WWIII Watch: Iran Threatens To Target Israeli Nuclear Sites

Update before the scheduled post even posted:

Israel has carried out a strike inside Iran, US official tells CNN, as region braces for further escalation

Israel has carried out a military strike inside Iran, a US official told CNN, as blasts were heard near the city of Isfahan early Friday in a potentially escalatory move Iranian government officials have so far sought to play down.

The US was given advance notification Thursday of an intended Israeli strike in the coming days, but did not endorse the response, a second senior US official said.

Iran’s air defense systems were activated in several locations after three explosions were heard close to a major military airbase near the Iranian city of Isfahan, state media reported early Friday morning.

The NY Times claims that the strike hit an air base near Isfahan. The Natanz nuclear weapons development site is near there, so, will this set Iran off? Because on to the original post

Perhaps Biden shouldn’t have been so weak, shouldn’t have utterly messed up the Afghanistan withdrawal, shouldn’t have coddled Iran, shouldn’t have given them billion of dollars, shouldn’t have blown up all the growing peace accords in the Middle East, hadn’t equivocated after Hamas attacked Jewish civilians

Iran threatens to target Israeli nuke facilities; Middle East on ‘precipice’ of bigger war

The Middle East is on the “precipice” of a broader war that can be averted with a two-state solution allowing Israel and Palestine to exist side-by-side with Jerusalem as a shared capital, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres told the Security Council on Thursday.

However, that solution won’t come from immediate U.S. recognition of a Palestinian state after the U.S. vetoed in the Security Council a draft resolution to that effect Thursday.

Guterres’ comments came as Tehran warned it has the ability to strike Israeli nuclear sites if Israel targets Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Guterres said a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis is the basis of U.N. resolutions, international law and previous agreements. The current Israeli government, however, has shown little interest in relinquishing control of the occupied territories.

The so-called Palestinians would be able to run Gaza as they see fit if they’d stop attacking Israel. And, let’s be honest, the Palestinians do not want a two state solution, they want it all from the river to the sea.

Guterres called on Israel as the “occupying power” to protect the Palestinian population in the West Bank against violence and intimidation and to allow safe passage for humanitarian aid into Gaza.

“Let me be clear ? the risks are spiraling on many fronts,” he said. “We have a shared responsibility to address those risks and pull the region back from the precipice.”

These anti-Semites always blame Israel but never the UN designated terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Which entices the Islamist terrorist groups, which are backed by Iran, to continue attacking Israel, continuing their provocations.

Iran could alter its peaceful “nuclear doctrine” and if Israel targets Iranian nuclear sites “we will surely and categorically reciprocate with advanced missiles against their own nuclear sites,” a senior commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said Thursday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is considering retaliating against Tehran for its weekend missile and drone attack.

Tehran has repeatedly claimed its nuclear program is for civilian purposes. Israel has accused Iran of attempting to obtain nuclear strike capability and has long pledged not to allow that to happen.

Seriously, everyone knows they are trying to get nuclear weapons, hence why Obama with Biden as VP did the terrible no good nuclear deal. We are getting that much closer to WWIII. What’s the over/under that Biden blows out of D.C. today and heads to Delaware, probably his beach house?

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2 Responses to “WWIII Watch: Iran Threatens To Target Israeli Nuclear Sites”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    You do not appease a bully.

    The rest of the Muslim world is cheering right now and hoping Israel and IRAN obliterate each other.

    If you give Hamas a two-state solution, that will work for a year, and then they will be back bombing Israel until they have a one-state solution, and Israel is wandering in the desert again.

    How a world can hate the Jews so desperately while cheering baby killers is mind-boggling. But there is no appeasing Iran/HAMAS/Hezbollah until ALLAH has won whatever victory they claim he is seeking this year.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    What’s the over/under that Biden blows out of D.C. today…

    Does it really matter where Biden goes? He can be just as absent and senile in Delaware as he is in DC.

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