Army Starts Testing On Little Buggy Electric Vehicle Truck

“Excuse me, Mr. Enemy, do you mind pausing operations for a few hours so we can charge our vehicles up?” Maybe they could carry a whole bunch of swapable batteries with them. Just as easy to replace as a simple fuel truck of it is hit by enemy fire, right?

US Army starts testing a modified version of Canoo’s electric pickup truck

Earlier this year, electric vehicle startup Canoo warned it was running low on cash. Since then, the company’s prospects have taken a turn for the better. Over the span of two days in July, Canoo announced separate agreements to provide Walmart with 4,500 EVs and the US Army with a test vehicle. This week, the company shared an update on its Pentagon contract, announcing it had delivered a prototype of its new Light Tactical Vehicle to the army.

The LTV looks like a modified version of Canoo’s pickup truck. According to the company, it incorporated carbon Kevlar to make the vehicle more durable without increasing its weight. The LTV can be converted from a pickup to a flatbed truck, allowing it to carry construction material and tactical equipment. It even includes a stealth configuration. Canoo says the all-wheel drive LTV can produce up to 600 horsepower. It also features air springs, a raised suspension system and 32-inch tires to make it fit for traversing difficult terrain.

The US military is among the biggest polluters on the planet. It has a larger carbon footprint than about 140 nations, including first-world countries like Sweden and Denmark. At the start of 2022, the Defense Department announced a net-zero emissions plan that, among other tactics, called for the army to electrify its combat and support vehicles. While there’s no guarantee Canoo will be part of that initiative, securing the US Army as a customer would be a significant boon for the startup.

It’s like the size of a small, small pickup truck. I guess if they do not mind use 3-4 of them where one big truck will suffice to deliver supplies. The question is, do these help the mission? If not, they then hurt. The idea is to be able to project force to stop an enemy, not be part of a cult. One day the military might be able to operate on EVs and such, but, that time isn’t even close, especially since there just isn’t enough metal to make the batteries. Also, what are they being charged with?

A few of the comments at the article

  • The article forgot to mention that the reason the US Army has such a big carbon footprint is because it has to carry the weight to defend countries like Denmark and Sweden as well as the rest of Europe and the Pacific.
  • If the Army will “electrify its combat and support vehicles” it makes you wonder just how much more dangerous taking fire in a tank would be – when you are atop a very large lithium battery. Comes a time when Theory gives way to Reality.
  • I’m sure the enemy will put in lots of charging stations before a battle starts.
  • They better lift that thing up if the Army plans to buy it. It’s too low for anything other than residential base duty (MP’s for example).
  • So basically they are looking at expensive golf carts to run errands on base.
  • Someone explain how these EV’s are going to replace something as big and heavy as a rhino, abrams, or even an armored humvee? Those ev vehicles look great for playing simulations on base where you can do an AAR and re-charge the battery afterwards at the barracks.
  • Can’t go yet sarge. It’ll be another 45 minutes for my truck to charge.

Who wants to bet that someone has some money invested in Canoo? Meanwhile

Recommended Reading: The environmental cost of China’s EV boom

The rise of electric vehicles in China is causing devastating environmental impacts in nearby Indonesia, including rising ocean temperatures as a byproduct of coal plants. Upper respiratory infections are also one of the main health issues for people who live near nickel-processing factories and the main water sources for some areas are increasingly polluted and prone to flooding.

This leads to this story, which is very long article, explaining the dangers and environmental degradation caused by the push for EVs.

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13 Responses to “Army Starts Testing On Little Buggy Electric Vehicle Truck”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Electric fighting buggies?!!
    Par for the course.
    Then theres this. God help us.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. st says:

    Early voting in GA Senate Runoff DOMINATED by 50-80 year olds

  3. OldSarg says:

    In the last three years communication companies have been working to develop grid comm towers on military bases to network driverless vehicles to do everything from security to delivering parts around the installation. If I’m not mistaken Peterson AFB may already have the system in place.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Can gas-powered tanks, trucks and fighting vehicles run indefinitely?

  5. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Can gas-powered tanks, trucks and fighting vehicles run indefinitely?

    No but they can run further carry more weight and go further between fill ups. They also can have gas brought to them, they don’t need chargers every 50 miles.

    You know the benefits/advantages of gas powered vehicles so why are you asking stupid questions? There is not ONE advantage to an EV military vehicle of any kind.

    Tucker Carlson ’24

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Lucifer typed:

      There is not ONE advantage to an EV military vehicle of any kind.

      Less CO2 emissions. Less dependence in OPEC+ oil for our defense. Quieter.

      We understand that nuCons are now anti-military, just not why.

      Anyway, most of the gasoline use by the military is not involved in fighting but in just moving stuff around.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        Less CO2 emissions. Less dependence in OPEC+ oil for our defense. Quieter.

        We understand that nuCons are now anti-military, just not why.

        Your ability to ignore the truth in favor of your communist political objectives is amusing. Moving stuff around is part of fighting moron. That’s like saying mess kits are only for feeding the soldiers not fighting the battles.

        Your inability to agree about anything has driven you mad with denialism. And hate.

        Not loving war like you do dowd does not make us “anti military” any more that not liking squid makes me anti food.

      • david7134 says:

        We have determined that CO2 has no relevance. We can be energy independent forever if allowed to drill.

        Now lie and tell us that Biden is not hampering drilling.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    By all means, cast your vote for HERSHEL Walker, LOL.

  7. Professor Hale says:

    The US military has vast fleets of vehicles that are not used in combat and have no intention to be. They are used just on secure bases and to do all those tasks that running any monstrously huge organization needs to do (mail delivery, parts runs, transporting supplies, patrolling the fences and going out to training locations. There is a huge opportunity for the military to capitalize on using electric vehicles for these tasks. Just like the post office. The benefits include reduced noise and exhaust fumes. And since the military never cares how much stuff costs, they are a natural for buying thousands of these.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      So basically these EV’s can only be used on bases in the states and not in battle. But why pay 2-3 times more than needed for an EV? Because it’s taxpayers money so it doesn’t count?

      Whatever they are using now seems to be working and is cheaper and environmentally safer than batteries.

      • Professor Hale says:

        Whatever they are using now…

        Large fleets of commercial vehicles and leased cars and trucks. The great expense come from trying to make military specific versions. Since the USA is no longer at war with anyone (wink), we don’t have large basses in war zones anymore (second wink). EVs would work fine on stateside military bases. What they are using now will need to be replaced when the current leases expire. The best use I have seen for these is in and around tent cities as utility vehicles. In tent cities, noise and exhaust are very unpleasant and inescapable. So, small EV to bring diesel fuel to the loud generators makes perfect sense.

        In the Obama administration, the Navy was forced to make maximum use of biofuels. Cost is 3x normal diesel fuels. When it comes to preening, the military doesn’t care how much of your money they spend. And Democrats have always looked at the DoD budget as a slush fund to reward loyal connected people with overpriced contracts. Public laws require bids and competition, but for special Environmental NEEDS those laws can be bypassed.

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