SCC To Use $95 Million In COVID Money For Illegals

So, instead of spending that federally allocated funding to American citizens as it was intended, it’ll be used for illegal aliens. Also, why is Sanctuary City Chicago still sitting on that money?

Chicago’s mayor taps $95M in federal COVID-19 relief funds for migrant housing costs: report

Americans before illegalsChicago’s mayor has decided to use the city’s budget surplus of $95 million to accommodate the mounting costs of the thousands of illegal migrants pouring into the city.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, citing Mayor Brandon Johnson’s top aid, the move came to share with residents how the city is providing care and shelter for the over 15,000 migrants flooding the city.

Johnson’s senior adviser, Jason Lee, said that while the resources will help, it will not “change the outlook” for the windy city’s continued “unstable” migrant crisis.

“This doesn’t change that outlook,” Lee told the Sun-Times. “We’re going to continue to lobby the federal government for more support as the situation becomes, frankly, more unstable.”

Consider what they could have done to help all the businesses decimated by Wuhan Flu. Or homeless in Chicago. Putting more cops on the beat to deal with the crime. Or just returning it to Los Federales, since they did not use it for the intended purpose.

Meanwhile, I got a chuckle out of this whiny CNN article which has the mayors of Chicago, NY, and Denver whining about Texas governor Greg Abbott continuing to send illegals to their cities

In Chicago and New York City, meanwhile, one problem with accommodating this surge of asylum seekers is that they are being dropped off at random locations, at random times, city leaders say.

In New York City, these unplanned drop-offs are “interfering with the city’s ability to manage this humanitarian crisis and provide emergency services,” New York City Corporation Counsel Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix said in an online statement.

You mean like the Biden admin has been flying illegals all around the country and dropping them off in small towns, declaring “they’re now your problem. Deal with it”?

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One Response to “SCC To Use $95 Million In COVID Money For Illegals”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    That money should have been returned to the treasury since it was not used for COVID. To use it for any other purpose is a fraud on the federal government. The sort of thing a federal attorney general should care about. Only Congress can allocate federal money in spending bills and said money MUST be used for that purpose. No state, city, or other recipient can simply use it for another purpose without congressional consent. It seems that there is a whole LOT of Covid money authorized under the Trump administration that was never spent and has been withheld as a slush fund at all levels.

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