Republicans Make Compromise On Getting Rid Of Military Vaccine Mandate

The Hill positions this as if the Democrats are giving something up, but, this is mostly them throwing a bone to Republicans

Democrats make major concession on vaccine mandate

Congress is poised to use the annual defense policy bill to eliminate the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate — a major concession by President Biden’s Democratic allies that helps clear the way to passing the sweeping package before year’s end.

In a compromise with Republicans, House Democrats are allowing language into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that repeals the coronavirus vaccine mandate for U.S. service members a year after it was enacted, House Armed Services Committee ranking member Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) confirmed to The Hill Tuesday.

The bill, which lays out how an $847 billion Defense Department top line will be allocated in fiscal 2023, is tentatively set to be released as early as Tuesday evening and voted on by the House Thursday, Rogers said. (snip)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is vying for the Speaker’s gavel in the next Congress, said on Sunday that the NDAA “will not move” unless the mandate for the military is lifted through the bill. (snip)

The compromise is effectively a loss for the White House and Pentagon, which have both opposed using the NDAA to repeal the vaccine mandate.


One thing not expected in the bill, however, is language to reinstate troops, sailors and airmen who were discharged or received penalties for declining the vaccine, a provision GOP lawmakers hoped to insert in the legislation.

So, Democrats get a massive bill full of lots of left wing garbage attached to a Defense bill in exchange for getting rid of a vaccine mandate, which Biden and Lloyd will most likely ignore, all while throwing all the military folks who were thrown out (and usually support Conservatives) to the trash heap.

Democrats Attempting to Pack Defense Bill with ‘Grab Bag’ of Unrelated Policies

“The real inside story here is what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are doing to try to hold this defense bill hostage. We pass it every year,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Fox News on Tuesday.

“We pass it every year for 60 years. It’s vital for our national security and for our troops. They want to add on all kinds of extraneous non defense measures like a payoff for liberal media companies to form a cartel to work with Big Tech that’ll hurt center-right media outlets, or allowing marijuana distributors to engage in the banking system, or paying off Joe Manchin for his vote for their trillion dollar bill spending bill this summer,” he added. (snip)

It has passed for 62 years without fail — one of the rare pieces of legislation to do so. However, this year, Democrats see the bill as a last-ditch vehicle to push through policies and reforms it will not be able to once Republicans take the House beginning January 3, 2023.

Will Republicans stand strong in the face of Democrats and the Credentialed Media smearing them, not telling the whole truth? LOL, made myself laugh with that.

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8 Responses to “Republicans Make Compromise On Getting Rid Of Military Vaccine Mandate”

  1. Big Crow says:

    So don’t sign the bill, don’t be bullied you GOP kid!

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    The only rule with theses democrat/communists is there are no rules. They’ll make a “deal”, pass the law then renege. Just like it never happened.

    Hell, they can’t even make a budget.

    L.G.Brandon ’24

  3. H says:

    Elections have consequences
    Suffer in silence
    Embarrass yourselves by acting like little bitches

  4. Professor Hale says:

    White House and Pentagon…

    Redundant. It’s as if people don’t know that the Pentagon is run by LLoyd Austin, appointed by Joe Biden, this year. The “Pentagon” only disagrees with the President of the USA when Trump is President. Democrats don’t have dissent from their own people.

    Of course, the Democrats still own the House and Senate and could pass this bill today with zero Republican votes, consent, or “movement”. They don’t even need to go through thte motions of reading it or debating it. But they won’t. They are busy codifying gay “marriage”.

    • CarolAnn says:

      That’s because codifying gay “marriage” is so important to running this Republic. Oh, sorry. If it was actually important it would be no where near a democrat.

      Remember when the lying democrat scum said: “We just want gay marriage that’s all”? Now they have their faggot groomers perverting and converting children (the ones they haven’t murdered yet) in schools and in entertainment and social medial.

      The entire democrat party is nothing but thieves, groomers, faggots, racists and most of all traitors to the US and our constitution.

      We need some sort of separation or we are going to kill each other because we won’t give up our freedom and they can’t live with us keeping it.

      • Professor Hale says:

        …we are going to kill each other…

        Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. There is still time for cooler heads to prevail. There is still time for reasonable people to expel the extremists. To a large extent, separation is already happening. Left into the cities. Right into the suburbs and rural areas.

        If someone asks you to participate in “killing each other”, you should strongly refuse. First, they are likely the FBI setting you up. At the very least, they are an activist who is using you to accomplish their own ends. It will not go well for you. It never does. Refuse every offer and every attempt to ensnare. Guard your tongue so that others do not mistake YOU for being the activist or FBI agent. Passivism isn’t always the right answer, but skepticism is.

        • CarolAnn says:

          Please don’t take my comment out of context like Elwood would do. I didn’t even suggest participating in killing each other. My point is that something’s gotta give. We cannot live under tyranny and they refuse to allow Liberty. I’m not asking anybody to kill anybody so don’t give the leftists ideas, thank you. Is that clear enough?

          They claimed a small riot at the Capitol was an unarmed “insurrection” so by saying I suggested people be killed you could very well “disappear” me to people like Elwood or some DC cop with a 9mm.

          • Professor Hale says:

            We cannot live under tyranny…

            Seriously? You live in a country that regulates how much water you can use to flush your toilet. I would say that the vast majority of Americans are living quite contentedly under tyranny. Everyone likes to complain on the internet but I don’t see any signs of even small percentages of people refusing to live under tyranny.

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