U.K. Poll Shows One In Three Want The Unvaccinated Locked Down

Why? Why would they need this if vaccines protect the recipient from the Chinese coronavirus? What’s the point of the vaccines if they do not protect from COVID?

Unvaccinated should be forced into Covid lockdown, one in three people believe

One in three people believe that those who remain unvaccinated should be forced into a lockdown until the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, according to a poll.

A survey by ORB found significant public support for applying harsher measures to those who have not been jabbed, in a finding one researcher suggested stemmed from the unvaccinated being wrongly “blamed and ‘othered'”.

The poll comes after Boris Johnson said it was time to have a “national conversation” about “ways in which we deal with this pandemic”, adding: “I don’t think we can keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions, I mean restrictions on people’s way of life, just because a substantial proportion of the population still sadly has not got vaccinated.” (snip)

The ORB survey of 2,067 adults found that 35 per cent believed that those who remain unvaccinated should be forced into a lockdown until the pandemic has passed, while 48 per cent disagreed. Almost one in three (32 per cent) of people disagreed that those who are unvaccinated should have the same access to hospital procedures, compared to 55 per cent who agreed.

Well, that seems like a good thing, that the majority do not want to essentially throw the unvaxxed into compulsory “jail.”

Separately, 59 per cent said it should be compulsory for all workers to be vaccinated, as is due to be the case in New York from later this month. The same proportion (59 per cent) agreed that those who are refusing to take the vaccine should not be allowed into restaurants, pubs and cinemas, while more than two in three people (68 per cent) would support pub or restaurant owners who ban unvaccinated people from their venues.

If I’m vaxxed (and I’m boosterized™), I could care less about you. If you want to take the chance, that’s on you. I’ll get a flu shot. Usually. If you don’t want to, that’s on you.

Alex de Figueiredo, a research fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said: “Countries around the world have made freedom conditional on vaccination. We are now seeing countries which have vaccine passport or mandate policies unable to control rapidly rising infections. Instead of considering whether these policies are effective, it seems many politicians and journalists are blaming and ‘othering’ the unvaccinated … These policies will likely seed division, distrust, and could have profound consequences for trust in the government or public health policies.”

“Freedom conditional on vaccination.” Yet, they continue to try and find ways to limit the freedom of even those who are vaccinated. The UK is much different from the U.S. on freedoms. The citizens might want to consider limiting their government now, because we’re having a tough enough time here in the U.S.

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