Senate Climahypocrites Announce 500 Day Energy Independence Plan

I wonder what it could be? I wonder what could be missing?

Senate climate hawks announce 500-day energy independence plan

Senate Democrats who are part of the chamber’s Climate Change Task Force are calling for a multistep strategy to achieve energy independence by transitioning to renewable energy over the next 500 days.

At a meeting of the task force Tuesday, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) outlined a series of reforms that he said would achieve the goal without increased reliance on fossil fuels.

The group has called for lawmakers to permanently codify President Biden’s ban on Russian oil imports through the Severing Putin’s Immense Gains from Oil Transfers Act, which Markey introduced at the beginning of the month.

Yes, let’s stop using Russian oil and get our own…oh, right, they don’t want us to have our own

It also is pushing for passage of another Markey-sponsored bill, the Strategic Reserve, Appliance, Vehicle and Energy Efficiency for Consumers Act, which is co-sponsored by task force member Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.). The bill would offer short-term consumer relief by releasing the equivalent of 500 days of Russian oil imports from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and authorize the president to set emergency energy efficiency targets.

The “SAVE Act” would drastically increase the required energy efficiency of everything, giving the Executive office the power to pretty much set standards to whatever the hell they want. What consumers save in energy will be a heck of a lot less that in the cost increases for vehicles, appliances, AC and heating systems, you name it.

The task force is further calling for the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps, one of the major environmental prongs in the sweeping Build Back Better Act. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) seemingly torpedoed the bill in December when he said he would not vote for it, but he has said the act’s climate provisions are among the aspects he supports and could back in a smaller package.

A bunch of government funded nags, Green Shirts, if you will.

The bill would let Executive Office agencies set standards for energy efficiency, and even mandate reductions in the use of energy and gasoline by American citizens (section 3). It’s only 7 pages, mentions “clean energy”, but fails to mention production of oil and natural gas on American property. Nothing about nuclear energy. The main point is giving Biden more power over Citizens and their energy use and gas use. I can’t stress that enough.

And it has a chance to pass. Joe Manchin may well support it, and they may get a few super squishy Republicans to vote for it in the Senate. Don’t be fooled by it being a short 7 pages. It is dangerous investing that much free power in the Executive Office.

If elected Republicans had any brains, they’d trot out their own bill which would require reduced energy use by the federal government, starting with the White House and elected members of Congress and their staffs, put them on the spot.

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36 Responses to “Senate Climahypocrites Announce 500 Day Energy Independence Plan”

  1. Hairy says:

    There are about 50% more oil rigs drilling right now than when Trump was in office. Teach seems to have forgotten that 2cyesrs ago Trump asked OPEC+ for tge biggest oil production cut in history because oil was too cheap for producers in USA to make a profit. Teach do you think that production cut has anything to do with current global gas price? Because remember regardless of domestic oil production we must pay the global market price because we are capitalists
    Capitalists always will sell their oil or gas to the highest paying customer. Just like farmers with their wheat. US customers get no significant discount we pay world market price

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Where do you get all this misinformation from? You are a seemingly endless well of disinformation on all aspects of economics. You must be reading communist rags 24/7.

      Once again the leftist rube deflects to something he accuses Trump of doing over two years ago when everything Trump did FJB has undone to the point of financial collapse. Especially when it has to do with oil and American oil production. Name one thing FJB has done to increase American production or lower prices.

      Finally all people and I repeat all sell their oil and gas to the highest paying customer, just as farmers do. The only exception I can think of is the USSR and where are they today? Out of business, that’s where.

      You and dOwd have the worst cases of TDS I’ve ever seen. Two years later and you’re still trying to convince people we are better off under FJB. Do you feel better off under FJB? I don’t. Most Americans don’t either. You TDS folks have already hit rock bottom. You can either put him out of your mind and stand on your own or dig a hole so deep no matter how much you cheat you won’t win an election for dog catcher.

      Now that fool FJB is calling foe food shortages. Soviet rule anyone? Is this really what you “voted” for? War, disease, famine and tyranny over the working man? You all really sound like Stalin imitators.

