People’s Republik Of NY Passes Sweeping ‘Climate Change’ Plan Or Something

Well, hey, a majority of you New Yorkers voted for this, so, suck it up. No complaining

New York passes sweeping plan to reduce emissions and ‘lead the way on solving climate change’

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is now empowered to enact a suite of climate policies that could drastically reduce emissions in the coming decades and place new mandates on individuals and businesses.

climate plan approved Monday paves the way for New York to enact a “cap and invest” program similar to California’s long-established cap-and-trade system that would limit emissions and require polluters to purchase allowances to spew greenhouse gasses. It calls for electrifying nearly everything — from buildings to vehicles with a mix of mandates and incentives.

And she certainly won’t go well beyond what the law mandates, right?

But, she’s special, so, it’s OK

The Climate Action Council, which is dominated by administration officials, voted 19 to 3 to finalize the plan Monday with detailed recommendations of how to meet the state’s statutory mandate of cutting emissions 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030 and 85 percent by 2050, with the remaining offset to reach net zero emissions.

The steep cuts will require electrifying millions of homes, businesses, trucks and cars, investing in energy efficiency improvements and successfully siting and building thousands of megawatts of new renewable energy projects.

Unanswered questions remain, however: how much will the transition cost a typical household; will the state Legislature embrace statutory measures required to make some components a reality; will Hochul embrace a price hike on gas and heating fuels and what electricity source will replace the gas power plants that currently dominate New York’s grid.

Answer: you know it will cost the typical NY household a lot, but, the Powers That Be will gaslight/refuse to acknowledge the costs. Yes, she will do things that raise the cost of gas and heating fuels. They can’t replace the gas power plants.

That includes implementing the “cap and invest” program — more commonly known as cap-and-trade — that would place a statewide limit on emissions, in line with achievement of the state’s statutory reductions and require fuel wholesalers and others to buy a declining number of allowances to emit. The limits would raise billions in revenue to fund various incentives, grants and investments also outlined in the plan.

Like the failed one in California?

New construction and major renovations will not be allowed to use fossil fuels in 2025 for smaller buildings and 2027 for larger buildings, based on the plan’s recommendations. That is expected to be implemented by the state’s codes council, although some environmental groups are pressing for a faster timeline and enshrining the requirements in state law to ensure they go forward.

So, in the more upstate areas they’ll have to rely on what when it’s cold and snow? I see a lot of wood burning heaters being installed, which means more trees getting cut down.

For transportation, it recommends lawmakers take steps to enact a revenue-neutral “feebate” program to increase the costs of buying gas cars and incentivize electric vehicle purchases; higher registration fees for higher emissions vehicles; a per-mile vehicle fee to accommodate the eventual reduction in revenue from the gas tax; and strengthen “smart growth” laws to avoid state funding that promotes sprawl.

So, artificially increasing the cost for the working and middle class? Great plan.

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2 Responses to “People’s Republik Of NY Passes Sweeping ‘Climate Change’ Plan Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Now, what does this mean?

    The steep cuts will require electrifying millions of homes, businesses, trucks and cars

    It got pretty cold here when we lost sparktricity for 4½ days following an ice storm in January of 2018. When the article says “electrifying millions of homes,” well, almost every home has access to the power grid, though there could be a few thousand which are so far out in the boondocks that the power lines don’t get there.

    When I read that, my initial impression was that it meant converting to electric heat “millions of homes” that use heating oil, natural gas or woodstoves for heat, and I wonder just how that would work in upstate New York, especially the lake effect snow areas, when thousands upon thousands of people can lose power.

    We installed a woodstove, something that does not require electricity to run, in our home in Jim Thorpe. Here, we have a propane fireplace that, while it has an electric blower to circulate the heat better, does not require electricity to start and burn. Will Governess Hochul allow people to keep heating systems which burn fossil fuels or, Heaven forfend! wood?

    One of the shows I watch is This Old House, and I’ve seen a lot of the remodels, on cold, snowy, very liberal New England, install new, fuel efficient but nevertheless natural gas furnaces. It seems that even a lot of the liberal Democrats believe, that when it comes to heating their homes, are saying not only, “F(ornicate) a heat pump,” but also, “F(ornicate) electric baseboard heat,” and wanting something that will keep them comfortably warm during those cold northeastern winters.

    We’re supposed to get a deep cold front around Friday, with early morning temperatures around -5º F. We already know that our heat pump, which is our primary heating system, just won’t quite cut it when the outside temperatures get that cold. But with our propane fireplace, we’ll still be warm enough!

  2. captainfish says:

    Don’t forget the EU has passed Global Warming taxes on fuel now that will go in to effect in 2027.
    Making users pay higher and higher rates for heating and cooling. They will force people to stop using energy and die without it.

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