California Gov. Newsome Wants Gun Law Modeled After Texas Abortion Law Or Something

I guess Gavin has been listening to the moonbat cranks in his party, since they were calling for the same thing as soon as Texas passed their abortion law. Of course, there’s a bit of a problem, two, actually. The 2nd Amendment of the federal Bill of Rights, and Article III, Section I of the California Constitution: “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land”, since California has no arms provision in their Declaration of Rights (Article I of their Constitution), one of the few states without one. Anyhow, how would this work?

Newsom Calls for Gun Legislation Modeled on the Texas Abortion Law

Angered by the U.S. Supreme Court decision to continue allowing private citizens to sue Texas abortion providers, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California on Saturday called for a similar law giving ordinary residents legal standing to file lawsuits against purveyors of restricted firearms.

“SCOTUS is letting private citizens in Texas sue to stop abortion?!” Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, tweeted. “If that’s the precedent, then we’ll let Californians sue those who put ghost guns and assault weapons on our streets. If TX can ban abortion and endanger lives, CA can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives.”

The governor’s response seemed to contradict his earlier criticism of the Texas law, which Mr. Newsom had previously described as a cynical attempt to undercut federal rights.

Since California follows federal rights, they have to obey the 2nd Amendment. Further, how many people. particularly federally licensed firearms dealers and stores, are actually selling illegals guns in California? Most are private transactions, often by those who stole the guns. So, what, criminals are going to sue criminals?

In a statement released on Saturday evening, Mr. Newsom said he had instructed his staff to work with California’s Legislature and attorney general to write a bill that would let citizens sue anyone who “manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts” in California. The governor called for damages of at least $10,000 per violation, plus costs and attorney’s fees.

Interesting. People who are selling, in some cases, products that are legal under the 2nd Amendment and legal under federal law. Will this enable Bob to sue Dave when Dave buys a gun kit with no serial number? This is how far these baby killers will go to protect the abortion racket, rather than, say, pushing contraception, which almost always stops people who do not want to get pregnant from getting pregnant. Strange how that works, eh?

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7 Responses to “California Gov. Newsome Wants Gun Law Modeled After Texas Abortion Law Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Vasectomies are reversible, therefore vasectomize all males at puberty and reverse it when they are responsible enough to father and support a child. Unwanted pregnancies solved. Abortions will drop to near zero. Everyone is happy.

    Alternatively, make female-controlled contraception free. Make morning-after pills readily available and free.

    • Dana says:

      Vasectomies are frequently reversible, but not always. How would you compensate those whose vasectomies turned out to not be reversible?

      I noticed that you did not include tubal ligations, which can also be reversed.

      Female-controlled contraception practically is free. Under Obysmalcare, almost all health insurance plans must cover contraceptives, with zero co-pays. For minors, contraceptives are handed out like candy in the public schools. The problem is not the availability of contraception, but the inconsistent use of contraception.

    • Professor Hale says:

      What a great idea. Of course, to be truly effective, there should be mandatory sterilization of males AND females in Jr High. And no need to waste money doing it to everyone, we can just focus on the same targets Planned parenthood uses: Blacks and Hispanics. I don’t really care if it’s reversible. White people are already reproducing at less than replacement rates. Follow that up with sterilizing every immigrant when they apply for asylum and all our worries are solved. Just think of the lower carbon footprint this will enable for the country too. Win-Win-Win.

      And make all foreign aid contingent on sterilizing their people too.

      • Professor Hale says:

        If only there was some way to mass produce and distribute a pregnancy “vaccine” and ship it everywhere in the world and then MAKE people want to take it. Of course, THAT could never happen. No one would put up with it. Any politician who suggested it would be hanging from a lamp post the next day.

  2. Zachriel says:

    William Teach: Anyhow, how would this work?

    See the recent Supreme Court ruling, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson. Judges might throw such suits out of court, or not. Gun sellers would be civilly exposed.

    William Teach: Since California follows federal rights, they have to obey the 2nd Amendment.

    See the recent Supreme Court ruling, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson. No state officials would be involved in enforcing the law.

    Under the ruling, we could also see a law which allows suits against anyone who criticizes Trump.

  3. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Since California follows federal rights, they have to obey the 2nd Amendment.

    Uhhh, by what evidence do you state that California follows federal rights? Don’t people have the right to not have illegal immigrants taking up their tax dollars? Don’t people have the right to go to church unimpeded? Don’t people have the right to peaceably assemble?

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Hint: Every gun is a “ghost gun”. Serial number registration only makes determining the last legal registered owner possible. In most cases in the USA, that means a SN can only be used to track the first owner. After that, all guns are “anonymous”. Most states do not even have gun registration and in the USA, personal good cross state boundaries easily. State laws to prevent interstate movement of guns are 95% ineffective.

    Hint2: making guns is 14th century technology. Any kid with average intelligence can figure it out and get the tools he needs from Home Depot to do it. Fancy 80% kits not required.

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