Paris Clears Out Illegal Alien Camps Ahead Of Olympics

This reminds me of when Democrat run San Francisco cleared the streets of homeless and drug addicts ahead of the summit between Biden and China’s Xi Jinping

Police clear out a migrant camp in central Paris. Activists say it’s a pre-Olympics sweep

French police evicted migrants from a makeshift camp in Paris a few steps away from the Seine River on Tuesday, the latest operation in what aid groups call a campaign of ‘’social cleansing” ahead of the Summer Olympics.

Before dawn on an unusually cold April morning, around 30 teenage boys and young men from West Africa were awakened by police and urged to pack their tents and belongings. Most of them were underage and in the process of seeking residency papers.

“I was already scared but I am even more scared because I don’t know where to go,” said Boubacar Traore, 16, who said he fled conflict in Burkina Faso and arrived in France two months ago.

The operation came days after police carried out a large-scale eviction at France’s biggest squatter camp in a suburb south of Paris.

This is actually normal for Paris, as they clean things up every Spring. However

But aid groups working with migrants and other vulnerable people in the Paris region say these efforts are intensifying ahead of the Olympics. They note that people are being sent far away from the capital instead of being offered shelter in the Paris region, where many asylum-seekers have upcoming court dates.

“The authorities want to have a clean place for the Olympics Games. They don’t want the tourists to see Paris as a city full of migrants and asylum seekers,” Elias Hufganel, a volunteer with a group serving refugees and immigrants, said at the Paris tent camp Tuesday.

Do you blame them? Do they want people from all over the world coming to Paris and seeing squalor and being harassed by illegal aliens, especially since most a young, fighting age males? There are already plenty of videos of these “migrants” fighting and causing problems. They’ve taken over buildings. They’ve killed French people. And, weirdly, quite a few of them have come from Islamist areas and bring their extremist version of Islam with them.

Of course, France has tolerated these illegals for decades so, they’ve gotten what they asked for.

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5 Responses to “Paris Clears Out Illegal Alien Camps Ahead Of Olympics”

  1. h says:

    Mr Teach apparently thinks that all migrants are “illegal”
    France has always been accepting migrants coming from their former West African colonies.
    Mr Teach must be feeling old when he he shows his envy for those who are still in the “military aged males” cohort.
    France has a Muslim population of only 4%, 1/2 of which are citizens. Migrants work the same jobs in France that they do here and in about the same percentages; construction 25%, hospitality 33%, security guards25%, agricultural workers. Mr Teach, will you agree to take on one of these needed jobs? If not you, who will?

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-now please show where there’s not enough French-born natural citizens to take those jobs. Good luck!

    • Brother John says:

      Instead of quibbling and bullshitting about the alleged illegality, an intelligent person would look at the result of all this “migration” into France and conclude that it’s been a total catastrophe and that it should be stopped at all costs.

      But for some reason, you favor idiocy and bullshit, so your usual tactic is to spit up nonsense festooned with a few numbers to look classy. What a dink.

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host began:

    This reminds me of when Democrat run San Francisco cleared the streets of homeless and drug addicts ahead of the summit between Biden and China’s Xi Jinping

    Which begs the question: were President Trump in office when that summit meeting occurred, would the Democrats who run Frisco have cleaned out the wastrels and the junkies?

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