European Union Bans Sale Of Gas Vehicles In 2035

Citizens of individual nations in Europe: does this make you happy? Your nation didn’t ban them. Bureaucrats in the EU did, using their unaccountable power to force you to comply. The EU was not established for this kind of mandate on citizens lives, but, this is what happens when you give a centralized government power. They take more and more and more

EU member countries agree to ban sale of gas-powered cars and vans starting in 2035

st greta carEuropean lawmakers have gotten the EU’s 27 member states to agree to a plan that effectively bans the sale of gas-powered cars and vans by 2035. They’ve come to an agreement to approve the Commission’s revised reduction targets for passenger cars’ and light vehicles’ carbon dioxide emissions. The Commission’s proposal, which European lawmakers had voted in favor of back in June, aims to reduce the emissions produced by new vehicles in those categories by 100 percent in 13 years’ time. That wouldn’t be achievable without stopping the sale of gas-powered vehicles and selling zero-emission models only.

European Parliament’s lead negotiator Jan Huitema said:

“[P]urchasing and driving zero-emission cars will become cheaper for consumers. I am pleased that today we reached an agreement with the Council on an ambitious revision of the targets for 2030 and supported a 100% target for 2035. This is crucial to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and make clean driving more affordable.”

I’ve perused many articles about this, and not one features a reporter asking members of commission if they are now driving an EV, and, if not, when they are going to ditch their fossil fueled vehicles and go EV.

How will they power these vehicles? Europe is already energy poor, with big concerns about how people will heat their homes this winter. They’ve cut nuclear power (even St. Greta is fine with nuclear), cut natural gas (some thanks to Biden pushing Putin to invade Ukraine), cut coal, and many citizens are having to rely on burning wood. Where will the power come from?

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12 Responses to “European Union Bans Sale Of Gas Vehicles In 2035”

  1. Dana says:

    Clearly, the decision by voters in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union was the correct one.

    • joe says:

      not that it matters…chit, you can get harassed/arrested in england for a meme or voicing the wrong thing online…almost more woke then the US…

  2. H says:

    Dana since leaving the EU the value of the pound has dropped from about $1.50 to $1.10.
    How would you like to be paid with money that was now worth 30% less? During the same time the Euro declined but not nearly as much. Most manufacturers have already announced their own dates for ending gasoline powered vehicles

    • Dana says:

      And my darling bride’s — of 43 years, 5 months, and 10 days — trip to Scotland earlier this month was help by the drop in value of the pound, so I can’t combitch about it!

      Thing is, His Majesty the King was at Balmoral the same day Elaine was, and he didn’t even come out to speak with her. We are not amused.

    • Mr H wrote:

      How would you like to be paid with money that was now worth 30% less?

      Thanks in part to the policies of President Biden, Americans are being paid, on average, with money that is worth 8.1% less than it was last year, so there’s that.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Under Brandon the average American family has lost $6000 in wealth.

        Under President Trump the average American family gained $6000 in wealth.

        Bwaha! Lolgf

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear H:

      If you can’t heat your home or cook your food the value of your currency is zero.

  3. H says:

    Teach are you aware that Honda has announced end of gas powered cars( including hybrids) by 2040? I bet even sooner like American manufacturers it will be 2035.
    Banks also will either end loans or give loans at higher rates on gasoline powered cars. The Australian Bank has already announced no more loans in fossil cars in 2035

  4. Dougie says:

    I think capitalism will win. Pushback against WEF and Climate Nonsense will only increase globally (as we’ve seen with Italy). The internet wins.

  5. Jl says:

    Great, John! EV cars so good that people have to be forced to buy them by curtailing fossil fuel loans. Remember when banks wouldn’t give you a loan for a horse so you’d have to buy a new gasoline powered car in the early 1900s? Me neither.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Get woke, go broke.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Professor Hale says:

      It’s fine for car companies to make grand pronouncements about what their company will do long after the people talking have retired. Future people are under no obligation to actually do it.

      Of course, once we invent the molecular transporter in 2040, all vehicles will be obsolete. Will government still demand people use EVs then? Probably.

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