Surprise: Climate Cult Says You Are Making Winter Storms Worse

Remember when the Warmists said that cold weather and snow did not invalidate the screed of anthropogenic climate change? And that it was simply weather? Of course, since it is a cult and it causes everything in their dogma they have blame big winter storms on heat trapping gases

Winter storms are back — and scientists say climate change is making them a lot worse

As winter storms continue to pummel much of the United States, is climate change partially — or majorly — to blame?

As with any natural disaster that relates to the weather, it is natural to wonder whether climate change plays a role. Certainly the weather this winter has been extreme, with Texans and Oklahomans being warned of potential tornadoes and Americans everywhere bracing for possible power outages (which on their own can be devastating). Winter storms mean blocked roads, damaged property, crumbling infrastructure and possibly even injuries and deaths.

The big question for both policymakers and the public, therefore, is how much of the horrid weather can be definitively attributed to global warming.

Climate change experts say that it’s not merely a coincidence — climate change really is worsening our winter storms this year, as multiples experts told Salon.

So, does this mean there is less winter weather during cool periods? That the summers will be hotter with bigger storms?

“Winter storms develop in a climate change environment: it is warmer and moister,” Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) told Salon by email. “But it is plenty cold in winter over the continent. It means snow amounts can be much greater: e.g. see Buffalo recently. They may be more intense: not guaranteed, but more developments ensue. Watch for a bad nor-easter.”

While it may seem counterintuitive to attribute more snow to the planet warming, Trenberth observed that this only seems to be the case because the general public is insufficiently informed about how climate change works.

“[People need] education that winter warming may mean more snow, not less,” Trenberth added.

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30 Responses to “Surprise: Climate Cult Says You Are Making Winter Storms Worse”

  1. H says:

    After digging oil wells all weekend Biden has forced the national average gas price down to $3.09
    He is about to begin refilling our strategic oil reservoir with this new cheaper oil, after earlier selling off oil at high prices to the Chinese with profits in the billions. Chyna Joe
    Wins again
    The Biden Chip making cartel
    Of Euro, American, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan have also ended all sales of medium and advanced chips and chip making machines to China.
    Let’s Go Brandon !!!

  2. CarolAnn says:

    That’s great to hear. It puts current prices at a mere $1.03 more than when he was elected. Now what’s he doing about the 2,000+ illegals invading our country per day? Or the 100,000+ fentanyl deaths caused by the drugs they smuggle?

    He’s even firing some of the thieves and perverts he hired and gave Q security clearance to.

    One small step for the fake pres one giant leap for mankind. Wait, under pedo joe we can’t say “mankind” since it’s “hate speech”.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Gasoline prices still going down but not as rapidly as trump’s favorability.

    Yes, the administration and Congress needs to address the immigration problem at the southern border. We agree.

    Opioid deaths have been increasing steadily since 2013-2014, including shooting up during the trump reign. Fentanyl is not being smuggled in by families at the border but in vehicles at ports of entry. We agree the nation needs to address the opioid overdose crisis. What would you do?

    Shouldn’t we fire gov’t officials who violate laws? What would you do?

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Gas is $2.33 at local Sam’s and $2.34 at local Costco’s today.

  5. Jl says:

    “Children won’t know what snow is” to “climate change is making winter storms worse”. That doesn’t sound like junk science, does it…..?
    When it’s cold, it snows

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Just one problem there, champ… (who knew Brandon, Rimjob, and johnnie boy were be related).

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  7. H says:

    Tsk tsk CarolAnn are you sure that you want to talk about gsd prices?
    Gas prices began to rise rapidly after Trump asked the Saudis to raise their price in May of 2030. He did that because the oil price was so low that domestic producers could not only not make a profit but frackets could not even service their massive debt. Gas was $1.84 then by the time of the election Nov it had climbed to $2.20 By the time Biden became POTUS it was $2.60. Biden took over during a time of rapidly increasing gas prices. This was NOT because of a change in domestic oil production as was often blamed on Biden. That trend which had begun finally ended in June 2022June avg gas
    Hit $5.03. domestic production has remained virtually unchanged(aside from the oil wells Biden dug personally) however the price of gas has fallen from $5.03 down to $3.08
    About $.50 from when Biden became POTUS (he had little power as president elect in Nov 2020)
    Fenatyl?? Death rates increased 60% in 2020 over 2019 (Trump’s last year)
    The vast majority of undocumented migrants crossing are people lawfully crossing and then immediately reporting to immigration officials for inspection and processing. Doing so is NOT against the law. They are applying for asylum as refugees and guaranteed by the treaties the USA has signed.
    People who hate these refugees are the same type of people who turned away Jewish refugees seeking asylum prior to WW2
    The Christian Bible clearly says that those people are to be treated exactly the same as citizens
    Weren’t you taught that in Sunday School?
    I was
    I also think that they should be allowed to immediately get working papers while awaiting their day in Immigration courts

  8. CarolAnn says:

    The vast majority of undocumented migrants crossing are people lawfully crossing and then immediately reporting to immigration officials for inspection and processing. Doing so is NOT against the law. They are applying for asylum as refugees and guaranteed by the treaties the USA has signed.

