After Scuttling Early Measures, Biden To Sort Of Revoke Russia’s Favored Nation Status

Did he tell Congress he plans to announce this today? Did they get a heads up? Because they’re rather necessary in this whole scheme

Biden to announce Friday that US will move to revoke ‘most favored nation’ status for Russia

Biden Brain SuckerPresident Joe Biden will announce Friday that the US, along with the G7 and European Union, will call for revoking “most favored nation” status for Russia, referred to as permanent normal trade relations in the US, sources familiar with the move tell CNN.

The move requires an act of Congress.

Each country is expected to implement this measure based on its own national processes. The sources made note of congressional efforts to revoke Russia’s permanent normal trade relations.

Biden will make the announcement Friday and Congress then is expected to introduce legislation.

I wonder if Pelosi was aware of this? Is there legislation to do this? I would suspect it wouldn’t be hard, just a quick line “Russia is removed from most favored nation status”, but, knowing Congress, will it require a whole bunch of extra words? Will they throw in a bunch of unrelated BS?

CNN reported earlier Thursday that bipartisan talks in the Senate had been taking shape to take more aggressive action on Russia’s trade status — after the White House effectively watered down the House-passed bill banning importing Russian oil, natural gas and coal into the US.

The earlier version of the legislation had included a provision that would suspend permanent normal trade relations for Russia and Belarus. But the White House expressed concerns over that part of the bill, and ultimately it was excised. The bill banning Russian energy imports that passed the House Wednesday night instead simply called for a review of Russia’s status in the World Trade Organization.

So, wait, Biden scuttled the stronger measures, and, now wants a measure than is even strong than what was in the House bill? This rather looks like Joe is attempting to be Mr. Big Shot and attempt to Look Strong.

Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden, a Democrat of Oregon, told CNN that he was engaging in talks with the top tax writers in Congress and the Biden administration about the matter, as pressure grew to include tougher language in the House bill when the Senate takes it up — as soon as next week.

But, would the language remove Russia from most favored nation status? Will that be added? How long will it take to get this through the Senate? Especially since many Republicans say they won’t vote for the bill if it doesn’t include stronger measures? And then it will have to go back to the House, then back to the Senate.

Who thinks that no one in Congress has considered simply trotting out a simple, one line bill removing Russia from the status today, getting a quick vote in the House, then running it over to the Senate for a quick vote? Then off to Biden’s desk….which could be a problem, since he’s going to Philadelphia for a Democratic caucus conference, then touring a school, then off to Camp David to relax over the weekend. All using lots of fossil fuels in planes and vehicles that are not electric. Not even hybrid.

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3 Responses to “After Scuttling Early Measures, Biden To Sort Of Revoke Russia’s Favored Nation Status”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    We’ve all known that American leftists are fascists at heart but nothing has said it louder than their recent love of Turdeau’s stomping of human rights in the formerly free nation of Canada, the US govmn’t lockdowns and mandates and now supporting the fascist thug Zelensky over the commie thug Putin.

    Since WWII Uke’s have tended toward the fascistic and even supported the Nazi’s as do several Uke divisions and regiment’s currently so watching the dOwds, bidens, Harris’ etc. team up with Zelensky the big “patriot” isn’t surprising.

    What is surprising is that Zelensky and his ilk are all deep Nationalists and all these American leftists from dOwd to sniffy are supposed to really, really hate nationalism, especially when done by white people yet here they are backing a white nationalist. Go figure. I guess American nationalism is bad but any other is good? Or is being patriotic and nationalistic about a country like America founded by white Christians the antithesis to radical woke? But then both the Ukraine and Russia are white and Christian too. Yet we have American leftists like dOwd almost sucking Zelensky’s pecker and calling Putin every bad name they usually reserve for Trump, Trump supporters, Republicans, conservatives, Christians and those damn white folks.

    That’s why I’m pretty sure we should be rooting for the Russians but I just can’t seem to do it. I hate even seeming to agree with leftists since they are by nature immoral and evil people. After all, they even hate God so they cannot have any real morality. I give you abortion as an example. Can moral people defend abortion as birth control? Leftists do. And Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Let’s go Brandon, give Zelensky a reach around while you launder Hunter and Papa Joe’s money. How come so many Democrat kids work for Ukrainian companies none of which they are qualified for?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The increasingly panicked, strident William Teach is concerned that President Biden will not be able to sign a bill while at Camp David!!!

    And worse, President Biden uses helicopters and automobiles to travel!!! The horror.

  3. Hairy says:

    Brandon seems to feel that insltsxsre his only weapon in political discourse
    He seems even more unhappy today than he usually is.
    Hope he feels better soon

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