China And Russia Playing Nice Is A Challenge For Biden Or Something

Now, just image the type of headline this would have if Trump was derelict in his duties in regards to China and Russia, blowing off the danger, creating situations which they would take advantage of. How it would be doom, and that Congress should investigate

Warming relations between Russia and China pose challenge for Biden

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanLast week Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly demanded that the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization bar Ukraine from its military alliance, move troops, weapons and installations from its eastern flank and issue “security guarantees” about the future of the region.

“The ball is in their court,” Putin said at a news conference last week. “They need to respond to us with something.”

While Western officials responded with indignation, saying Putin would not tell NATO what to do, Chinese President Xi Jinping applauded Putin’s brinkmanship. At a summit last week with Putin, Xi denounced the U.S. and NATO for “interfering in the internal affairs of China and Russia,” according to China’s state-run news agency Xinhua.

The increasingly warm relations between China and Russia are raising eyebrows, as well as the potential stakes, across the Western world, but the tensions with Washington have been building for months.

When the U.S. became the first nation earlier this month to announce that its government officials would boycott February’s Olympic Games in Beijing in response to China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims and its steamrolling of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, Putin rose to Xi’s defense, calling the diplomatic protest “pointless” and saying he planned to attend.

In October, in between Chinese sorties in violation of Taiwan’s airspace, China played war games in the waters off the contested island and was joined in its impressive naval and aeronautical display of force by the Russian military.

Both have watched Biden’s weakness. They watched the fiasco of Afghanistan. The wishy washy words on Ukraine and Taiwan. Playing nice with Iran and blowing off Israel. He’s worse than Jimmy Carter weak.

“A two-front war would, in principle, be gravely challenging,” Nigel Gould-Davies, senior fellow for Russia and Eurasia at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, told Yahoo News, adding that such an outcome is currently unlikely. “However, [China and Russia] each watch the West’s responses to the other. So if the West is seen to lack resolve against one adversary, the other may be emboldened to act.”

This stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. They see weakness. And they test Biden because they do see weakness. So, what now? Biden can barely make it through a press conference, he almost never takes questions, and those few he does take he doesn’t really answer. There’s no strength at all

Trudeau says western countries need to stand together against China

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau implored the West to stand together against China, arguing that country’s communist leadership has often been “playing” Western countries against each other.

“We need to do a better job of working together and standing strong so China can’t play the angles and divide us one against the other,” Trudeau said in an interview with Global television.

I guess he’s aiming for the spot of most powerful man in the world, and it’s strange to see the Canadian PM as the voice of reason, with all due respect to our neighbors to the north. Will any Western nations listen? You know Joe’s out to lunch.

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13 Responses to “China And Russia Playing Nice Is A Challenge For Biden Or Something”

  1. judgeroybean says:

    With Iran it could even be a 3 front war. Great, just great. Biden and Fauci should be tried for treason. We’re on the verge of war and those traitors handed our enemies a crippling disadvantage to America: all of our troops were forced to take the suicide jab and our military leaders spend their leisure time at Man’s Country with Obama.

    • Professor hale says:

      It’s pointless to try a mental incompetent on any charges. He simply isn’t responsible for his own actions.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Democratic Congress just passed the world’s largest military budget in history and sent it to President Biden, who is expected to sign it.

    On Saturday, Reuters reported that more than 10,000 Russian troops were exiting several regions near Ukraine and returning to permanent bases, citing information from the Interfax news agency. Those areas include Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, as well as in southern Russian regions of Rostov and Kuban.

    In contrast to Mr trump, President Biden has refused to blow trump’s authoritarian lovers, Kim, Xi and Putin. Canadian PM Trudeau (American right’s bete noir) is stating the obvious: China and Russia have been working for many years to destabilize the West. And the American right falls for it every time – “Europe is effete and socialist!” “South Americans, Africans, Arabs and Muslims are ‘filthy animals’!” A wave of fascism is circling the globe – China, Russia, N Korea, Turkey, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Kazsakhstan, Algerian, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Nicaragua, Belarus, Somalia, Yemen, Djibouti, Oman with Poland, Brazil, Philippines and the US on the verge…

    President Biden held the Summit for Democracy with leaders from over 100 nations (trump, Russia and China were NOT invited) to promote democracy around the world.

    The American right may be correct that trump’s policy of appeasement toward the Chinese and Russian authoritarian regimes was a better approach than trying to rally other nations of the world against the growing authoritarianism that right-wingers support.

    • Dana says:

      The distinguished Mr Dowd wrote:

      A wave of fascism is circling the globe – China, Russia, N Korea, Turkey, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Kazsakhstan, Algerian, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Nicaragua, Belarus, Somalia, Yemen, Djibouti, Oman with Poland, Brazil, Philippines and the US on the verge…

      We hope to throw out teh Democrats to keep the United States from being swept away by that “wave of fascism”. It’s not the Republicans, it’s not conservatives, who have been pushing ever more government control over individuals; that has been the left and the Democrats! It has been the left who have wanted to restrict our liberties, our movement, our access to public venues, with demands to see our papers, with regulations to enforce vaccination, with efforts to restrict our choices, with attempts to disarm law-abiding citizens, with regulations to look ever more closely into our financial transactions, and it’s all for our own good, they say.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        It wasn’t liberal Dem insurrectionists who tried to stop the Constitutionally and Federal law mandated certification of the 2020 Presidential election – it was fascist trumpist GOPhers.

