Oklahoma Makes Gender Transition Surgeries And Drugs For Children A Felony

Obviously, this has made the moonbats unhinged

Oklahoma governor makes performing ‘irreversible gender transition surgeries’ on children a felony

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has banned all sex reassignment procedures for minors in the state, including irreversible gender transition surgeries and hormone therapies, joining at least 15 other states with similar laws.

The Republican governor signed SB 613 into law Monday, making it a felony for healthcare workers to provide children under the age of 18 gender surgery, puberty-blocking drugs or hormone doses that suppress or delay normal puberty. It also bans the use of any medications or surgical procedures for the purpose of gender transition.

Violators can have their medical licenses revoked or face civil actions from a parent or guardian.

“Last year, I called for a statewide ban on all irreversible gender transition surgeries and hormone therapies on minors so I am thrilled to sign this into law today and protect our kids,” Stitt said. “We cannot turn a blind eye to what’s happening across our nation, and as governor, I am proud to stand up for what’s right and ban life-altering transition surgeries on children in the state of Oklahoma.”

We want to protect children, right?

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma and other civil liberty organizations have promised to “take any necessary legal action” to prevent the Oklahoma law from being enacted.

It’s a civil right to do this stuff to kids? Where in the Constitution is this?

(CNN) Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Oklahoma previously vowed to “defend the rights of transgender youth in court” should the ban be signed into law.

“In a perilous game of chicken with their governor, Oklahoma lawmakers pushed through SB613, a dangerous bill that will jeopardize the health and lives of transgender youth, notwithstanding the overwhelming body of scientific and medical evidence supporting this care as safe, effective, appropriate and necessary,” the organizations said in a joint statement last week.

“Transgender youth in Oklahoma deserve the support and care necessary to give them the same chance to thrive as their peers. Gender-affirming care is a critical part of helping transgender adolescents succeed, establish healthy relationships with their friends and family, live authentically as themselves, and dream about their futures,” they continued.

Instead of patronizing the children, parents and adults should be seeking mental health support for them. The Associated Press, as seen at “news” sites like Politico and NBC News, calls surgeries and drugs “care”

Oklahoma governor signs gender-affirming care ban for kids

Oklahoma on Monday became the latest state to ban gender-affirming medical care for minors as Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill that makes it a felony for health care workers to provide children with treatments that can include puberty-blocking drugs and hormones.

It’s care to cut off breasts and penis’, give them life altering drugs. Rolling through news articles, I’m seeing quite a few outlets rolling with the AP headline and article, as it was written to somehow say that it is just mean to not allow kids going through a fad/mental health issues to do this.

Yes, tons of leftist insanity going on on Twitter.

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25 Responses to “Oklahoma Makes Gender Transition Surgeries And Drugs For Children A Felony”

  1. MrLiberty says:

    Mental illness is a serious problem in this country. This “thing” is suffering big time, and sadly, it has children (that probably should be removed from the home for their own safety).

    • CarolAnn says:

      How are so many “adults” so f’d up lately? Is this the results of public schools over the last 40 years? Or perhaps the result of leftist dogma being pused by every institution in the US?

      You notice they are all leftists. No MAGA people or normal Republicans, just weird leftists. Why, it’s almost as if leftist politics breeds psychotic stupid people.

      • Professor Hale says:

        It’s a good question with a simple answer: politics. The democratic party has a very active group of activists in the LGBTQ community. That used to just be gays and Lesbians, but somehow it now includes Trans and freaks of all kinds as well as pedos. Even a lot of Gays and lesbians believe this has gone way too far. The Democratic party is unable to distinguish between the far extreme of the LGBTQ and the “mainstream” of gays and Lesbians. So they are committed to supporting all of them. The extremes take advantage of the pull that the party gives them as part of the LGBTQ club. Even people like Jeff and Hairy here feel compelled to defend the extremes because they are members of the club. It’s all politics.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          The Fake Perfesser is at it again. This from a person who supports the raping ephebophile, Chubby Don. Why does the Fake Perfesser support pedophilia?

          It’s about time that reactionary nuRightists like the Fake Perfesser now consider gays and lesbians to be mainstream. Now they’re taking aim at the transgendered. MAGAtism is a mental disease.

          Yes we defend the rights of the transgendered just as we defend the rights of reactionaries such as the Fake Perfesser.

          Simple-minded nuRightists (is there any other kind, LOL) call the transgendered mentally ill and perverted. That’s the complete and total sum of their argument.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            We understand your perversion, chubby, but what “rights” are denied to transgenders? https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_scratch.gif

            Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  2. H says:

    Does anyone posting here know how many operations to transgender were performed in OK last year on minors?
    Is this a big problem there? I have never spent much time there, but neve realized there was such a need for such a law

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach asks:

    Where in the Constitution is this?

    Where in the Constitution does it permit surgeons to slice open a citizen, even a youngster?

    And how many infant boys agree to have their penises mutilated (circumcised)? They can’t reverse it when older, can they?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      False equivalence, chubby.
      Idiotic as a matt3r of fact.
      Cry harder. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cry.gif

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  4. JimS says:

    It’s a civil right to do this stuff to kids? Where in the Constitution is this?It’s a civil right to do this stuff to kids? Where in the Constitution is this?