    First, they are NOT legally crossing and you know that so don’t try you lies on me. Second, they are not “reporting” to anybody but being stopped and noted as illegals then let go (?). When applying for asylum one must do so at a legal port of entry not at the Rio Grande. Legal refugees can only come from adjacent countries and have to be fleeing some sort of oppressions. These people are filthy dogs not worthy of American compassion.

    The Christian Bible clearly says that those people are to be treated exactly the same as citizens
    Weren’t you taught that in Sunday School?
    I was

    Then you were taught wrong. There is nothing in the Bible stating a nation has to accept anybody for any reason nor be “treated exactly as any citizen”. And there is no mention of immigration EXCEPT that people are to OBEY THE LAW. Period. Of course as a leftist our laws are whatever you say they are. Hence the stolen elections.

    I thought you are an atheist. Why are you incorrectly teaching Christianity?

    #Exactly what benefit do you see in allowing 2 million unassimilated illegals into America. Name one.

  9. Hairy says:

    So nice to be called Johnny boy
    It doesn’t happen often now in my 70s!!

  10. Hairy says:

    Jl snow is a measure of precipitation not temps. The largest desert is in Antartica where it is simply too cold for the air to hold any moisture to precipitate. Likewise the Alaska tundra is also classed as a cold desert.
    In the USA over the last 100 years 60 % of weather reporting stations have reported a decrease in total yearly snow.
    In my pitifully short life ice skating has almost entirely ended in my hometown on ponds and cranberry bigs (always the first to freeze) my hometown high school hockey team did most of its practice in a pond. I was a freshman in high school before I ever skated on artificial ice
    It is getting warmer. And it shows

    • Jl says:

      Snow extent has been increasing in the northern hemisphere. “Snow is a measure of precipitation”. So for the few times Florida has had snow is because of precipitation? No, it’s because the freeze line moved south…

  11. david7134 says:

    Actually the ones that turned away the Jews were the Dems. Principally FDR. FDR hated Jews and thought that the gold they might bring in would cause disruption of his economic plan. Which was not working.

  12. Hairy says:

    No David the ones that turned away the Jews were conservatives of both parties
    The right wing of both parties did not want them
    The left wings of both parties did want them
    Please also remember that many on the right such openly supported Hitler. And don’t bother trying to say that the American Communist Party supported Hitler, there certainly weren’t enough of them to make any real clout in our national politics. Roosevelt had to accept many things he could not get from Congress and often had to make deals to get what he wanted
    Hitler and Germany received his financing from the right wing bankers and industrialists.
    Prescott Bush W’s grand daddy was almost indicted for trading with the enemy AFTER. Dec 7
    Rockefeller continued to send tankers from Venezuela to Spain with transhipment to Germany long after ear ess Declared on the USA by Germany.

    • Dana says:

      Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Jewish quota” at Harvard?

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Sorry Hairy but they were not conservatives of both parties, they were anti Semitics of either party. There is not now nor has there ever been a conservative party in the US. There are conservatives but any that were anti Semitic were the radical anti communists. Communists at that time (and still) were doing their best to ruin America (case in point the Rosenberg’s) so many conservatives of both parties became anti Semites since so many Jews had defected to communism. Incidentally, haven’t you noticed how many American Jews lean heavily toward the commie side of politics? Or do you think that’s just another conspiracy theory?

      But then, that’s where your sympathies lay.

      So why do you want millions of illegals in the US? You still haven’t answered. Are you watching the news? Or are you sucking CNN’s limpy and closing your eyes to what’s going on? El Paso is now under water with illegals. So are another dozen border towns. Why? How does that help America with 7 million AMERICANS unemployed sitting home and playing Call of Duty?

    • Facts Matter says:

      Hairy must constantly be fact-checked. I surmise he had a grand time on Twitter in the era of free leftist speech before Musk Took over.

