SEC’s Climate Scam Rule Could Force Companies To Account For “Pollution” They Didn’t Create

Carbon dioxide is not pollution, and the SEC is creating all sorts of problems for businesses over a scam

SEC’s landmark climate-change ruling could demand companies account for pollution they don’t directly create

Should and Walmart be forced to tell investors how much pollution all their suppliers send into the atmosphere? Should ExxonMobil be responsible in accounting for the emissions that auto drivers rack up?

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday gave the nod, by a 3-1 vote, to preliminary approval of long-anticipated regulation on climate-change disclosure for publicly-traded companies, including what stock and bond-issuing companies do to prevent pollution and how they prepare for rising oceans, severe storms and more.

All eyes have been on whether the agency could force companies to regularly report the more complicated Scope 3 emissions that are out of their direct control.

The proposal around Scope 3 announced Monday calls for a phase-in for companies, a safe harbor for liability around the reporting, which could buttress banks in particular, and an exemption from such emissions disclosures for smaller companies. After collecting comments, the SEC’s proposal has included some of the compromise language urged by the business community and mostly Republican lawmakers.

Scope 3 inclusion was a stipulation embraced by environmental groups, some Democratic lawmakers and investing advisers who believe only the most stringent rulemaking will curb climate change in time, and to satisfy growing interest in environmental sensitivity among investors.

Why, exactly, is the SEC even getting involved and creating these rules? It seems a pretty big expansion of their power

(Investopedia) The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (SEA) was created to govern securities transactions on the secondary market, after issue, ensuring greater financial transparency and accuracy and less fraud or manipulation.

All companies listed on stock exchanges must follow the requirements outlined in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Primary requirements include registration of any securities listed on stock exchanges, disclosure, proxy solicitations, and margin and audit requirements. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure an environment of fairness and investor confidence.

And now they’ll have to spend lots of time and money on something very silly

Opponents, meanwhile, have said the costly reporting demands of Scope 3 are untenable and likely set up a court challenge to the SEC.

Still, big moves in climate-change regulation have increasingly gained value as a centerpiece of the Biden administration’s efforts to slow the planet’s rising temperature, particularly as other White House clean-energy initiatives have stalled in Congress. A Gary Gensler-led SEC has made landmark climate change ruling part of its DNA, including in speeches.

There will be plenty of lawsuits, since you have 3 unelected bureaucrats determining that companies must comply with their cult beliefs, a serious overstretch of the SEC’s mandate. If they want to do something like that then it needs to be a vote in Congress by the duly elected Legislative Branch, rather than inventing a rule out of some obscure, unrelated language in other bills. How will this rule help at all?

For investors, most want to fairly price the stocks of companies that will be affected by climate change. Investors are trying to guess if a company’s products may be regulated in the future because of their impact on the climate, or if its supply chains may get more expensive over time. A company could be based in one part of the country, but source most of its raw materials in a region subjected to rising sea levels, for instance.

So they want to know if Government will screw with their investments with idiotic, scam related legislation? Huh.

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10 Responses to “SEC’s Climate Scam Rule Could Force Companies To Account For “Pollution” They Didn’t Create”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Well, they seem to blame Whites for slavery they didn’t commit so why not blame companies for pollution they didn’t create? When leftists say “justice” what they mean is revenge.

    FJB, LOL

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    This rule is intended to protect investors. Companies have been known to hide projected, potential liabilities. And as much as Mr Teach considers global warming to be a “scam”, the evidence begs to differ.

    What gives agencies the authority to issue regulations?

    Agencies get their authority to issue regulations from laws and statutes enacted by Congress. In some case the President may delegate existing Presidential authority to an agency. Typically, when Congress passes a law to create an agency it grants that agency general authority to regulate certain activities within our society. Congress may also pass a law that more specifically directs an agency to solve a particular problem of accomplish a certain goal.

    An agency must not take action that goes beyond the statutory authority of violates the Constitution. Agencies must follow an open public process when they issue regulations according to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). This includes publishing a statement of rulemaking authority in the Federal Register for all proposed and final rules.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Rimjob: And as much as Mr Teach considers global warming to be a “scam”, the evidence begs to differ.

      “Evidence” that Rimjob seems unable or unwilling to provide.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

  3. Facts Matter says:

    Ut Oh!

    Hunter Biden and Mafioso Joe Biden SHARED A BANK ACCOUNT and paid each other’s bills.

    This is bad. China Joe is on the verge of being impeached. Perhaps by his own Party as the MSM has now turned on the poor guy. Biden is certainly a better politician than this. It is very clear he is in serious cognitive decline and is working with a very mushy and foggy brain. I know I took care of my 90-year-old mother for 6 years before she passed.

    I feel for the Guy. As a Daddy its a horrible feeling to deal with a worthless son.

    In fact Daddies money may have fueled Bidens HOOKER and Drug BINGE making him an accessory to felonies.


    Hunter Biden received a 100,000 dollar shopping spree paid for by a CHINESE CREDIT CARD.

    HUNTER BIDEN was given a huge DIAMOND.

    Hunter biden had to BORROW 1 million dollars to pay his taxes which were delinquent. The IRS FROWNS HEAVILY ON THIS method of paying a heavy tax bill.

    I wonder if the SEC has TIME TO LOOK AT THIS KIND OF THING or is it more important for WOKE CORPORATIONS NOW CONTROLLED BY LEFTISTS RADICALS to Investigate Carbon footprints.

    It is no wonder Biden won’t help Ukraine. He wants the country pummelled to dust so no one could possibly find out the depth of Obama era White House staffers and Joe Biden/Hunter Biden all Cashing in on Ukrainian corruption.

    The left can’t even deny this stuff as even the FBI and the NDI all said this laptop and these emails are the real DEAL. They just ignore it. But unfortunately the DOJ is not.

    However we all know that Biden will get off scot free when the DOJ says this is all fake news. Unlike the Russian Collusion bullshit.

    • Facts Matter says:

      But that’s okay. You don’t need evidence to impeach anyone.

      In reality the left and polling is now predicting a RED LANDSLIDE and NOT A RED WAVE.

      The left is so hopelessly underwater that even Trump leads Biden among Hispanics by 1 point.

      It’s no wonder the left was desperate to take over voting in all 50 states. Would look kind of weird for Progressive communists to be elected in Wyoming but hey, thats what the communist press if for. To make shit up and lie to the American people until China is in the White house and we are cooling ourselves with paper fans and eating bugs.

      • david7134 says:

        You just scored against Elwood, or real name jeff, as he acts like he controls the comment section. Don’t pay attention to him. No one else does.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Mr Teach wants to know if your comment is in the wrong place.

      This post was about the SEC.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

      • Facts Matter says:


        This is why I posted this in my post above: I wonder if the SEC has TIME TO LOOK AT THIS KIND OF THING or is it more important for WOKE CORPORATIONS NOW CONTROLLED BY LEFTISTS RADICALS to Investigate Carbon footprints.

        Therefore it is relevant and in the proper spot.

        Dowd. The OP wanted to discuss two guitar players and get people’s take. You are lucky he doesn’t dish on you more. I have been to leftist websites where I am kicked off in a matter of 2 or 3 posts because they don’t want to hear the other side.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Facts Matter: “I feel for the Guy. As a Daddy its a horrible feeling to deal with a worthless son.”

      However as a biden he is used to a criminal, drug addled, moron as a son even though FJB thinks “Hunter is one of the smartest people I Know”. Now put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

      FJB and his fukin dumbass criminal son.

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