70 Dems Do Not Understand Their Job, Tell Biden To Give Rail Workers 7 Sick Days

There once was a time when members of Congress jealously guarded their Constitutionally granted power, namely, the ones who make the laws, and it is up to the Executive Branch to enforce those laws. Not make them. Not interpret them how they want. Now they just want to be celebrities and avoid doing their job. And here’s them doing it again

More than 70 lawmakers send letter calling on Biden to grant rail workers seven sick days

More than 70 House and Senate members sent a letter to President Biden on Friday to urge him to do everything he can to guarantee rail workers have seven days of paid sick leave.

The lawmakers thanked Biden for his role in negotiating an agreement between freight rail carriers and unionized rail workers to avoid a strike that could have happened Friday, which could have paralyzed supply chains and significantly harmed the national economy.

They said while the agreement is much better than the initial proposals that the rail industry put out, it does not include any paid sick days for the workers who have difficult and dangerous jobs and who “have risked their lives during the pandemic to keep our economy moving.”  (snip)

The lawmakers said Biden should expand on an executive order from former President Obama that established paid sick leave for federal contractors but not including rail workers. They also said Labor Secretary Marty Walsh has the authority to set mandatory occupational safety and health standards for businesses affecting interstate commerce under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

They couldn’t get legislation through, so, they want the Executive Branch to use squishy language to require the sick days. I actually think they should have more than 1 day. Perhaps they could have compromised and gone for 3? Regardless, it’s the job of Congress, and, if they cannot get it through, well, try again or move on, not attempt to backdoor it. Do your damned jobs.

As for celebs

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