Bummer: Masks No Longer A Choice For Government To Impose On Citizens

Mask cultists are a bit upset that government is mostly unwilling to force people to wear masks anymore

Masks fall out of favor as policy choice

During the second game of the NBA Finals on Sunday, celebrated Boston Celtics first-year coach Ime Udoka pulled down his face mask to apparently utter an imprecation at Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors superstar preparing to shoot a free throw. Udoka then diligently pulled his mask back up, only to pull it back down again to lob another insult in Curry’s direction.

Udoka’s itinerant mask wearing (one often rests on his chin during the game, but he puts it on during the post-game press conferences) is a symbol of sorts for a nation where most people still support wearing face coverings as a coronavirus preventative measure — but many are also no longer doing so.

He’s nor really wearing it, though. If you’re going to wear it, you keep it on, especially when you’re yelling, which would spread COVID, the flu, a cold, etc, further. But, you see a lot of maskers doing this. It’s more about virtue signaling than anything else

Some denounced Udoka for engaging in virtue signaling, while others celebrated his efforts. “I’m no Celtics fan, but I really appreciate Coach Udoka wearing a mask,” tweeted Dr. Lucky Tran, a public health advocate who has called for protective measures to remain in place. “Sure, he doesn’t wear it 100% of the time, but he clearly makes an effort when he’s in close contact with his players and the press.”

The players who aren’t wearing masks, and interacting with players of the other team not wearing masks? And all the fans not wearing masks? And wearing a cloth mask which studies have shown make almost no difference? If he wears one because he doesn’t feel good he should stay home.

In this third summer of the pandemic, public health policy has largely devolved to a matter of personal preference, with new mask mandates a rarity but the debate over masking hardly diminished from earlier stages of the pandemic.

Even though the coronavirus case count remains at high levels, Americans’ behavior no longer reflects that reality. The availability of vaccines and treatments appears to have attenuated pandemic anxiety, which has been replaced by fresh anxieties about war, crime and inflation.

Who’s debating it? Wearing a mask almost never comes up anymore, except for a few mask cult journalists and politicians. Most of the rest of us have moved on, and have no intention of wearing one again. Heck, it’s idiotic wearing one in those few places, like medical facilities, who want them worn, because they make no difference. If they did we wouldn’t have had that huge spike of Delta. Then Omicron.

Infection rates (from the latest outbreaks) appear to be falling, with an 8.5% dip this week compared to the week before. The decrease may result from the fact that so many Americans have immunity either from vaccination or a prior infection. And at-home testing has almost certainly kept public health officials from learning the true extent of the current wave, since those results are not reported, as laboratory tests are.

And yet, there are almost no mask mandates, and were almost none during the latest outbreaks. Weird, eh?

To some public health experts, the solution is simple. “Everybody should be wearing a mask,” University of Chicago infectious disease specialist Dr. Emily Landon told the podcast Nerdette late last month. “The only reason we don’t” have a mask mandate, Landon reasoned, “is because CDC decided to move the goalposts to make their recommendations more about protecting and protecting health care than about protecting individuals.”

You wear one. Otherwise, fuck off. We’re on to you people. We knew masking was BS when it started, and we know it now. How many people got it who were wearing masks? How many times do we see someone writing “I wear a mask, vaxxed and boosted, and I got COVID”?

“We all wish the pandemic was over, but it is likely to be here and harmful for the long term. Mask policies are one of the most effective approaches to reducing spread,” says Boston University public health expert Julia Raifman, who has argued that the Biden administration has not been aggressive enough in its pandemic response.

“The politics have changed,” Raifman told Yahoo News, “but the facts and policy impact haven’t.”

You keep telling yourself that. Then explain Delta and Omicron, as well as a higher death count even with the vaccines.

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12 Responses to “Bummer: Masks No Longer A Choice For Government To Impose On Citizens”

  1. Hairy says:

    Weird??? Gee Teach maybe you haven’t noticed but the total daily covid desth rate has dropped 90%
    You want weird? Teach the percapita desth rates are much higher in red states where masking and vaccination rates were lowest
    Apparently not even “liberal” use of Ivermectin did not help in those states.

    • Dana says:

      That’s because COVID has run through the entire population; everyone has been exposed to it, and has been developing immunity to it.

      You are, of course, free to wear a mask yourself; some people still do. But for the most part, the public are tired of masks, and are voting, with their bare faces, against them.

      • Professor hale says:

        I think it is because the gullibility about masks has run its course. The only people still bitterly clinging to it are those who can’t accept the evidence of their own experience over 2 years. Ant those in government who can never admit they were wrong.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Must not be a professor of medicine…

          • Professor hale says:

            Use your google powers to discover the difference between medical uses of masks and covid uses. Then you can cut-paste something that no one will read.

