Good News: Climate Promises Rest In The Hands Of A Handful Of Elites

Sounds great, a bunch of powerful people who refuse to practice what they preach, nor practice what they will force you to practice, all while being affected not the least from all the “climate action”

Climate Promises Made in Glasgow Now Rest With a Handful of Powerful Leaders

After two weeks of lofty speeches and bitter negotiations among nearly 200 nations, the question of whether the world will make significant progress to slow global warming still comes down to the actions of a handful of powerful nations that remain at odds over how best to address climate change.

The United Nations global conference on climate change closed Saturday with a hard-fought agreement that calls on countries to return next year with stronger emissions-reduction targets and promises to double the money available to help countries cope with the impacts of global warming. It also mentions by name — for the first time in a quarter-century of global climate negotiations — the main cause of climate change: fossil fuels.(snip)

A relative handful of political leaders around the world — in capital cities such as Washington, Beijing and New Delhi — hold much of the influence over whether those promises are kept and the arc of warming can be sufficiently bent away from disaster. But they face a complex combination of pressures: industry interests that stand in the way of regulations, demands from developing countries for money to help them transition away from fossil fuels, and an increasingly vocal movement among citizens to rein in emissions more quickly and deliver what they call climate justice.

Chief among the leaders facing such pressures is U.S. President Joe Biden, who is pursuing one of the biggest climate legislation efforts ever attempted in the country, but who faces heavy resistance not only from Republicans, but from key senators within his own party.

You know China and India will pay zero attention to actually doing anything. They might release plans and say the right things, but, much like the tens of thousands who took fossil fueled flights to Glasgow, they won’t actually do a darned thing.

As for the United States, last time I checked we weren’t a dictatorship, and the politicians are supposed to listen to We The People (yeah, I know, they mostly don’t). What happens when the GOP retakes the House and Senate, stymying Biden’s agenda on climate crisis scam? Will he go for the authoritarian route? If they were smart (LOL), the GOP would pass a few simple bills that deny the White House and Executive Branch political appointees from traveling in fossil fueled cars, helicopters, and planes. Force Brandon to veto them. And things like that.

What happens when a Republican wins the White House in 2024? You can kiss any pledges goodbye, and a goodly chunk of Brandon’s climate agenda goodbye. They should push for nuclear power. They should stand up and tell people what this agenda is really all about. Stop playing around. It’s like pushing back against the 9/11 Truthers: yes, those people are nuts, but, you have to spread the truth lest it fester and grow. Same with ‘climate change’. Even if the climate has warmed mostly/solely due to Mankind (it hasn’t), even if Mankind is responsible for 51%+ (we aren’t), it is simply being used, once again, to institute Modern Socialist government controls on people and private entities, taking more of their money, freedom, liberty, and choice.

Our government should not have this much power over our lives

Britain, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and one of history’s largest emitters of planet-warming greenhouse gases, has said it intends to reduce its emissions by 68% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels.

But Britain is also facing criticism for building new roads and airports — both potential sources of carbon dioxide emissions, which are among the main causes of global warming — and for continuing to extract oil and gas in the North Sea. Mikaela Loach, a young Briton who has sued the British government over an oil and gas project there, responded to the summit outcome on Twitter by dubbing it “#CopOut26.”

Nor should a 1st World nation like Britain

Courts have already begun to weigh in. Citizens in Germany, Pakistan and the Netherlands have sued to force their governments to take stronger action against climate change. In the United States, an environmental law nonprofit has sued the government on behalf of 21 young plaintiffs.

They are Fascists, wanting to require everyone to practice what most of these Warmists won’t.

Many of the youth activists who protested outside the talks said the promises didn’t go nearly far enough to address a problem that they are already living with. Mitzi Jonelle Tan, an activist from the Philippines who joined tens of thousands of activists on the streets of Glasgow to rally for “climate justice,” said the outcome felt like “a stab in the back from those who call themselves leaders.”

We’re supposed to listen to the “activists” who want to empower authoritarian government when they can’t even stop themselves from flying halfway around the world? Piss off, wanker.

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  1. Professor Hale says:

    As long as countries allow their populations to grow, their “carbon” will grow apace. Funny thing it, all the Western countries have declining populations. So if they simply stopped allowing immigration from the third world, they could all easily meet their target goals.

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