Climate Cult Is Enthused For You To Electrify Your Life In 2023

If electrification is so great why are the rich folks who can easily afford this not doing it? If it will save you peasants so much money, why is it necessary for Government to help pay for it and to force you to do it?

Electrify your life in 2023 to fight climate change. Here’s help paying for it.

Moving to clean energy – electrifying our houses, cars, and appliances – is widely considered a necessary step to help stave off catastrophic global warming. Now, it may finally be financially feasible, through the federal Inflation Reduction Act – the mammoth clean energy bill Congress approved in August – and various state and local initiatives.

A few caveats to keep in mind: The energy grid is still far from clean. In Oregon, about half of all electricity is produced from renewables, including hydropower, solar and wind. That means the other half comes from fossil fuels, mainly from natural gas and coal from out-of-state plants. House Bill 2021 aims to tackle that problem by requiring the state’s two major power companies to achieve carbon-free electricity by 2040.

All those new electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps, and induction cooktops will also need a lot more electricity than Oregon currently generates. That means modernizing the grid by building more transmission lines and on-site battery storage. While the endeavor may seem daunting, experts say electricity-generating capacity will increase to meet the higher demand as electrification efforts ramp up.

Well, good luck getting all that energy, Oregon. By the way, who’s paying for all this?

Here’s what you can do in 2023 to electrify, with the help of rebates and tax credits:

Replace your wood stove or fireplace: The smoke from burning wood for heating indoors carries tiny particles known as PM2.5 which cause burning eyes, runny noses and bronchitis. They can also trigger asthma and heart attacks, strokes and other conditions. Multnomah County residents can swap their wood stove or fireplace for an electric heat pump. Applicants receive a subsidy ranging from $3,000 to full cost of the replacement, depending on eligibility and household income. Renters can also qualify.

That’s just one thing. They also mention “rebates” for new and used EVs, get rid of the gas furnance and get a heat pump, get a new stove, weatherize your home, and buy solar panels (starting at $20K). Everyone has the money for all this, right? Because you will be paying money out of pocket. And where do the rebates and subsidies and giveaways come from? That money doesn’t just come out of thin air, right?

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22 Responses to “Climate Cult Is Enthused For You To Electrify Your Life In 2023”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach being willfully ignorant once again… Why does everyone need to pitch in? Because even if every wealthy person cuts their CO2 emissions, it’s not enough. There are just not enough rich people!!

  2. st says:

    Live Stream – @4pm ET: Update on arrest made in Idaho college student murders | ABC News Live

  3. H says:

    Each year more EVs are sold. Electrification is happening. GM is cutting the price of Chevy Bolt to under $20000. Buyer demand for some models like Ford’s Lightning pick up has necessitated 1 year back orders. Because Americans don’t want EVs, except for those who do

    • James H Lewis says:

      Dear H:

      “GM is cutting the price of Chevy Bolt to under $20000.”

      Gee, someone didn’t tell GMC:

      The MSRP for a 2022 model is $31,000-$34,000.

    • CarolAnn says:

      People currently supporting the creation of expensive, polluting EV’s are supporting horrid child labor, the worst conditions since the 1700’s and basic slavery. It makes sense that they are democrats since they historically support exploitation of children, slavery and death.

      Here’s your EV mine:

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Should patriotic auto salespersons try to talk potential buyers OUT OF purchasing Honda EVs or hybrids, since the nation doesn’t have the infrastructure to support them???

  5. alanstorm says:

    In Oregon, about half of all electricity is produced from renewables ON WINDY, CLEAR SPRING AND FALL DAYS, including hydropower, solar and wind. That means the other half comes from fossil fuels, mainly from natural gas and coal from out-of-state plants.

    I could see a little editing was required for purposes of honesty.

  6. It seems that Zimbabwe, which provides a fifth of all lithium produced, has decided to ban exports of the raw material and build the batteries themselves. Of course, Zimbabwe doesn’t have the factories to build the batteries yet, so that will be just one more hitch in the giddy-up to build electric cars.

    During the recent bitter cold snap, Louisville Gas and Electric, and Kentucky utilities, imposed service shutdowns of 60 to 90 minutes, to save electricity as everyone was running their heaters like mad. I will confess to not understanding the logic, given that once the power came back on, everyone would be running their heaters like mad to catch back up.

    It seems that about 52% of Kentuckians use electricity as their primary heat source. That means, if it’s an electric heat pump, two 220-volt, 50-amphere circuits, one for the exterior condenser, and one for the HVAC system. Ours was running constantly, but couldn’t keep up with the cold, as it’s difficult for the condenser to extract much heat from the outside air when the air temperature is -5º F. Fortunately, we have our propane fireplace as a back-up, and we ran it.

    Those who use other heating systems still use electricity, but that’s a single 110-volt, 20-amp circuit to run a natural gas furnace. If more people move to electric heat, the demand for sparktricity will increase. If they have to recharge their Chevy Dolts as well, that electric meter is going to be spinning like mad! Yet LG&E and KU couldn’t quite meet the demand as things currently exist!

    Will enough solar and wind power systems be built to meet the increased demand, and get all of that done by 2035?

  7. Dan says:

    Once EVERYTHING is electric and dependent on the grid , control becomes very simple. Simply turn off the power for anyone who opposes the criminals in power. This isn’t complicated. They aren’t even TRYING to hide their agenda or plans.

  8. James H Lewis says:

    Dear Elwood:

    Well, at least the salesperson should advise the customer that it is likely that the gird will be unable to support EV charging in the case of unusual weather events.

    Last week for the first time ever TN experienced rolling blackouts because TVA was unable to support the demand caused by the super cold.

    Stand by for more.

  9. Dana says:

    One of the shows I watch is This Old House. In season 41, the show did a remodel in Waverly, Rhode Island, very blue-state Rhode Island. The very wealthy homeowners chose a large, six (?) burner gas range, and had a new, gas furnace installed as well. 55.6% of the voters in that town voted for Joe Biden, though it’s possible that these homeowners were among the smarter minority who voted to re-elect President Trump, but, regardless of how they voted, they voted with their wallets for reliable gas heat to stave off those cold New England winters, and the gas range that every cooking show but one I know uses on television, because gas ranges are simply better. IIRC, they did install solar panels, which is a good thing, ’cause they’ll generate enough power to run that gas furnace when the sparktricity fails.

    Unlike water, sewer and natural gas, electricity is our most weather-vulnerable utility, transmitted by overhead lines which can fail in heavy snow, in ice storms, or cars running off icy roads and knocking down power poles. You can buy a gasoline-powered generator that will keep your 110-volt power going to run your gas furnace, but one which will power electric heat is very, very expensive.

  10. alanstorm says:

    experts say electricity-generating capacity will increase to meet the higher demand as electrification efforts ramp up.

    How? It’s MAGIC!

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      We are heading for a major energy calamity. I think that’s the leftists goal though. Modern civilization cannot exist without cheap, reliable, plentiful electricity. They plan to use it to control the masses i.e those of us who don’t want to go along. The usual leftist power play.

      Don’t be surprised.

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