It’s Thanksgiving, Which Means Liberals Are Losing Their Minds, Wanting To End The Holiday

For people who say they always look at the bright side of things, they sure are miserable and always try and look at the worst possible thing, then make it worse

The true story behind Thanksgiving is a bloody one, and some people say it’s time to cancel the holiday

Thanksgiving in the US is traditionally a time for family and food.

American schoolchildren typically learn that the tradition dates back to the Pilgrims, who helped establish Plymouth Colony in 1620 in what is now Massachusetts.

As the story goes, friendly Native Americans taught the struggling colonists how to survive in what the Europeans called the New World. Then everyone got together to celebrate with a feast in 1621.

Thanksgiving 2022 would mark the 401st anniversary of that “first” American Thanksgiving. But, in reality, Thanksgiving feasts predate Plymouth, and the peace celebrated that day was tenuous.

The real story behind the holiday is so dark, in fact, that some people are rethinking how they celebrate the holiday, or whether they should at all.

This Insider bit of moonbattery delves into good things and bad things that happened, forgetting that that’s life. That’s history for the U.S. and all other nations. These nuts will always focus on the Bad, so

The focus on racial justice in the US has some people saying that reevaluating the meaning and celebration of Thanksgiving is long overdue.

Teachers, professors, and Native Americans told The New York Times in 2020 that they were rethinking the holiday that has marginalized the US’s violence and cruelty against Native Americans, giving it names like “Takesgiving” and “The Thanksgiving Massacre.”

Well, if the liberal moonbats do not want to celebrate, then go hide. Quit whining. Leave the rest of us alone. But, no, they want to force their Beliefs on everyone else in their attempt to Cancel Thanksgiving, which is a day to gather together with friends and family and give thanks.

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13 Responses to “It’s Thanksgiving, Which Means Liberals Are Losing Their Minds, Wanting To End The Holiday”

  1. L'Roy White says:

    That’s a crock of crap, or cornucopia of crap in Thanksgiving speak. Leftists never celebrated Thanksgiving who the hell do they think they’re fooling? The neither love America nor believe in God the two main ingredients of the holiday. They hate the day and this article is just one more piece of evidence of that fact.

    You leftists need to leave. I’m black. My family comes from SC and were owned by a guy named J. Ward. After they were freed BY WHITE CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS I might add, they continued to work in SC for a few generations. One even married a white Jewish woman named Ellen Rothstein (yes, Jew chicks went for darkies even back then).

    Living in America used to be the greatest thing for any person of any color until the democrats decided communism and tyranny were better than Capitalism and Freedom (the title of my second favorite Milton Friedman book). Even under the creeping despotism and racial strife created by todays democrat/communists I am still lucky to be in America instead of the congo.

    Today my family will give thanks to that guy in the 1600’s who enslaved my ancestors and brought them here. I would hate to be spending Thanksgiving poor and in Africa.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Leftists need to leave where? The US? You first.

      L’Roy typed: Today my family will give thanks to that guy in the 1600’s who enslaved my ancestors and brought them here.

      Will you also consider those who did not survive the trip, enslavement, Jim Crow? How about the American Natives who were exterminated? How about the men who lynched your 4th grandpa?

      • L'Roy White says:

        Ahh, logical fallacies. The leftists weapon of choice second only to calling people racist.

        And no I will not also consider the loosers of history. Worrying about the loosers, the weak, the infirm, the stupid and other assorted people who don’t count. Loosers don’t count. Besides, most of those atrocities were performed by the democrats of America. So it would be your problem, your sins and your lack of morality and justice. Just as this very day you support the mass murder of prenatal kids. Democrats are missing the morality gene in their DNA.

        The people who “lynched 4th grandpa” were all democrats so, NO!

  2. Hairy says:

    Those “white christian republicans” that you speak of, weren’t they also considered liberals? And weren’t the slave holders conservative Christians? Do you thank the liberals for freeing you?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      So Johnnie boy, do stoner Buddhists observe Thanksgiving?