      These are the people the White House and by extension dOwd, Hairy and Zachriel praise and promote:

      FJB, and his criminal son.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny, Johnny…”two years ago Trump asked OPEC for biggest oil production cut..,”
      And of course, less than one year ago Brandon, in effect, did the same thing here.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      Hairy you are a fuking liar.

      A liar. You are nothing but a liar.

      Trump asked Russia and OPEC to stop their oil war with each other which was driving the price of oil into the ground and destroying 1000’s of small producers around the world.

      There were over 1000 oil rigs operating under Trump, only about 650 TODAY.

      You are a LIAR that just makes shit up.

      Oil is sold on the open market using Futures contracts. The oil companies and OPEC does not set the price. Which it should. Right now they should band together and set the price of oil at 70.00 per BBL or 65.00 Per BBL and that would solve all the instability in the world.

      but no. OPEC A bunch of MUSLIMS the LEFT DEFENDS with their lives wants oil to be 200 dollars per bbl. Your massive oil companies that have now been infiltrated by LEFTISTS wants oil to be 200 dollars per bbl.

      WHY. Because even if the USA STOPS consuming oil and hands the keys over to china, the rest of the world will tell you to go fuk yourself with all your windmills and solar panels.

      but hey LYING hairy. We all get to live in a high rise next to you.

  2. Dana says:

    The Severing Putin’s Immense Gains from Oil Transfers Act? The SPIGOT Act?

  3. Down on the Corner says:

    The lunacy of the left knows no bounds. I wonder how much Markley gets from China every month under the table. AOC seems to be living large now. I wonder who got to her and is greasing her palm and that of her absolutely gorgeous boyfriend. LOLOLOLOLOL.

    I’m so sad I can’t date her or Nancy Pelosi. Damn, that’s a hard choice for me to make. I stay up late at night trying to decide whom I am going to date next.

    Woe is me. The left is so attractive. I mean I am already packing my single box and picking out my High rise. It will be so awesome living in a giant city, standing in lines for everything, working to produce socks cause my feet are so cold.

    Yep, I am all in on destroying our economy for the sake of molecules of co2. I mean who is not on board with this awesome idea? How can you not see the benefits of giving up your life’s work to live in a one bedroom high rise in downtown San Diego or San Franscisco with the rest of the MS-13 cartel?

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Jilly typed: Johnny-not according to this chart.

    That chart shows 250 U.S. oil and gas rigs in Aug 2020 and over 600 as of Jan 2022. 600 is bigger than 250, even in conservaland. BTW – 250 rigs is the lowest number in at least 50 years!! Thanks DonJon!

    Fortunately, the number of operating rigs has been steadily increasing since. Thank you, President Biden!

    Jilly – Do you ever look at the sources you type?

    And Jilly, who’s Johnny??

    • Jl says:

      J-is the line on the graph lower now or higher when Trump was in office? It’s lower.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Jill typed: J-is the line on the graph lower now or higher when Trump was in office? It’s lower.

        Are we looking at the same graph??

        The line is clearly higher. In January 2021 the graph indicates 374 rigs. In January 2022 the graph indicates 601 rigs. I don’t mean to brag but I minored in math in college… I recall that 601 > 374.

        Didn’t tRump leave office, kicking and screaming, in January 2021??

        • Jl says:

          Sorry, J
          Total rigs in operation for 2021 under Brandon- 3,178
          Under Trump-
          2017- 10,496 in operation
          2018- 11,433. in operation
          2019–. 11,326 in operation
          2020- 5233 In operation

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Jl, real name Jill typed: Sorry

            Apology accepted. Does this mean you’re retracting your earlier citation and changing your argument because that citation didn’t support your claim? Did you not expect others to check your citations?

            We can’t help but quite reluctantly note that you have no citation to support your “revised” data.

            Carry on.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The greatest number during the tRump reign was 1077 rigs on Nov 2018. That number dropped steadily to the nadir of 250 in Aug 2020 (as noted). The number of rigs has rebounded steadily to 601 rigs as of Jan 2022.

