DNC Expects Chicago To Minimize Illegal Alien Issue Before Convention

Democrats are more than happy to allow millions and millions of illegals into the U.s., as long as they are interfering with Other People, not themselves

Democratic Convention organizers leaning on locals to handle possible migrant surge in August

Anticipating Chicago will see a surge of buses bearing migrants from the southern border ahead of the Democratic National Convention in August, organizers say they’re relying on Mayor Brandon Johnson and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to come up with a plan to stave off any ensuing potential chaos.

So far, Johnson and Pritzker have not detailed how they’ll respond if Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas attempts to make political hay by busing a larger-than-normal number of asylum-seekers to Chicago during the four-day convention at which President Joe Biden is expected to accept his party’s renomination.

Both the mayor and the governor have publicly acknowledged the possibility of a swell in migrant arrivals timed for the convention and both have repeatedly accused Abbott of using vulnerable people as political pawns.

Along with tensions over the Biden administration’s ongoing support of Israel in its war in Gaza, disputes over the response to the migrant crisis have the potential to sow discord among Democrats as the party seeks to display unity while sending the president into a general election rematch with former Republican President Donald Trump.

The DNC doesn’t want to see them on the streets. Working in their favor is that the majority of Credentialed Media outlets will simply not show all the illegals in the streets, won’t show the buses, won’t mention the buses, will make everything see hunky-dory and calm during the convention. They’ll likewise barely show all the Pro-Hamas protesters at the convention

“We’re hoping that with the city’s help, with the state’s help, that we will have a plan in place so that it doesn’t feel like it’s just, ‘OK, we’ve got a bunch of buses coming in and providers should run,’ ” added Moore, a Chicago native and former aide to President Bill Clinton. “That’s not the way we are approaching this. We’re looking at a very holistic plan right now to make sure that they are safe if they come, if they’re just dropped off here.”

In other words, a plan to quickly get them out of the area without showing up on the news. Democrats do not want the fruits of their policies to be visible


Black Chicagoans stunned that government finds over $300 million to tackle migrant crisis after ignoring poverty for decades

The closure of Wadsworth elementary school in 2013 was a blow to the residents of the majority Black neighborhood it served, symbolizing a city indifferent to their interests

So when the city reopened Wadsworth last year to shelter hundreds of migrants, without seeking community input, it added insult to injury. Across Chicago, Black residents are frustrated that long-standing needs are not being met while the city’s newly arrived are cared for with a sense of urgency, and with their tax dollars.

“Our voices are not valued nor heard,” says Genesis Young, a lifelong Chicagoan who lives near Wadsworth. (snip)

To manage the influx, Chicago has already spent more than $300 million of city, state and federal funds to provide housing, health care, education and more to over 38,000 mostly South American migrants desperate for help. The speed with which these funds were marshaled has stirred widespread resentment among Black Chicagoans. But community leaders are trying to ease racial tensions and channel the public’s frustrations into agitating for the greater good.

The Democrats who run the city, even those who are black, do not care. They want blacks kept in poverty so that they are reliant on Government and vote Democrat to keep the free money coming, and it’s been this way since the late 60’s. The black folks in cities like Chicago shouldn’t be surprised, but, perhaps they finally opened their eyes.

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2 Responses to “DNC Expects Chicago To Minimize Illegal Alien Issue Before Convention”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    “Our voices are not valued nor heard,”

    But they are still going to vote for straight Democratic party ticket in November. I have some empathy for them in this regard. Republican voters have been getting stabbed in the back by their party for decades. We now have very low expectations that Republican officeholders will keep their promises. The alternative is that we know the Democrats WILL keep their promises and at least the Republicans will pretend to slow the rate of harm.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Bring back the Beetlejuice.

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