        It’s conservatives who would ban same-sex marriage, who would control women’s reproductive function, who would discriminate against non-white, non-Christian Americans, who oppose democracy and who support the US gov’t supporting corporate power and advantages.

  3. formwiz says:

    You mean the barely Democratic Congress.

    And the rest of what you say is every bit as risible.

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      Dowd: You put quote marks around the idiocy you were spouting (as usual) but don’t tell us who you were quoting. Sadly everything you said was dribble. We prayed for you at Christmas in the hope that all that hate would leave your heart and you would become a happy and loved individual. We do hope it works because seeing you do comments like this is saddening.

      When you look at the world you see only what Joy Reid and Nancy Pelosi tells you to see. You can never see past your communist partisan narrative. Maybe someday…….

      Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Happy Holidays to you too!!

        Please point out the inaccuracies in my drivel (not dribble).

        Congress did pass a huge defense budget. President Biden did organize a Democracy summit. A wave of fascism/authoritarianism is sweeping the globe. Reuters did report the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukraine border. trump was quite friendly with China, N Korea and Russia.

        Do you not think European nations are effete and socialist/communist?

        Do you not consider S Americans, Africans, Arabs and Muslims filthy animals?

        • L.G.Brandon says:

          We don’t agree with anything you triggered about there. Nothing. Zero. Nada. I can’t figure why an adult American man would even think that crap let alone print it for the world to see.

          We have noticed that occasionally you go on a basically psychotic rant even further to the left than your normal stuff and this is one of those times. I guess you’re just trying to troll us but it is still silly. Especially now that you’ve decided that repeating it somehow will make it all true.

          We also can’t understand why Trump still figures so centrally in your psychosis considering he’s been out of office almost a year. Are you leftists that a-scared of him? If you really want to be scared think of how you all loved the Cuomo boys. Killers and sexual predator’s as well as criminals and grifters. Or how you fall for every hoax that the MSM throws at ya from Jussie Smollett to “two weeks to flatten the curve” then when we’re on our 4tyh booster you finally admit it neither protects against Covid not stops one from passing Covid to another. So a total farce. Or how you pretend that as our military becomes racially divisive and they spend time designing pregnancy uniforms the Russians and ChiComs are building actual fighting forces. We also love how sleepy joe turning Afghanistan not only into a defeat but a bloody rout is hailed as some sort of victory. We also love how the criminal in chief also allows all those filthy illegal aliens into America to get votes. That’s actually grounds for impeachment ya know. Real grounds not just “mean Tweets”.

          As previously stated, the prayers for you will keep coming in the hopes you have an epiphany before it’s too late.

          BTW, we do not think European nations are effete and socialist/communist. Just effete and cowardly. Nor do we consider S Americans, Africans, Arabs and Muslims filthy animals. We do believe illegal aliens regardless of race, religion or nationality to be filthy animals as they are invading our country, stealing our resources, killing raping and stealing from our people without being invited in making them filthy criminals.

  4. Dana says:

    President Trump at least managed to look tough as he was pulling out of Afghanistan and negotiating with the Taliban, but, in the end, that’s just a cover for the fact that the American people are not willing to go to war with nuclear-armed Russia or nuclear-armed China over Ukraine or Taiwan.

    Remember how the NATO leaders breathed a collective sigh of relief that Ukraine had declined NATO membership when Vladimir Vladimirovich sent the tanks rolling into eastern Ukraine, and annexed the Crimea? It isn’t just Americans: the Germans, the French, the Brits, none of them want to go to war against the USSR Russia, and President Putin knows it.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Dana: President Trump at least managed to look tough as he was pulling out of Afghanistan and negotiating with the Taliban…

      We disagree that trump “look(ed) tough” by negotiating with the Taliban, and of course he didn’t withdraw from Afghanistan at all.

      Agreed, no one wants a shooting war with Russia or China (or anyone else, for that matter). Fortunately (or not), our interconnected economies and trade give the West some leverage without resorting to war.

  5. L.G.Brandon says:

    Dowd: You’re entitled to disagree all you want but the fact is Trump reduced the number of American troops in Afghanistan from 13,000 to 2,500. He had negotiated a complete withdrawal by Aug 31, 2020 if the Taliban ceased hostilities which they agreed to, then reneged on. The Taliban did not comply with the negotiations and since the election was stolen and Brandon installed as the junta mouthpiece it fell on him to decide how to handle it. He ran like a raped ape leaving thousands of Afghan allies behind as well as American personnel. He is a coward of the first water.

    America now has a leader our allies can’t count on but our enemies can.

    Now you want to discuss how the the junta is handling energy and fossil fuels? The border? Covid? Inflation? WE can go on.

  6. Professor hale says:

    It’s pointless to try a mental incompetent on any charges. He simply isn’t responsible for his own actions.

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