    Actually, you shouldn’t look to the Constitution for rights. It’s more of a document spelling out what the Federal government is allowed to do or banned from doing. So in this case, the Feds should have no say in the matter. The States DO have a say, depending on their own constitutions.
    I mean really, we don’t let kids smoke,drink, get tattooed,or drive…. why let them choose this mutilation.

  5. Jl says:

    “Girl not old enough for tattoo to receive irreversible gender surgery”. About says it all….

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    The right to medical care.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

    • drowningpuppies says:

      You want to expound on that one, chubby?

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    At least 30 states permit marriage for those under 16, typically with parental permission, a judicial permission or if the young girl is pregnant.

    But the legislature gets involved for hormone treatments or surgery.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      You’re deflecting, chubby. You didn’t answer.
      What rights are denied to transgenders?
      Simple question.

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • L'Roy White says:

      That’s called democracy. The thing you’re always for until the people disagree with you, then nothing is better than Il Deuce style gubmint. You really are a nazi at heart.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        I thought I was a communist at heart? So now I’m a commie-nazi? Got it.

        Anyway, it seems you have the issue bass-ackwards.

        The truth is that once red state MAGAts saturate the legislatures they start assaulting minorities, the ‘other’. All part of the MAGAfication, or gleichshaltung of America by the MAGAt movement. They consolidate their power, assuring they stay in charge.

        MAGAts have seized upon largely irrelevant cultural issues to goose their white, ‘straight’, Christian, rural and suburban base base. “Nine year old boys are getting their dicks cut off!” “Men in dresses are reading stories to little boys, ‘grooming’ them to wear dresses!” “Embryos are persons too!” “Ten year old girls raped by Uncle Bill can be mothers, too!”

        All the while MAGAts ignore, or even worse justify, the murder of schoolkids, childhood hunger, poverty; MAGAts oppose any and all efforts to help the less fortunate.

        MAGAts are fighting back against the non-caucatization, the faggotization, the transification, the abortification, the immigrantization, of America – MAGAts are fighting the Great Replacement of ‘patriotic’, white, ‘straight’, Christian Americans by inferior, even mentally ill, ‘others’. Note: Tucker Carlson was telling you the ‘truth’ and the ‘system’ aborted him.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Rimjob: The truth is that once red state MAGAts saturate the legislatures they start assaulting minorities, the ‘other’.

          Argle bargle.

          What “rights” are being denied to transgenders? You never really answered that one, chubby!
          What minority “rights” are being assaulted?

          Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

          • L'Roy White says:

            MAGAts are fighting back against the non-caucatization, the faggotization, the transification, the abortification, the immigrantization, of America – MAGAts are fighting the Great Replacement of ‘patriotic’, white, ‘straight’, Christian Americans by inferior, even mentally ill, ‘others’. Note: Tucker Carlson was telling you the ‘truth’ and the ‘system’ aborted him.

            You should be thanking us. Do you believe America will be a better place when it’s no longer Caucasian? I don’t and I’m black. You are literally siding with your own genocide. Why on earth would a sane person promote ” faggotization and transification of the sexes? How does that benefit humanity let alone our Republic? How des pushing sexual perversion and psychosis help even those suffering from those demented ills?

            What good does ” the immigrantization, of America” do for our country when it has no restrictions nor any requirements? When we can neither afford it now nor use it’s labor now and it causes Americans a net loss of 60 billion a year and untold lives?

            Why do you support everything that produces a net negative for America and Americans? Instead of building up our country you want to tear it down.

            Tucker Carlson is being paid almost 3 million a month not to work. It’s now rumored he has been offered $100 million by another company.

            I thought I was a communist at heart? So now I’m a commie-nazi? Got it.

            You are a communist at heart but in todays America you and the nazis are partners in destruction. Notice how nazi Antifa teams up with commie BLM to burn down America? We do. You’re all the same really, liars and power mad grifters.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            We fully understand how frightened *MAGAts are that they’re losing ‘their’ America, whether their feelings are justified or not.

            America has had a rocky record on incorporating the ‘other’ into America, although it is our trademark!

            Our ancestors from England imported Africans to America as slaves, then panicked when moral Americans insisted that slavery be ended and all these ‘subhumans’ be loosed on decent America. Our ancestors conquered and largely exterminated the indigenous peoples who were already here. Our ancestors objected when the swarthy, low brow Neapolitans, Iberians, Saxons, Ottomans, Prussians, Catholics! and Hibernians crossed the Atlantic to take our jobs and women!

            Humans (and other mammals and birds) are triggered, usually violently, by individuals who are different from the mean. Gays, lesbians, transgendered, disabled, brownish immigrants need not apply!

            Is it your opinion/feeling that gays, lesbians and the transgendered are perverted? Should we, as a nation, discourage them?

            *MAGAt America is ‘straight’ in appearance, male + females in support, white and Christian.

  8. Jl says:

    “Doctors report startling rise in testicular injuries among women athletes..”

  9. John says:

    Another good one-“Disney execs baffled that Mario movie made $1 billion without any trans goombas..”
    “At publishing time, Disney was believed to be digging in its heels, preparing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduction of the x-men, which will now be a team of post-op trans women”

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