NC General Assembly Looks To Ban Foreign Hostile Countries From Buying Property

I can’t wait to see if NC Democrats, including the governor, oppose this idea simply because Republicans are pushing it

NC lawmakers want to ban China, Russia from buying up farmland

North Carolina lawmakers plan to move swiftly this week on a bill banning hostile foreign countries from buying local farmland — or any land within 25 miles of one of the state’s many military bases.

The definition of a hostile foreign country is up to the federal government. Right now the list includes China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. None of those own very much land in the U.S., but of them, China owns the most.

Best to stop them now before they get a lot, right?

“I think it’s a pretty sensible issue that has major bipartisan support,” said Rep. John Bell, a Goldsboro Republican who’s a top-ranking leader in the state House.

North Carolina is the nation’s biggest exporter of tobacco, and one of the biggest pork exporters — China is one of the top importers of both. Bell said he’s not aware of China buying up any farmland specifically in North Carolina. He considers that good news and hopes this bill becomes law to make sure it stays that way.

“I don’t know of any of those situations happening in North Carolina so far,” he said in an interview. “But I’d rather deal with it before it happens.”

The House Rules Committee approved the bill, HB 463, on Tuesday afternoon, setting it up for a vote on the full House floor.

None of those countries own much, though private citizens own quite a bit. So, in the case of China, it’s really the government who backstops it. It’s time to get ahead of this before those nations buy up lots of land, like China has in Africa and Asia. Do not let them buy stakes in airports and ports. Heck, America really shouldn’t be letting any foreign nations buy property, other than for embassies and consulates. Canada and the Netherlands own lots of US farmland. Heck, it’s bad enough that the U.S. government owns huge amounts of what shoudl be state land.

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3 Responses to “NC General Assembly Looks To Ban Foreign Hostile Countries From Buying Property”

  1. H says:

    NC legislature? Day what else has that GOP majority been up to lately????
    Ohhhh they refused to give free school lunches to poor kids
    Abortion!!! Yes enacted a 6 week ban. Teach knows this is something that the majority of Americans is in favor of. Abortion WILL be a big election issue in 2024. Is it murder? St what week is it murder and should women be prosecuted ? Should all women who become pregnant be forced to give birth, or just some? Should that decision be made by BIG Government alone?

    • L'Roy White says:

      NC legislature is none of your business. You don’t live in NC. What’s the matter, you only like OUR DEMOCRACY when they agree with you? FASCIST!

      You fukin commies really are power mad idiots and have no business in America.

      You know “the majority of Americans” are not in favor of unregulated abortion for 9 months of pregnancy. You know “the majority of Americans” are for some limitations. NC is for 6 weeks. It’s their right under the law.

      Should all women who become pregnant be forced to give birth, or just some?

      In a perfect world all women would want to give birth to their offspring and love them but after decades of communist propaganda designed to eliminate blacks that ain’t so. But nothing is perfect except the ability of leftists like you to cheapen human life. You’ve got that made into a science, ask Adolph or Joe. How many millions of bodies did you pagans pile up last century? 100 million? 200 Million? More?

  2. This is a free market issue, and a lot of conservatives will be opposed; I don’t like the idea much, either.

    The problem becomes that yes, the federal government could seize land owned by foreign governments or corporations if we are officially at war with them, but if the property is owned by a Chinese-American citizen? Now you start to get into in internment of the Nesei territory.

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