Democrats Strategize How To Call Voters Stupid And Push Same Old Stuff For Midterms

Have Democrats considered that Let’s Go Brandon’s polls are so low because he’s pushing the same agenda Congressional Democrats are? That people aren’t into it?

Report: Democrats Strategize How to Escape Crushing Weight of Biden’s Poor Polling Numbers

Many Democrats are concerned President Joe Biden’s sinking polling numbers “will lead to a thrashing at the ballot box” in the 2022 midterm elections, Politico reported on Monday.

According to the report:

Even the party’s own polling has the president in the red. A poll from House Democrats’ campaign arm earlier this month showed the president down in battleground districts across the country, with 52 percent of voters disapproving of the job he’s doing, according to three party members briefed on the data.

With the election 11 months away — “an eternity in politics” — Democrats are in full strategizing mode to counteract what Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) called Biden’s recent “scary” numbers and to preserve at least a slim Democrat majority halfway into Biden’s first term.

“We’re in a difficult period now. One of the challenges we have is, we’ve been legislating this year, as he has,” Sen. Bob Casey(D-PA) told the publication. “While you’re legislating, you’re not communicating.”

Right, right, there’s absolutely no communication, not on Twitter, Facebook, or all the Credentialed Media outlets that support Democrats. Ed Morrissey says what it is really all about

How many times will we get this same Politico/media narrative of Democrats’ sales pitch? As long as Democrats keep thinking that their problem is the voters rather than their own sharp ideological lunge to the fringe. In this week’s edition, Politico’s team report that the midterm strategy remains one of messaging rather than listening. (snip)

Rather than engage in some introspection on how and why that happened, Democrats instead still plan to passively-aggressively blame voters for it. They plan to ramp up their “messaging” in their fabulous progressive agenda … again (snip)

The problem isn’t a lack of messaging. The problem is the product that Democrats keep trying to sell. Democrats passed the massive-spending third tranche of COVID-19 stimulus in March after waving off warnings about inflation even from within their own party. Now they want to pass even more spending while inflation rages above 6% and consumers are losing buying power each month. Their Build Back Better bill isn’t even calculated for economic growth; it’s a progressive hobby-horse bill that prioritizes the kind of social engineering that Beltway leftists love and eventually turns voters into populists.

Democrats keep saying that BBB is wildly popular, which shows that they do not get out of their Washington bubble. Rather than recalculate and go with a popular agenda, something that isn’t radically Progressive (nice Fascism), they’ll just say that voters are too stupid to know what’s good for them

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates argued that while the president is contending with the pandemic and inflation, “Republicans in Congress act to help Covid spread, worsen the global problem of inflation and raise taxes on the middle class to protect tax giveaways to the wealthy.”’

In case Andrew missed it, BBB rolls back some provisions of Trump’s tax cuts, including reinstating SALT, which even Salon highlights as being a tax cut for the rich.

“I’d like to see his numbers turn around, just because I think there’s a false narrative in many cases about supply chain shortages, gas prices or whatever,” said vulnerable Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA). “I care more about my own numbers….I honestly believe that in my district, and in many districts, that it’s a mistake to try to tie your election or reelection to any president.”

I wonder how many other vulnerable Democrats will attempt to distance themselves from Biden?

Is there anything Biden is doing right? Oh, right, you dumb voters just don’t appreciate him.

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One Response to “Democrats Strategize How To Call Voters Stupid And Push Same Old Stuff For Midterms”

  1. Est1950 says:

    I doubt anyone remembers but I discussed the need for the left to win the two Georgia elections to show some spine in the GOP. Having Mitch McConnell is about as fortunate for the voters and the GOP as is having Shurmer. Mainly my contention was Joe Manchin and Sinema would hold up almost anything Biden and Pelosi wanted to do.

    The fact that the country understood the GOP would not tolerate the two really bad candidates for Georgia for the GOP did not go unnoticed by the voters. The perfect storm of Riots, looting, Attacks on the second amendment, and the tearing down of our history(good or bad it is still a part of who we are as a nation) was enough of a wake-up call for most of the country to realize that the GOP was for the first time in a long time serious about issues that mattered to everyone, not including the rich and corporations.

    The runaway corporations are no longer getting their support from the right but rather the left who continues to say we need to break up silicon valley but do nothing. This was a tactic the Right used for decades.

    I present. Vote for the (R) and we will get rid of Obamacare. Well in 2016 the country gave them the presidency, house, and Senate and they failed. Then Paul Ryan, a Romney Never Trumper, Never America stalled on everything but a tax cut. The typical big business dick-sucking establishment Republican that the country has come to hate. I present Liz Cheney.

    Now the Left has been pushed into the corner of defending big business which is getting them nowhere. The left now defends Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big business because they spent so much time pushing their way into seats of power on these corporate platforms only to have the right jump ship and tell them, to go ahead and pretend you care about the little guy.

    In toto, The left does have no message and the voters have been reaffirming that time and again since November 2020 with election win after election win by the Right not to mention the hundreds of sherrifs and local politicians switch parties from (D) to (R).

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