      HISTORY From the Smithsonian Magazine

      The U.S. Government Turned Away Thousands of Jewish Refugees, Fearing That They Were Nazi Spies
      In a long tradition of “persecuting the refugee,” the State Department and FDR claimed that Jewish immigrants could threaten national security

      No law was passed. This was FDR’s doing.

      In 1939 The US government overseen by FDR allowed the maximum number of visas by law to GERMAN or around 25,000. The year prior after Germany took over Austria FDR gave the max number of VISAs of 27000 to both Austria and Germany.

      After WW2 began there were over 300,000 people on the waiting list and yet the USA, run by the Democrats and FDR only allowed 27000 per year into the USA rather than waving this during times of crisis.

      Hiding behind the law is a tactic the left routinely uses.

      One must simply remember that Immigration is the president’s duty, obligation, and responsibility. FDR has a Jewish problem.

      There were no Republicans that could do anything about the immigration policy just as there were no Democrats that could do anything about Trumps immigration policy. Obama started out as the deporter in chief until his party admonished him that if he continues his policy that there will be no new voters to keep them in power.

      Remember by the start of WW2 there were over 300,000 people on the waiting list to flee to the USA and FDR only allowed 27,00O per year to enter the USA and most of them were not jews.

      Now you know the rest of the story.

  13. Hairy says:

    Jews have for decades voted overwhelmingly for the Modern Democratic Party because of the lack of support they got from Republicans in the 30s when they needed it the most

    • Dana says:

      The Republicans were not in power when the United States turned away the MS St Louis, a Jewish refugee ship in June of 1939. Thousands of Jewish refugees were turned away in other incidents.

      American Jews are primarily urbanized in the US, and urbanites tend to vote stupidly, for Democrats.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        This is a common connie refrain, those who support Democratic policies are too stupid to know any better. Women, Jews, liberals, Blacks, scientists, Muslims, the college educated have all been hoodwinked by the Dems. But we do understand why you are forced to feel that way.

        • david7134 says:

          Jeff, always ready for a juvenile discussion. You do come up with stupid statements.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            What’s your explanation for Jews, Blacks, women, scientists, college grads etc preferring Democratic policies?

  14. david7134 says:

    As with other topics, you are totally wrong. FDR stopped Jewish immigration and knew the consequences.

  15. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    What’s your explanation for Jews, Blacks, women, scientists, college grads etc preferring Democratic policies?


    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      So, you feel that Jews, blacks, women, scientists, college graduates are weak-minded and susceptible to brainwashing?

      Is it all possible that those with limited critical thinking skills (i.e., conservatives) might be more susceptible to brainwashing (religious, political, social)?

      You may recall that today’s conservatives have beliefs that are demonstrably untrue, e.g., Trump won the 2020 election, global warming is a global communist plot, Democrats support grooming and pedophilia, only cons are patriots, Christians and Christmas are under ATTACK, tax cuts pay for themselves, cons support the troops, cons understand economics, cons support small gov’t, cons support “free markets”, gov’t IS the problem…

      trump era populist cons have largely lost touch with reality. That said, we real Americans will welcome you back once you recover. But to be clear, America will not tolerate attacks on the nation or the people’s Constitution.

      Truth has a liberal bias.

  16. L'Roy White says:

    Elwood asked: “What’s your explanation for Jews, Blacks, women, scientists, college grads etc preferring Democratic policies?”

    Is he suggesting that all of those groups wholly “prefer democrat policies”, because they don’t. I’m black and I don’t. In fact I believe any black that supports the very people who kept us in chains is a moron. “Women”? He must mean single white women college graduates. Since there is 100% socialist brainwashing in almost every American college what would we expect? They’ve been propagandized rather than educated. Same goes for “college grads”. Just like in communist countries all the “educated” are the useful idiots of the policies.

    “Scientists”? Since when? The only scientists that believe in democrat policies are the ones being paid to or don’t you ever read dissenting opinions?

    I hate to say this Elwood but you are a puppet of the government establishment. And not the good kind. Not the nationalistic, patriotic kind. The lying betraying deceitful kind. The kind of government that lies about a virus and even when the truth comes out you refuse to see it. The kind that cheats at elections but since your team won you ignore it. The kind that lines up to steal the fruits of your labor and the legacy of your progeny to “combat climate change” and you’re all in. The kind that tells you that men can become women and even when you know it’s a man in a dress you still call it a woman.

    You have been taught to have no independent thought, no morality and no common sense. Yes, you would prefer democrat policies. They reflect the tyrant deep inside you.