        So there was greater than a 75% drop in rigs between Nov 2018 and Aug 2020 and it has increased steadily since.

        Recall that Mr trump lost the election in Nov 2020 and was kicked out of the White House in Jan 2021. A year after he left, the number of rigs had increased from the trump low of 250 to the latest of 601! That’s well over a 200% increase!! Thank you, President Biden!!!

        • Facts Matter says:

          Facts Matter.

          The reason the oil rigs plummetted was DR Mengele told us to lock down America because of president XI’s Plague unleashed on the world through incompetence. Or Covid for you hairy.

          Covid force the closing of 100’s of oil rigs and on top of that RUSSIA and SAUDIA ARABIA embarked on an oil war because both dictatorships rely almost exclusively on OIL to support their countries economies.

          So there is that. The fact that rigs dropped to 250 is august 2020 is correct. That number rebounded to 374 by the time Trump left office. Does anyone know why this number dropped to 250 prior to any knowledge of COVID?

          Now Dowd and his dylexic alter-ego hairy can continue to lie about oil rigs without giving you a reason why they would so drastically decline.

          They declined because they were shut down. WHY? As the graph shows oil dropped to 25 dollars per bbl which forced TRUMP to demand OPEC and RUSSIA end their oil war to stabilize the worlds economies. Hell they had oil sitting in tankers unsold because there was such a glut of oil on the market.

          Oil rigs are all relevant DOWD so stop fuking lying about shit.. AS your alter-ego hairy says about we don’t look for the truth. No YOU and HERROD don’t look for the truth you just spout lies and hope no one calls you on it.

          End of this stupid narrative. Time for a new one. perhaps you can discuss the lie that is Hunter Biden’s laptop just entered into the congressional record as evidence that DIAPER JOE BIDEN is the most corrupt president ever.

  5. Hairy says:

    No one e posting here seems to ever want to check primary sources but instead just bueve what others tell them to believe
    US Field Production of Crude Oil

    Look for yourselves unless you are afraid of bursting your bubble life
    American oil is sold at a global spot price.
    Yes doom and gloom the price of oil had Fallen but in my lefty brain I was actually happy about thst!! I never thought that high gas prices were a good thing! Apparently gloom and doom as well as Trump does? I have cited figures showing that Feb 2022 our oil production was not significantly differing from Trumps HIGHEST oil production months and well above average oil production levels in his first 2 years.
    Please show me with
    citations that we now have lower oil production under Biden
    Can anyone do that for me? Dana? Brandon? Teach?
    US sees record oil production.
    Next year even higher
    Feb 8 2022
    US prepares to boost oil production
    March 7 2022
    I actually enjoy having people question what I say
    Kroger Dunning

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      The NuCon cult exists in a world of vapors, shadows and talking points. Facts Matter only if the “facts” support their narrative.

      Prime Directive(s): tRump good, President Biden bad. GOPhers good, Democrats bad. Authoritarianism good, freedom bad.

      Everything follows from the Prime Directive.

      Much of the deeply held beliefs of nuCons are false.

      The liberal/Dem/progressive movement is NOT led by a group of wealthy, Jewish pedophiles who harvest and drink the blood of babies.

      The Earth IS warming from CO2 humans keep pumping into the atmosphere (of course nuCons now admit that that is true but say, so what – prove that rapid warming is harmful to human society!)

      DonJon tRump did NOT win the 2020 election by ANY measure and DID try to overturn the will of the American people.

      The Covid-19 pandemic DID kill 1 million Americans. The vaccinations do NOT change your DNA; do NOT contain tracking devices; do NOT kill hundreds or thousands; DO reduce transmission, serious disease and deaths. The SARS-CoV-2 virus WAS very likely first transmitted to humans in China, but there is NO credible evidence that the virus was developed in a laboratory there.

      Vladimir Putin send the Russian military into Ukraine, unprovoked. Volodomyr Zelenskyy is no more corrupt than DonJon tRump, and probably much less so. There are NO bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine. Putin is NOT a hero.

