Boston Vax Rules Cause Restaurants To Lose Up To $15,000 A Week

What, they don’t like the vaccination rules? Boston went for Biden around 83%, you’d think everyone would be super excited for these rules. Hyper-leftist Michelle Wu won with 63% of the vote. Bostonians should love the rules

Boston trade group says restaurants are losing as much as $15,000 a week because customers are put off by new vaccine rules

The Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) has written to Boston mayor Michelle Wu, complaining that restaurants are losing up to $15,000 a week, due to the city’s vaccine mandate.

The new requirement to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 took effect on January 15.

“The damage that has already occurred statewide in the restaurant industry in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be undone, but the future of our restaurants, small businesses and employment are reliant on the choices our leaders make today,” MRA president Bob Luz said in the letter, as reported by The Boston Herald. (snip)

In the letter addressed to the mayor, the MRA wrote: “We ask that you reevaluate the vaccine mandate given the rapidly improving conditions in Boston and provide the roadmap forward so that the most beleaguered industry, in the most affected city in the state, can make a plan towards recovery.”

The mayor gave a mealy mouthed response about considering what’s going on and re-evaluating, blah blah blah.

Funny, though, that so many of the Boston citizens are refusing to go out to eat, eh? I bet they love vaccine mandates as long as they don’t effect themselves.

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