        • david7134 says:

          I am a professor of medicine and the evidence supports the Professor.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            porter david,

            So you claim. Your judgment has shown serious weaknesses.

            Would you want your surgeon to wear a mask? Wash their hands?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Don’t conveniently forget that over 1 million Americans died from this pandemic.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Again with the per capita shit. More people died in blue states from Covid than did in red states. Period. More people die in blue states from the Covid fake vaccinations than in red. More people have adverse effects from those fake vaccinations. Covid does not care if your state is red or blue only rabid hateful leftist democrats do. That’s a fact jack. To the elitist pigs in blue states or the leftists in general people in red states are fodder and deserve to die. They are baskets of deplorables. And tonight they are going to begin the Inquisition and start incarcerating these vicious old people, working people and bitter clingers. They are hoping to begin the executions before the 2024 elections.


  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Another bummer.

    Missouri governor signs law shielding doctors prescribing ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine

    Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Why is this such a secret?

    “When those employees earn between $230,000 and $330,000 in taxpayer-paid salaries each year and are ranked in the top 20 of 1,800 scientists receiving hidden third-party paid royalties, there are naturally a lot of questions.

    “It’s just another reason why NIH needs to come clean with the American people and produce the full record—which company is making the payment, how much to each scientist, and for what invention,” he said.”

    Currently, NIH is refusing to disclose all that information, making it impossible to follow the money.”


    Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  4. James Lewis says:

    I confess I am constricted over masks but that doesn’t mean I want the feds passing laws.

    The CDC said. From their 1/21/22:

    “While all masks and respirators provide some level of protection, properly fitted respirators provide the highest level of protection. Wearing a highly protective mask or respirator may be most important for certain higher risk situations, or by some people at increased risk for severe disease.”


    You should also understand that “efficacy” refers to how well something performs in a controlled environment, such as a trial. It is not the same as effectiveness.

    “Efficacy is the degree to which a vaccine prevents disease, and possibly also transmission, under ideal and controlled circumstances – comparing a vaccinated group with a placebo group. Effectiveness meanwhile refers to how well it performs in the real world. Although a vaccine that has high efficacy – such as Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine with 94.5% efficacy and Pfizer’s with 90% efficacy – would be expected to be highly effective in the real world, it is unlikely to translate into the same effectiveness in practice.”

    All masks utilize woven material that allow gases, air, to flow in and out through the spaces between the weaves. Depending on the construction a certain amount can enter/leave around the edge of the mask where it contacts the face.

    As made plain in the CDC article, various types work in various ways and with various effectiveness.

    Paper is the worst followed by simple cloth. Very few people can afford N95 masks on a daily basis, so the question becomes this.

    If it isn’t 100%, why mess with it?

    To answer this, we need to think of those metal grid fences that enclose many back yards and other private areas. The weave of these are about 1 inch square. Now, visualize having a hand full of marbles, walking up to the fence, and toss them, using an underhand throw, at the fence.

    Many will go through. Some will hit the wire and remain outside, or inside if breathing out.

    That’s how a paper/cloth masks work.

    So we now have an element of chance. SOME viruses got through. Some did not.

    Now, for the ones that got through, how long will they survive outside of the body? That will depend on the ambient temperature and if the virus lands on a solid surface, the type and temperature of the object.

    The chance element is further expanded by how far apart is the source person and the receptive person is, various studies say 6 feet, others more/less, and the amount of the virus that got through and the IMMUNE system of the receptive person.

    Less immune, greater chance of infection. That’s why the vast majority of infected people are the elderly and/or people with serious diseases. Or both. (Over 30% of the elderly who become infected die.) The obese are also a favorite target.


    This doesn’t cover the number of otherwise healthy people, young and old, that develop lifelong health issues. Plus, it doesn’t cover the sometimes-high costs that destroy a person’s financial position, perhaps into bankruptcy. Medical care is expensive.

    So, there hasn’t been a study on the efficacy of wearing masks. It would be impossible to control.

    But you can use what is called an observational study. Just looking at the results of actions by very large groups of people.

    For example, how many Covid deaths per million in the US compared to countries that have historically worn masks in crowded conditions.

    Say US vs Japan…….

    US over 3000; Japan 245, Indonesia 519, Thailand 316, Singapore 144, Cambodia 176,………


    That should tell us something. And no, I’m not saying that there aren’t other factors, but when you see 20 to 1, 5 to 1, etc., ratios something is there.

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