Democrat Denver Mayor Upset Over Illegals In His Town

Just another case of a Democrat who supports illegal Over In That Town getting upset when it’s his town

Democrat Mayor Declares ‘Emergency’ Over 0.01% of Biden’s Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration Arriving in Denver

Denver, Colorado Mayor Michael Hancock (D) has declared a state of emergency over 0.01 percent of President Joe Biden’s record-breaking number of illegal immigrants arriving in the city.

Days ago, Hancock issued an emergency as fewer than 650 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in Denver in recent weeks after being released into the United States interior by the Biden administration.

The influx of illegal immigration to Denver, Hancock said in a statement, has “put an immense strain on city recourses to the level where they’re on the verge of reaching a breaking point at this time.”

“It is at a crisis point right now and cities all over this country are being forced to deal with something we’re not equipped to deal with,” Hancock said.

Well, hey, don’t complain, you supported illegal immigration when it was just a few showing up in Denver. You were all in because Trump was trying to dramatically reduce illegals. Denver is an unofficial sanctuary city, but, they did pass an ordinance in 2017

In 2017, Denver City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting city and county employees from assisting in the enforcement of federal immigration laws or requesting a person’s immigration status. The ordinance also bars ICE agents from using any city or county property to enforce immigration laws.

The same year, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed an executive order creating a legal defense fund for people threatened with deportation, who aren’t automatically provided with free legal representation like criminal defendants.

And Hancock was all pissy in 2020 when there was a report that ICE would start operating heavily in sanctuary cities like Denver. Greg Abbott should send a whole bunch to Denver.

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