around the world on private jets, hang out on meg-yachts, and cruse around in gas guzzling limos.

What’s their excuse?

“We have been repeatedly asked: ‘Don’t you want to leave a better Earth for your grandchildren,’” quipped the comedian and talk show host John Oliver. “And we’ve all collectively responded: ‘Ah, fuck ’em!’” This would be a lot funnier were it not so close to the bone.

Well, since his audience is made up of only fellow travelers, it must mean that Warmists are saying “ah, fuck ’em!”

Facing up to climate change also means confronting the uncomfortable reality that the growth-based economic and political models on which we depend may be built on sand. In some, especially the “winners” in the current economic system, this realisation can trigger an angry backlash.

What Skeptics want is for everyone to be able to live the modern life, especially one that fossil fuels allowed the 1st World to live, one which allows Warmists to sit around and whine, rather than having to spend all their time tilling fields by hand or working in a mine. Warmists would prefer to restrict that modern lifestyle from mostly brown and black people. Seems as if they’re rather racist.

(Photo is from the article, used under Fair Use laws, of Singer Gigi Love protests outside Trump Tower in New York. Climate sceptics are prepared to ‘bet their children’s lives on the faux optimism being peddled by contrarians’. Photograph: Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images)

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Surprise: Washington Post Blamestorms Trump Admin Over St. Louis Shooting Case

The Washington Post Editorial Board has decided to have a snit fit over the case of St Louis officer Jason Stockley shooting and killing Anthony Lamar Smith. The headline read St. Louis is what happens when the Justice Department won’t do its job. The editorial spends 3 paragraphs giving the briefest of overviews of the case, certainly not enough to make a truly informed decision (though they do provide a few links), as the judge who found Stokely not guilty had to make his decision (note: I think Stokely is guilty. Perhaps not 1st degree murder, but, certainly some level of murder).

They also forget to mention Smith’s criminal history, his fleeing arrest, and what the judge had to say in the decision.

It then moves on the reports that police were chanting “whose streets? Our streets”, something I mentioned as well, but, let’s consider, there is only one report of this. There doesn’t seem to be video of this. One would think there would be one video with audio, what with all the smartphones. But, this has made the WPEB apoplectic.

The police department says it’s investigating the chant. But in the wake of Mr. Wilson’s ruling, officers’ co-opting of a slogan often adopted by protesters of police violence sends a signal to black St. Louisans that law enforcement views them as adversaries, rather than as a community deserving protection.

Well, the community, or at least a certain section which is responsible for the bulk of crime in St. Louis, seems the police as adversaries to start with. But, none of that is really the point

The Justice Department declined to press charges against Mr. Stockley during the Obama administration. Yet despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s disdain for police reform, the facts as they stand in St. Louis are more than enough to merit federal review of the city’s police force. In a sign of Mr. Sessions’s priorities, the Justice Department announced— coincidentally, on the day of Mr. Stockley’s acquittal — that it would roll back a program designed to assist local law enforcement with reforms. That stranded the St. Louis County Police Department, which had sought help following the 2014 killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson within county lines. Mr. Stockley’s case is one more reminder of how much is lost under a Justice Department that refuses to rise to the task.

Gotta love it: this occurred during the Obama admin, they didn’t do a thing about (nor should they have done anything, IMO), but, the blame is shifted to the Trump admin and Jeff Sessions. The program is being changed from trying to get a community which hates the police and often refuses to help the police to one which helps the St. Louis PD do more traditional policing, such as “arresting violent criminals, breaking up gangs, and making drug busts.” That’s per the Buzzfeed link in the above paragraph (St. Louis County Police Department).

Buzzfeed goes on to note that not one report on the program was published since the inception of what was called the COPS program under Obama, nothing which states whether it was even effective.

But, hey, let’s blame Jeff Sessions, because why not?

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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If All You See…

…are rough waves caused by extreme weather from Other People not buying sustainable fruit, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on a responsible lifestyle now being raaaaacist.

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