      The U.S. economy IS booming but inflation IS a problem. The global supply chain IS disrupted, primarily because of the Covid pandemic. Gasoline prices are higher because of instability in the world crude oil markets.

    • Facts Matter says:

      The only one posting lies here hairy/dowd is YOU! See my above post and go find another narrative you can pass off trying to help President XI destroy America. The price of OIL drives the number of oil rigs in service. Not who is president. Obama was the OIL KINGPIN. OBAMA singlehandedly destroyed the climate by himself. He was the main driver of oil and natural gas that destroyed the world.

      When we all are sitting on a tiny island with water everywhere and a 1000 hurricanes and tornadoes and TSUNAMIS headed towards us the last entry in the history of mankind will be.

      OBAMA DESTROYED THIS WORLD. Not Trump, Not Bush, Not Reagan. OBAMA. How you like them apples herrod?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Facts Matter typed: The price of OIL drives the number of oil rigs in service. Not who is president.

        Your confederates push the opposite narrative.

        • Facts Matter says:

          You guys depend on a GOVERNMENT WEBSITE RUN BY LEFTISTS LOYAL TO BIDEN for your information?????????

          OKay if you insist.

          Scroll down Herrod and DOWD.

          Amount produced by month based upon THE GOVERNMENTS ACCOUNTING FIGURES.

          DECEMBER 2021…..Under biden. Oh but lets not include COVID you know as you guys never include it when blaming trump for job loses so.

          In December 2021 there was 358,588×1000 BBLs of oil produced in the USA.

          In december of 2019 Under Trump: 400,219×1000 bbls of oil produced in the USA.

          In december of 2018 Under Trump: 369,644×1000 bbls of oil produced in the USA.

          in other words. Trump was the bomb and your making shit up HAIRY. Again. Over and over you lie about what is actually the truth and what you want the truth to be.

          I despise people like you who distort facts. I think you work for CNN and your sole function is to make people believe lies.

          I guess without a soul, lying is easy for you.

          I can challenge you all day and I seriously doubt you like to be questioned about what you post because more and more your posts are starting to look like DOWD which we all know you are his alter-ego. I mean I don’t care but hey. Dowd is so obsessed with Trump that he is hoping for a nuclear war so Biden can declare martial law. Or so it seems.

  6. Jl says:

    Yes-the US Energy Information Administration. Have any info that the information provided is somehow false?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      We trust the information. We have already pointed out that your reading of it is flawed.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Maybe Rimjob can point out the “flaws” but the US set the oil production record under the Trump administration.
        (This has been pointed out to you and retard Johnnie before.)

        Bwaha! Lolgf

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          ShitLips, whose real name is Porter… Again, that is not the “evidence” that jl cited, which did not support his claim.

          Bwaha! Lolgf

          • drowningpuppies says:

            So Rimjob are you disputing the fact that the US annually produced more oil in history under the Trump administration?
            Or are you just ignorant?

            Bwaha! Lolgf

  7. UnkleC says:

    Just damn. Some folks either can’t read a simple chart / graph or just pick random data to suit their argument. The US Energy Information Admin data is easy enough, if a tad dated. Baker Hughes is quite current, the current count of rigs in operation as of 25Mar2022 is 670. The highest recent count is Dec 2019 at 1065 rigs, from US EIA. This data is easy to find. A simple Google hunt will bring lots of results.
    Additionally, no one seems to notice that demand [and consequently prices] dropped late 2020 and 2021, china virus anyone? No market, no need to produce, fewer rigs turning. It was a good time to buy oil co. equities.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      UncleC, Our local leftist commenters don’t/won’t consider things like that because they’re told not to by their bosses, the Media. There is no independent thought among our leftist contributor only insults, repetition and narrow mindedness. Going through life with blinders on is what keeps the Democrat Party in the USA from being recognized for and called what it really is: the American Communist Party. Has been since the mid nineties at least.

      The next thing for FJB to Build Back Better will be our entire crumbled economy when the world goes off the dollar standard. That should give us a real good Schwab style fukin’.

      People like our leftist commenters are cheering the death of America, Whites, Christians and Freedom and they have no idea what will replace us. And they are just fine with it.

