Cool: Republican Introduces “Let’s Start With You Act” In Illinois

I’ve been saying this since at least the Obama admin, that Republicans should be introducing legislation that requires the Warmists in government to practice what they preach

Illinois Republican introduces ‘Let’s Start With You Act’ mocking left’s green energy hypocrisy

An Illinois Republican state senator has introduced a bill mocking a law signed by Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker that removes local control over wind and solar power facility zoning — while leaving it intact in Democrat-dominated Chicago.

State Sen. Chapin Rose told Just the News that he introduced the “If This Is Such A Good Idea, Let’s Start With You Act” not as legislation intended to pass but as “political sarcasm designed to shine light on the hypocrisy of the left.”

The chances of it passing the Democratic Party run state of Illinois is zero, however, it should not be positioned so much as political sarcasm as “all the elected Republicans should be pushing for this to be passed”, get it on the news.

The parody legislation proposed turning Chicago tourist mecca Millenium Park into a solar energy facility, with the exception of the park’s iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, on which the city “must mount one wind energy turbine.” The bill would also require every Cook County forest preserve to have multiple wind energy facilities.

Rose introduced the legislation after Pritzker signed a bill last month stripping county governments of authority over renewable energy zoning. Before he was reelected in November, Pritzker had said local governments should be in control of zoning decisions.

“They’ve exempted Chicago from this law,” Rose said. “They’re going to throw these up [and] take away the rights of local communities to … make their own decisions.”

It should require that the governors’ mansion be run solely on solar and wind, and that the governor can only use non-fossil fueled modes of transportation. And all who voted for that bill Pritzker just signed should be required to do the same.

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2 Responses to “Cool: Republican Introduces “Let’s Start With You Act” In Illinois”

  1. H says:

    But Teach Americans ARE practicing what they preach already !
    Our carbon footprint is already 25% less than in 2005. At this rate it will be halved by the year 2050. Didn’t you already notice?

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