Vaccine Cult Seriously Losing Their Minds Over Supreme Court Mandate Decision

I’ll say it again: I think everyone should get vaccinated. Voluntarily. It’s basically like getting a flu shot at this point, but, if it can save you from getting really sick with Wuhan flu, isn’t that worth it? But, you do you. Your life is not mine to be concerned about. I’ll do me. You want to voluntarily wear a mask? Go for it. The federal government has no business forcing people to get a vaccine via a rule from OSHA, which deals with workplace safety. Now, had they passed a rule simply saying everyone must wear a mask at work and/or get tested so often, well, that might have flown. But, the vaccine cult, which was dead set against the vaccines when Trump announced them, is going bat guano insane

Thanks, Supreme Court. Now we’re free in Florida to work alongside unvaccinated dolts | Opinion

Thanks, U.S. Supreme Court, for a mixed-message coronavirus pandemic decision that, to humans with frail bodies in negligent states like Florida, may be a death sentence.

In a two-part ruling, the court decided Thursday that the Biden administration cannot enforce a COVID-19 vaccine-or-test mandate issued to large businesses who employ some 84 million Americans.

So we’re “free” in Florida to work alongside unvaccinated dolts.

It’s their right to go without — and our bad luck if we have to work near them. New cubicle wars, anyone?

But, wait, wasn’t and isn’t the vaccine supposed to protect us from getting COVID? That’s what they said, right? Realistically, you can catch the Chinese coronavirus almost as easily from the vaccinated as the unvaccinated, seemingly, because we keep seeing huge numbers of vaxxed and boosted people get it.

Supreme Court blow to Biden vaccine mandate means more suffering, deaths and overfilled hospitals, expert says, as U.S. sets fresh COVID record

The number of Americans in the hospital with COVID-19 hit a new record of almost 150,000 on Thursday, as experts lamented the Supreme Court ruling striking down President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for big businesses.

There were 148,782 COVID patients in U.S. hospitals, according to a New York Times tracker, up 79% from two weeks ago and the most since the start of the pandemic as the highly transmissible omicron variant continues its rapid spread.

The seven-day average for new cases stood at 803,736, up 133% from two weeks ago, while deaths, which lag cases and hospitalizations, rose to 1,873, up 53% from two weeks ago.

Against that background, health experts expressed their disappointment at the Supreme Court ruling on vaccine mandates, with the court’s conservative majority concluding that the administration had overstepped its authority by seeking to impose an Occupational Safety and Health Administration vaccine-or-test rule on U.S. businesses with at least 100 employees, as the Associated Press reported. More than 80 million people would have been affected.

Try and pass a law in Congress, then. Because OSHA doesn’t have the authority, and it was even mentioned about Chief of Staff Ron Klain retweeting that this was a workaround for the law.

The radical right’s takeover of the Supreme Court is complete
With their ruling against Biden’s vaccine mandate, the conservative majority made clear that the law is political

They’re only mad when they lose. Had the court come out in favor they’d be cheering. It’s all about rule of Man, not rule of Law, for leftists.

Supreme Court’s Covid vaccine mandate rulings hurt Biden — and America

MSNBC really only cares about Biden. Meanwhile

If you told lifelong Dems in 2019 that by 2022 they’d become single-issue voters for the other side, they would’ve said you were nuts. They also would’ve said you were nuts if you told them that after 2019 their opinions would be considered “right wing”…

And yet, here we are! Did you question blue state covid policy? Poof! You’re now a Republican. Wanted your kids in school? Welcome to the other side! Said Florida wasn’t doing so bad and maybe we could lighten up a bit? Start putting up that DeSantis2024 yard sign!…

They called you an unhinged granny killer faster than you could say “let it rip.” But even after they cast you aside & told you to grab your guns & flee the coast with your fellow Rush Limbaugh-loving comrades, you weren’t ready to privatize healthcare & head to the ballots…

Make sure to read the rest.

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