      FJB and all his acolytes.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      UnkleC typed: Some folks either can’t read a simple chart / graph

      Did UnkleC look at what jl supplied??

      This is the link jl supplied:

      We asked if he wished to retract it and supply other evidence.

  8. UnkleC says:

    I prefer to do my own research. Per US EIA Oilfield Production reports, Nov2019 was the highest ‘recent’ production with 12,966 tbd with Dec2019 in second with 12,910 tbd. After that, production declined and has slowly regained with Nov2021 at 11,773 tbd the highest since 2019. FORECAST production for 2022 is ESTIMATED at 12.6 mbd, reasonably close to Nov2019’s 12.9 mbd.

  9. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    ShitLips, whose real name is Porter… Again, that is not the “evidence” that jl cited, which did not support his claim.

    The link that ShitLips, whose real name is Porter, cited shows that U.S. crude oil production started to increase steadily in 2009 (obviously in anticipation of DonJon stealing the 2016 “election”) and continued through 2019. Production dropped abruptly in 2020 (DonJon was still prez) and has been steadily increasing since.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Still incorrect, Rimjob.
      Obviously you have a problem reading and comprehending the chart provided to you.
      That’s okay because everyone here knows you’re ignorant.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Poor ShitLips, whose real name is Porter, rebuts the argument with “Is not!!“. Powerful stuff indeed. In addition he calls UnkleC a liar, too!!

        Bwaha! Lolgf

  10. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    drowningpuppies, you and UnkleC are pissing in the wind. Just like being shown the irregularities of the election and refusing to recognize them, showing them evidence of oil production means nothing. They look, they see, they walk blindly away.

    As our country and perhaps even the world crumbles around us and we are saddled with a fukin asshole for a president for these guys to admit they are wrong is impossible. There is nothing in America today that is better than it was two years ago. Then the world was immorally locked down because of a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate and they used that to install a fake president by way of election fraud (coup). They won’t admit that either.

    We assume they never are wrong, everything is just fukin’ wonderful and all’s right with the world. The Democrats are deliberately misinforming us about everything and their masters are laughing all the way to the bank. People like dOwd and Hairy already have theirs and are now petrified we younger folks will somehow take it. They are scared old men who would rather destroy the country and it’s systems that made them live well than pass it on to progeny.

    I’ll say it again: The rampant voter fraud was blazingly obvious to anybody who’s ever seen a clean election. And the Democrats’ behavior shows that they think they stole it.

    FukJoe and his illegal cabal of idiot “leaders” will be gone soon. I do hope soon enough to save THE REPUBLIC (not democracy) from the tyranny of the left.

    FJB good and hard.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Yep. It’s all a conspiracy linking the ChiComs, Ruskies, Deep State, Big Medicine, WHO, teacher’s unions, EU, Big Religion, Big Energy, Big Minority, Big Gay, Big Election, Big Education, Big Pedophilia, Rothschilds, Big Pharma, Big Jew, Davos, the Clintons, the Obamas, Big Tech, Big Climate, Big Science, Wall Street, CDC, Big Dems… all out to “get” caucasian, christian, cis-gender, conservative cockowners (C5’s).

      Only DonJon tRump and his acolytes stand between you and the end days!

      Guys, the nuGOP continually supports policies that redistribute resources from the working classes to the wealthy. Wealthy Dems benefit from this too!! It’s stupid to support politicos at the local, state and national level that rely on your hard work and obedience to make them wealthy all the time persuading you it’s in your best interest! Don’t be stupid.

      tRumpism makes you feel better by tub-thumping your feelings of victimization and outrage – all the while redistributing the fruits of your labor to the wealthy. The Mexicans, TGs, Blacks, Muslims, Chinese, “woke” are causing ALL your problems!

      Universal healthcare? No way!!
      Labor unions? Get out a here with that shit!!
      Progressive taxation? The rich already pay all the taxes!!
      Worker safety? Makes the U.S. uncompetitive!!
      American made? LOL. It’s cheaper to build in China and ship here!! (Cheap labor, cheap lives, cheap fuel).

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