Bummer: Climate Doom Is Making Your Clementines Less Acidic

Fast Company (which just did an insane interview with Warmist Prince Harry, a rich guy telling low wage workers to quit their job if it doesn’t make them happy), is now on the “Climate is coming for your Christmas tree bandwagon“, so, doom that way. And, elsewhere

Clementines are losing their acidity due to climate change

The taste of clementines is changing due to climate change. That is what researchers from INRAe, who study the evolution of this citrus fruit, found at the research unit of San Giuliano in Corsica.

“The more sugar a product contains, the less easy it is to taste its flavor.” Researcher Olivier Pailly and his team have concluded that the higher temperatures in the fall, when the clementines are ripening, force the fruit to consume more energy and therefore draw from its citric acid reserves. This situation threatens the PGI Clementine of Corsica because the label requires a minimal level of acidity in its specifications.

Luckily, the researchers have already been working on alternatives for several years, such as the development of organic farming that would enhance the acidity of the fruits and work on the cells and genes of the fruit, among others.

This comes way of some French outlet, which notes, in the French to English translation

The taste of clementine is changing. Since the 1960s, it has tended to lose its acidity more and more. This is the observation of INRAE ??researchers, who are studying the evolution of this citrus fruit within the research unit of San Giuliano, in Corsica. Already, for Corsican clementine for example, a minimum level of acidity is required to obtain the label of protected geographical indication.

Yeah, the 60’s. When the global temps were actually dipping a bit, which eventually led to many wondering if a new ice age was approaching. But, regardless, there is always some sort of doomy prognostication going on. Bjorn Lomborg writes that 50 years of Doomsaying hasn’t worked. And, it hasn’t. Of course, he’s a Believer in anthropogenic climate change, just not a hysteric, so

Fifty years of panic clearly haven’t solved climate change. We need a smarter approach that doesn’t scare everyone and focuses on realistic solutions such as adaptation and innovation. Adaptation won’t make all of the cost of climate change vanish, but it will reduce it dramatically. And by funding the innovation needed to eventually make clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels, we can allow everyone — including developing countries — to sustainably go green.

Nah, we just need to ignore the climate cult.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Climate Doom Is Making Your Clementines Less Acidic”

  1. robert kendall says:

    citris fruit mutates more than pretty much all other fruit

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach do you realize that of thst tiny 1.5 degree Celsius you keep harping on 1 degree has happened in your own lifetime and .5 of that in only the last 20 years? Extrapolating over tge next 30 years may well bring the temp up another .7
    And small difference in the yearly average show big changes: During the last ice age it was about 5 degrees colder the miniscule rose in your lifetime has wiped out NJ lobster harvest and brought tropical diseases to NJ

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