California Governor Shocked That California Looks Like A 3rd World Hell Hole

If you never clean your car, throw stuff all around inside, allow bird poop, berries, salt brine, and more on the outside, are you shocked when it starts looking like crap? If you’re not maintaining it, are you surprised that it doesn’t run correctly? If you try and sell it and you get a low offer, who’s fault is that? Why is California surprised that their “car” is a mess and breaking down?

Gavin Newsom on L.A. Rail Theft: ‘We Look Like a Third-world Country’

Governor Gavin Newsom professed shock and outrage as he visited the site of mass looting of cargo trains in L.A. on Thursday, helping clean up debris and touting his recent plan to help law enforcement fight theft.

“I’m asking myself, what the hell is going on? We look like a third-world country,” Newsom said, before apologizing for using the word “gangs” to describe the attacks on the trains, stressing that he did not mean the word in a “pejorative” way.

As Breitbart News has reported, images and videos of torn boxes and packages were shared widely on social media last week as the country learned of the looting of cargo trains as the Union Pacific line slowed near L.A, providing a target to thieves in the absence of law enforcement.

What did they expect to happen? The government of California, from local to the state levels, created the incentives to do this, like reducing funding for police, changing terms for criminal prosecutions, and more

In a statement, Newsom touted his “Real Public Safety Plan,” which proposes $255 million in grants to law enforcement agencies. It does not reverse the cuts to law enforcement undertaken by many Democrat-run cities, including L.A., where Mayor Eric Garcetti cut police funding by up to $150 million in response to the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020. Newsom also promoted his programs aimed at cleaning up the state and assisting “local litter abatement efforts.”

Good luck!

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2 Responses to “California Governor Shocked That California Looks Like A 3rd World Hell Hole”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Newsom feigns “shock and outrage” as well as Captain Louis Renault.

    Here are your “winnings”, Governor.


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