Biden Says “Deniers” Are Condemning America To A Dangerous Future Or Something

It’s a good thing Biden isn’t the kind of guy who flew on a jumbo from Delaware to D.C. along with a backup jumbo jet and fighter jets, then take either fly a low MPG military helicopter or travel in a fossil fueled convoy to Triangle, Virginia, which is down near Quantico

Biden warns climate change deniers are ‘condemning’ Americans to ‘dangerous future’ during Earth Day event

President Biden commemorated Earth Day by telling a crowd in Triangle, Virginia that anyone who denies the impacts of climate change is “condemning the American people to a very dangerous future.”

The president’s comments were made while speaking at Prince William Forest Park, where he announced two programs he expects to benefit the environment and the American people.

The first program Biden introduced is to help low- to middle-income families dealing with the inflated costs of energy bills.

Under the president’s new “Solar for All” plan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will invest $7 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act, to reduce energy costs.

Would these be the costs that skyrocketed thanks to Biden’s own policies?

Another program Biden introduced is the American Climate Corps, which will provide over 2,000 positions in 36 states. The president said Americans can now apply to become the first members of the American Climate Corps and get paid to fight climate change by learning how to install solar panels, fight wildfires, rebuild wetlands and winterize homes, among other things.

Cool, some government paid Green Shirts.

“But folks, despite the overwhelming devastation in red and blue states, there’s still those who deny climate is in crisis,” Biden told the crowd. “My MAGA Republican friends don’t seem to think it’s a crisis… they actually want to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, which actually provides the funding for a vast majority of these projects and roll back… protections for clean air and clean water.

I’ll believe it’s a crisis when Joe isn’t using massive amounts of fossil fuel to head to one of his two homes in Delaware or Camp David almost every weekend.

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4 Responses to “Biden Says “Deniers” Are Condemning America To A Dangerous Future Or Something”

  1. H says:

    Colleges have always been in the vanguard of protests against immoral wars. And they have always received criticism from the right, but time proved those wars to be unwinnable and unnecessary.

    • david7134 says:

      So you support Hamas and the animal way they carried out the attacks of 10/7. And you support the Islams and their 80 years plus terrorist activity against innocent individuals, all in the name of their religion with the support of there cult.

      Now I am sure some of your pathetic retort is directed at the Vietnam war. I thought the aims of that war were justified, but you don’t have mass demonstrations with American service men engaged in battle.

      You are why Hitler was able to accomplish what he did.

  2. CarolAnn says:

    Wars are only unnecessary if you’re willing to surrender to defeat by the enemy. If you wanna live free wars are very necessary. In your case you don’t care because your mind’s already entrapped in a communist bubble. The rest of us wanna be free so you will get the benefit of our blood.

  3. Matthew says:

    The future, and the past for that matter, have always been dangerous, the world is dangerous. Those that are controlling Biden are intentionally condemning America to no future.

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