White House Keeps Pushing Masking

They just won’t stop

Biden COVID Advisor Jha: ‘When You’re in an Indoor Space, You Should Be Wearing a Mask

White House COVID-?19 response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Americans should be wearing a mask in crowded indoor spaces to combat the current coronavirus surge.

Anchor Martha Raddatz said, “We have the daily case number more than 100,000, I know you think the number is actually higher because of home testing, so what is your advice in these high transmission areas?”

Jha said, “First and foremost, my advice is, if you have not gotten vaccinated in the last five months, if you have not gotten boosted, now is a good time to do it. What we know is vaccines continue to provide a high level of protection against people getting seriously ill. That’s advice number one. Advice number two, I agree with Mayor Adams that when you’re in an indoor space, you should be wearing a mask. Crowded indoor places, high transmissions, people should be doing that. People have access to masks, vaccines, and therapeutics and testing.”

Piss off. The best part here is that he’s saying this while in an indoor place. Granted, he’s either doing this from home or his private office, but, still, why not wear a mask to show everyone you’re serious? There’s always the chance, too, that there are a whole bunch of people in that room shooting this interview.

But, see, the problem here is that Democrat politicians will hear this an attempt to re-institute masking. Most people will not wear an N95, and anything else is just for show. In Killadephia, er, Philadephia, they’re going to force kids to mask up again starting today. Want to see a play on Broadway? You need a mask. Many counties, cities, and States, such as Delaware and NYC, are “recommending” masking indoors. How soon till it is a mandate?

Oh, and here’s Biden

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One Response to “White House Keeps Pushing Masking”

  1. We were discussing COVID at the Pico hacienda yesterday. My older daughter just spent time in isolation at Ft Bliss, having tested positive for the Wuhan Flu as she’s getting ready to deploy to Kuwait. She has been vaccinated and boosted. My wife, vaccinated and twice boosted, my younger daughter, vaccinated and boosted, and I, vaccinated and boosted, guessed that we had probably had it, and had certainly been exposed, but never tested, because we were never sick. SSG Pico said that it felt like allergies to her, and my wife, untested, has had a few allergy symptoms, but the pollen has been very high in the Bluegrass State. Mrs Pico’s sister, who is vaccinated and double boosted, did feel sick, and thinks she had it, but was never tested. She did feel ill fewer than 14 days after her second booster shot, so there’s that. If I had it, I was asymptomatic.

    We noted in the discussion that, with at-home testing, fewer people are going to get tested, and if someone did test positive at home, he was not necessarily going to report it to anyone, so the positive test numbers are essentially useless.

    In January, acting Food and Drug Administration head Commissioner Janet Woodcock told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee that she expected that, eventually, almost everyone would contract the virus. Celebrity doctor Anthony Fauci said that COVID-19 would infect “just about everybody.” Remember: this was during the first Xi Omicron variant, before there was any real spread of the BA.2 Xi Omicron variant, which is, supposedly, even more infectious.

    But note: even with the BA.2 Xi Omicron variant spreading, hospitalizations and deaths are still low, even if they have ticked up slightly, yet the CDC reported that, as of April 12, only 62% of our total population are ‘fully vaccinated.’ While vaccinations are supposed to greatly reduce WuFlu symptoms for those who contract it, one has to ask: why aren’t the 38% who are not vaccinated dropping like flies?

    My guess — and it is a guess — is that many of the unvaccinated were previously exposed, and developed their own immunity. In a situation where Dr Fauxi told us that everyone was going to contract the virus, that’s the only reasonable explanation.

    We have been told that Xi Omicron variant, while more easily transmitted, didn’t make people as sick. That raises the obvious question: did the virus itself mutate into something less virulent, or does it seem less virulent because most people already have some resistance to it?

    At this point, masks are useless. They haven’t stopped the transmission of the virus, seemingly neither stopping the transmission from an infected person nor prevented an uninfected person from contracting it. The WuFlu is going to be with us, period, probably forever. it’s not that we need to learn to live with it; we’ve already done that! It’s time to just admit it.

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