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • L'Roy White says:

      Those “white christian republicans” that you speak of, weren’t they also considered liberals?

      No, they were not. In 1860 Americans did not call themselves liberals or conservatives. They considered themselves pro or anti slavery (like today’s pro and anti abortion people) They considered themselves Virginians or Georgians or Pennsylvanians since they were big on the sovereignty of the states. Looking back from 2022 and PROJECTING you may consider them liberals but they were by no means LEFTISTS such as you. They also didn’t have communists, fascists and other assorted labels you leftists of today are so fond of.

      I’m sure you fail to notice how the democrats of 1860 were for slavery while the democommies of today just love baby murder. You dems have always been sketchy on morality.

      And weren’t the slave holders conservative Christians? Do you thank the liberals for freeing you?

      NO. The slaveholders were democrat Christians or do you actually believe having slaves is a liberal or conservative vice?

      Personally I don’t thank “liberals” for anything since I feel no obligation nor desire to do so since it was Yankee abolitionists that were for freedom not liberals. You know, us guys who actually believe in individual rights even for the weakest unborn baby.

      Nobody “freed” me. I was born free thanks to the same Republican Christians who today fight for a baby’s right to life. You are always on the wrong side of history and you are always projecting your sins on others.

  3. Hairy says:

    Tell me why your family left SC ?
    Too “conservative” ? Were they also part of the great migration of blacks out of the racist South to liberal cities?
    Your posts???? are so funny !

  4. Dana says:

    As a direct descendant of Richard Warren, who arrived on these shores on the Mayflower, I am quite glad that he and some of my other ancestors spread across this continent and took it away from the Indians.

    My mother’s family are from Maine, but my father was born on Mau’i, the son of Portuguese immigrants working the sugar and pineapple plantations there. They met in Tokyo, during the Korean War, something which never would have happened to a man from Mau’i and a woman from Maine were not the United States a strong nation concerned with stopping Communism, something that would not be the case had white settlers not completely subjugated and mostly exterminated the Indians. And I’d guess that the same is true for the vast majority of white, black and Hispanic Americans. I just managed to put the facts together more honestly than most Americans, certainly most liberals.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Conservatives usually prefer to just ignore the nastiness of invasion, slaughter, extermination and conquering, more recently they’ve started seeing annihilation of a people as divine destiny. This explains their laissez faire attitude of Putin’s attempted annihilation of Ukraine.

    Might makes right!!

    American Natives (the vanquished) probably have a less charitable opinion.

    Why not recognize on Thanksgiving what our immoral (by today’s standards) ancestors did rather than celebrate? Just admit the truth rather than hide it. We can still celebrate family and history, but with a touch of humility.

    Mr Dana exclaims that his existence justifies the extermination, but that seems a rather selfish interpretation, no?

    Shit has happened, and shit happens, but let’s be honest about it. Cons don’t want anyone truthfully discussing slavery, Jim Crow, Wounded Knee, Incas, Aztecs, Tenochtitlan… so you probably approve of the Chinese attacking the US with Covid! How clever are they?

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Elwood:

      The so-called Native Americans came across the Siberia-Alaska land bridge and filtered down and across the continents. Among the things they are noted for is human sacrifice, slavery and cannibalism. Their societies/cultures ranged from hunter gather tribes in the north to feudal kings and peasants groupings in the central and south.

      Everything was cool until the southern Europeans arrived. The southern Europeans were aggressive, had better weapons, including germs that the NA’s had never been around before. The result was conquest, settlement and a feudal society based on what they had in southern Europe resulting in land owners with peasants huddled around the Catholic Church. But the NA’s were better off. No slavery, no cannibalism and no human sacrifice.

