Pastor: If You Don’t Believe In Anthropogenic Climate Change You’re The Devil

I’m slightly confused by this piece. Is Pastor Michael F. Chandler of Victory Valley Bible Church in California saying that ‘climate change’ is BS or something that the religious should fight? In fairness, that’s a sidebar to something he mentions

Pastor column: What does the Bible say about climate change?

In a previous article, we learned that our praise is to God. Like King David we are to offer our glory — the very best skills we possess — to the Creator and the One who gives us life. We, His servants, bring our glory to the one who is glorious above all (Ps 108:1-5). The Christian hymn, “Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise” was put to the tune of a traditional Welsh ballad and captures this challenge. Scottish pastor and lyricist writes, Walter Chalmers Smith (1824-1908) writes, (a paragraph on that and then another on Bible quotes)

Prolific hymn writer and USA Presbyterian pastor Carolyn Winfrey Gillette has written a new song to support the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. Adapted to the same Welsh tune as Smith’s biblically sound lyrics, The Climate is Changing (2021) exchanges “the truth of God for the lie” and worships and serves the creation rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever (cf. Rom 1:25). Ecumenically liberal-minded Christians now sing,

The climate is changing! Creation cries out! Your people face flooding and fire and drought. We see the great heat waves and storms at their worst. We pray for the poor, Lord — for they suffer first. We pray for the animals here in our midst who cannot defend their own right to exist. We pray for the mountains and forests and seas that bear the harsh footprint of our human greed.

We thank you for people who treasure the earth, whose faith has long taught them its beauty and worth. We thank you as well for the children and youth who look to the future and speak out the truth. We thank you for leaders, courageous and brave, who know that the earth is worth fighting to save, who care about justice and what they should do, who listen to science and work hard for you. You love this good earth, and you sent us your Son! May we love our neighbors — there’s work to be done. May we, by your Spirit, do all in our power to care for your earth in this critical hour.

“The Lie” is certainly about those who oppose ‘climate change’, and would be comparing those who do not believe in this claptrap, this scam, or even implementing all the green Fascism for those who do believe Mankind is responsible for at least 51% of the warming since 1850, to the Devil. The Devil, Satan, the Serpent, etc, is the king of lies. But, the final paragraph is rather confusing

Friends, the current language of climate change is incompatible with biblical teaching. It is altogether godless and ascribes to little man far more power than invested him by the Creator. Believers are herein warned to worship the Creator rather than the creation and fully embrace the claims of His Son who came into the world — not to save the earth which He loves — but sinners for whom He gave Himself that they might not perish but have everlasting life.—  Scriptures to Memorize: Hebrews 1:10-12

Is he saying this is all poppycock, or, that the devout should embrace the teachings of God and Jesus to Do Something about ‘climate change’? On Facebook the pastor writes

Since the early 1990s environmentalists have been beating the drum about man’s impact, his “carbon footprint” on the planet. The popular concern then was “global warming,” though “global cooling” was the promoted imminent threat of the 1970s. Now, activists just speak of “climate change” and claim scientific backing for their cause. Woefully lacking, however, is any regard for what the Bible teaches about God as the sustainer of His creation. I invite you to join me in this Bible on Our Day as we raise the concern of Exchanging the Glory of God for the Glory of Earth.

He includes multiple hashtags, including #globalwarming hoax. At the end of the day, though, the important things are 1) the religious should deal with the word of God, and 2) the crazies are calling non-believers in the Cult of Climastrology minions of the Devil.

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4 Responses to “Pastor: If You Don’t Believe In Anthropogenic Climate Change You’re The Devil”

  1. William says:

    It’s pretty obvious that he thinks the scam of “Climate Change”, is just that, a scam. As far as the woman Presbyterian “pastor”, God has made it clear in scripture that women are not to be pastors of churches so paying any mind to what she has to say is laughable at best.

  2. PapaMAS says:

    Non-believers are the Devil? Pleased to meet you! Allow me to introduce myself!

  3. MarkD says:

    Who does he think he is, the pope? Not the real one, Benedict, I’m talking about the other guy.

  4. CarolAnn says:

    I agree with Teach on this one. I can’t make heads nor tails what this guy is trying to convey.

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