    You and all your comrades believe in the party that bood God, TWICE! That believe in prenatal genocide and homosexual child predators and chicks with dicks. You and yours support every policy that is the antithesis of what America was founded on. You believe in lies and liars (hows that jobs report doing?). You are the enemy within.

    When you elect clowns you get a circus. Welcome to a real three ringer.

    BTW, you know who also supports democrat policies? The Communist Party of the USA, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, avowed Marxists like AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush and anti American Islamists like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib. All America unions who fight for the well off workers and spit on the average working man. All atheist groups wanting to deny Christians and conservative Jews their right to free worship and free moral thought. The National Socialist Party of the US (yep, the Nazis). Anti White racists and leftist democrats who want to put me back in chains or at least keep me in the ghetto while they bring in millions of illegals to take our meager jobs just for votes.

    And lets not forget 92% of all people in prison in the US are democrats and 100% of those who rioted, burnt and murdered in our cities in 2020. All proud democrats. Proud to hate America. Proud to burn and destroy our country. Full of hate and ready to kill us all if given the chance.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      You distract with a red herring. No one believes that ALL Blacks, women, LGBTQ, Muslims, Jews etc ONLY vote for one party. Not all rural white males are Republicans.

      What is true is that a majority of urbanians vote for Democrats and a majority of ruraliens vote for Republicans. Most of our population now resides in and around cities. This is why Republicans attempt to make urban voting more difficult.

      Note too that it was a Republican president who tried to overturn a presidential election. It’s unlikely that any liberals or Democrats stormed the seat of our government Jan 6 2021. It seems the Republicans are the authoritarians, not the Dems, whose worst act was to force health care down your throat. BTW, that same Republican ex-president, who is likely to be indicted, is campaigning to be our president in 2025!

      One can argue that the Republican party coordinated attack on Congress demonstrated hate for America. Don’t you agree?

      nuCons have a playbook for denigrating Dems: unAmerican, not patriotic, groomers and pedophiles and cannibals, elite, commies, baby killers, authoritarians planning to kill ‘patriots’… you listen well as you repeat them all.
      Do you really feel that Democrats plan to kill Republicans?

      Can you back your claim that 92% of US prisoners are Democrats?

      The nuRepublican party is largely white, Christian (79%), evangelical (32%), less likely to have a college degree, rural/suburban.

      • L'Roy White says:

        You squawk about red herrings then do a diatribe of red herrings mixed with lies, obfuscations and false accusations aimed at half the population. BTW, there is no “nuRepublican party”. Just the same old RINO’s that have been the flip side of you nazis since Bush 1. There is virtually no difference between the dems and reps any longer.

        You are convoluting republicans with conservatives just as you do with Trump supporters. They are not all the same. But at least they don’t murder babies and advocate the mutilation of children, grooming, etc. The anti American demofascist party is also largely white 60%, non Christian 53%, socialist 76%, more likely to have a college degree in a worthless field while demanding those less well off pay for it, live in urban filth, crime, gangs and drugs (mostly because their [policies over the last 100 years created those problems. And according to the dumbass SC justice nobody but a biologist can define what a woman is. Only demonazis can be that stupid and ignorant.

        Can you back your claim that 92% of US prisoners are Democrats?

        Would it matter? You never change your mind regardless of any facts backing any claim you disagree with. Do you think prisons are full of marauding gangs of whites who are committing vast numbers of crimes? Do you really? Do you think those people who burned 26 cities in 2020 were repubs?

        Do you really believe those working class reps who marched, unarmed, on the Capitol were actually trying to overthrow the US government? Fool.

        Sometimes I think you white people are too stupid to live and you’re a prime example.

      • david7134 says:

        Correction, a Repub president tried to assert his rights in a fraudulent election. There, fixed it.

  17. Wylie says:

    Wanna see this global warming scam disappear? Simple: Have the feds dish out lucrative grants to institutions who conduct studies and conclude that Global Warming does not exist. The Feds did just the opposite when the subject AGW first appeared. The feds only granted funding to researchers guaranteed to claim AGW is real. Those who questioned AGW were never funded.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      President Trump and the Republicans had the WH, House and Senate from Jan 2017 through Jan 2019, and even had a favorable Supreme Court.

      And since cons feel that the global warming bloc is the greatest threat to freedom and the global economy, why didn’t they fix it???

      They could have ‘cleaned house’ at the NSF, Dept Energy, EPA, NASA, USGS, etc. Granted, many grants are multiyear and couldn’t be rescinded by a new president.

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