      Basically, nothing has changed to the south. They have gone from weekly revolutions to establishment of failed socialism experiments…Venezuela doesn’t have toilet paper or antibiotics and Honduras is the murder capital of the world. Their exports are bananas and people…..who have flooded into America to the tune of 11 million or so. When called out they riot and fly Mexico’s flag and demand the right to vote. They seem determined to establish what they, or their parents, fled from. Poverty, chaos, crime and dictatorship.

      Later the northern Europeans arrived to the north. They were no better to the NA’s than their peers to the south. But they did have one thing the southern Europeans didn’t have. Budding democracy. They had the Magna Carta. The powers of kings were finite and the people were to have a voice.
      “We the people….” Became real.

      None of this is pretty. The NA’s lost. What the Europeans found were people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, defend the land that they had taken from the previous owners.

      We now find ourselves on the same page that was the Aztec’s. Do we want to defend and hold this land, this civilization, or do we want to surrender to the flood of people from the south and the flood of Muslims Obama and Hillary imported from the east?

      That is the question.

      You don’t want to.

      I do.

  6. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Human history is basically a series of conquests. Winners and loosers and after some time those winners become the new loosers.

    Growing up I had no idea I would be alive during the fall of the American empire. Least wise because of traitorous leftists from within. But if we can’t kill’em we will be killed by’em. It’s the golden rule of history. Win or die. White Americans have seemingly decided we don’t deserve to live. Then we will die. I can’t even say we had a good run since it was so damn short.

    All of the colonies were established by Continental Lords (Governors) determined to increase wealth and expand their dominion. The settlers on those expeditions were here for the same. The project had a practical aim. They had the moral courage and convictions that they could go forth and explore and build a better world.

    This regime is morally paralyzed. Its projects are immoral. Yet, everything that is done is justified by moralizing – “Change The World.” I think they are all just stealing and looting and erecting moral facades. They can’t embark on an endeavor and say, “This will require the finest men. It will require great courage, daring. It will require brilliance in all fields of human endeavor. We are doing it, because our people, our nation, our God are destined to reveal our goodness and our glory.” Could you imagine having a leader who would say that? They can’t. They convinced themselves that capitalism, the West and white men are evil a long time ago. It gave them the moral justification to loot, burn and destroy us. We gave them the means to do it. Everything they do, we fund.

    The 60s was the infantilization of our civilization. Those infants in adult bodies have been in charge for a long time. The worst of their legacy is that they forfeited their duty as parents, and as bad as they were, well look at what their children are doing in Twitter and at FTX. Realize they are in control everywhere.

    I don’t think the ruling regime is casting them out. I think the hysterics and degenerates are mimicking them to an extreme. Only the financial catastrophe they have created for us all will save us.

    And nothing will save America.

  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Lucifer whined:

    Growing up I had no idea I would be alive during the fall of the American empire. Least wise because of traitorous leftists from within. But if we can’t kill’em we will be killed by’em…. White Americans have seemingly decided we don’t deserve to live. Then we will die.

    We should all feel sorry for the white man in America. They are the victims of history! They create civilization. They created America. The created capitalism. And today, rather than receiving the gratitude and accolades they deserve the history of white Christian men is being criticized by wokes, Blacks, Muslims, immigrants and LGBTQs. White men created America and the recipients of their efforts “then questions the manner in which they provided it! You would rather people just said “thank you” and went on their way!” (apology to Aaron Sorkin).

    We agree that America has problems. The working class is having a difficult time supporting their families, yet the rich get richer, and corporations earn record profits. We have a crisis of confidence as a devious charlatan pushed the envelope toward right-wing authoritarianism, working daily to break Americans faith in institutions from the FBI to the PTA. Wingers no longer trust the military, education, democracy, medicine, science, religion, media, expertise, facts, truth or America.

    Lucifer gives up, typing: And nothing will save America.

    Foremost, America needs to defeat the forces of anti-Americanism and anti-Democracy that permeates the nuRight.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Snotty little Rimjob failing to make a cogent retort.
      Imagine that.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy

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