Hamas Mulling Over Ceasefire Plan, Wants Some Amendments

Release the hostages immediately, surrender. That should be the ceasefire plan

Hamas responds to Gaza cease-fire plan, seeking ‘amendments’

Hamas said Tuesday that it gave mediators its reply to the U.S.-backed proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza, seeking some “amendments” on the deal. It appeared the reply was short of an outright acceptance that the United States has been pushing for but kept negotiations alive over an elusive halt to the eight-month war.

The foreign ministries of Qatar and Egypt — who have been key mediators alongside the U.S. — confirmed they had received Hamas’ response and said mediators were studying it.

“We’re in receipt of this reply that Hamas delivered to Qatar and to Egypt, and we are evaluating it right now,” White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters in Washington.

Hamas spokesperson Jihad Taha said the response included “amendments that confirm the cease-fire, withdrawal, reconstruction and [prisoner] exchange.” Taha did not elaborate.

But while supporting the broad outlines of the deal, Hamas officials have expressed wariness over whether Israel would implement its terms, particularly provisions for an eventual permanent end to fighting and full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in return for the release of all hostages held by the militants.

If Hamas stops attacking Israel and Jews, they have little to worry about. If the Palestinian people would stop supporting a terrorist organization, stop being violent, there will be no problem. Anyhow, phase 2 is supposed to bring a permanent ceasefire. Politico, like many news outlets, fails to mention rather important information

Hamas demands a full Israeli withdrawal from the Rafah crossing, no permanent ceasefire

In Hamas’s response to the Israeli outline for the hostage deal, it demanded, among other things, a full Israeli withdrawal from the Rafah crossing and the Philadelphi Corridor, Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday. (snip)

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan told Hezbollah-aligned channel Al Mayadeen that they had amended the ceasefire proposal to specify that it would not be permanent, in contravention of President Biden’s proposal.

They clarified that they would not accept any deal that did not include a total withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

Hamas also told Al Mayadeen that they considered disagreements between Israel and the US over the ceasefire proposal as “only tactical.”

In other words, the terrorist organization which runs Gaza, and seems to be in position to continue to run Gaza once hostilities (meaning Israel bombing the shit out of them) end, wants to be able to continue to attack Israel and Jews. Really, any ceasefire should include there being anyone other than Hamas in charge of Gaza, and international monitors (not the UN) to make sure they aren’t using infrastructure like water pipes to make rockets, that they aren’t storing weapons in mosques, schools, and hospitals.

Meanwhile, their terrorist comrades to the north aren’t having fun, either

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7 Responses to “Hamas Mulling Over Ceasefire Plan, Wants Some Amendments”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Cracks me up reading Hamas demands this or that while getting their collective asses kicked by the Israelis.

  2. alanstorm says:

    Israel should come up with a cogent, meaningful response to this. If they DID, of course, Hamas wouldn’t be around anymore, and the usual dingleberries would squawk their meaningless protests…

  3. Professor Hale says:

    It’s amazing how energetic the Biden administration can get now that they are looking at a sweeping electoral defeat. Likely, this will have serious coat tails in the congressional elections too. We see stuff like this in the papers because the Biden Information campaign and all the donations in kind from the national media want you to see Biden “fixing things”. What we don’t see are all the things the Biden administration is doing behind the scenes to lock in their executive policies to try to box in the inevitable Trump administration. By the way the Biden administration is acting, it is they who believe Trump will be the next president come January, not just my opinion. For instance, the Biden administration is administratively converting several politically appointed positions in the government to long term civil service, and then filling those positions with their own people, thus ensuring they can remain in place to undermine Trump.

    I am really curious what the Democrats long term plan is for control of the government once Biden passes away or is finally allowed to go home and rest. Harris, as puppet in waiting, is a useless-enough idiot but doesn’t have anywhere near Biden’s connections. I don’t see her being able to pull off a convincing POTUS-Puppet.

  4. Dana says:

    The good Professor wrote:

    Harris, as puppet in waiting, is a useless-enough idiot but doesn’t have anywhere near Biden’s connections. I don’t see her being able to pull off a convincing POTUS-Puppet.

    The Democrats are doing everything that they possibly can to get Joe Biden across the finish line, knowing full well that he’ll never finish a second term. But they’d love to have the black female Mrs Emhoff as President, even if she wouldn’t be very good.

    Even a bad President has power. She’d be appointing judges throughout the federal system from whatever list her handlers gave her, and they’d be uniformly bad. She’d end whatever federal border enforcement there happens to be. She’d keep in place the cockamamie regulations to kill fossil fuels. Remember: she’s from California, the land of fruits and nuts.

    Joe Biden has proved it: a President doesn’t have to be smart, and he doesn’t even have to be active, not as long as he has handlers who are savvy. The only question is whether Mr Biden would actually die in office, or just sink further into dementia, giving Jill Biden a chance to play Edith Wilson.

    • Professor Hale says:

      There is no way the adults in the Democratic party let Jill be the power behind the throne. There is only so much room behind that throne and they are already in it.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Mr Dana claims President Biden isn’t smart! This is a man who stole an election with votes no one can find. He arranged for the DOJ to convict Trump of 34 “crimes” and the smartest lawyers in America can’t figure out how he did it. Biden even sacrificed his remaining son to the weaponized justice system. He WAS too smart to ask a boat manufacturer about the trouble with boat batteries, no doubt because Biden didn’t have a relative who taught at MIT! Battery vs shark!! Biden even shamed Donnie into a debate with no live audience and the ability for the moderators to cut Don’s mike.

      Mr Dana believes that President Biden will not survive a second term, while ignoring the age, bulk and bad habits of the criminal genius Fat Donnie who has yet to anoint a VP candidate who would be become Prez when Fat Donnie keels over! Burghum? Ramyswamy? Gabbard? I suspect oleaginous JD Vance (R-OH) since the polls in Ohio have tightened a bit.

      VP Harris would be a better president than any of Trump’s potential seconds.

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