USA Today: Why’s Biden’s Approval Rating So Low, He’s Doing A Great Job!

Paul Brandus is surprised that the Farter In Chief is doing so poorly, and wants you stupid voters to wake up

Jobs, jabs, infrastructure, prosperity and peace: Thank President Biden for his service

COVID-19 vaccinations of America’s children are underway; about 28 million kids ages 5 to 11 are eligible to be protected. Meanwhile, the 90-day average of both cases and deaths among the overall U.S. population is trending steadily lower, as vaccinations increase.

A $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill has been approved by Congress. Money, gobs of it, will soon start flowing to all 50 states for badly needed road and bridge repairs. Rural communities with poor internet service will soon have high-speed broadband. Lead pipes, which deliver tainted water to countless communities, will be replaced. The nation’s rickety power grid will get an upgrade. And more.

What else? Wages are up 4.2% over the past year, slightly higher than the “core inflation” rate that the Federal Reserve watches like a hawk. Speaking of the Fed, it says household wealth in the United States is at an all-time high, thanks to the solid housing market and a stock market that continues to defy gravity.

Overseas, we’re out of a money-sucking war in Afghanistan, and most of the world has a sharply improved opinion of America and faith in the president to do “right thing in world affairs.”

Interesting. Biden originally said, multiple times, that there is no way a vaccine would be ready so soon. The infrastructure bill barely contains infrastructure. Lead pipes? Even AOC knows it’s not enough money (also, Democrats blocked bills that would have done this during Trump’s time)

Wages are up because people are actually working. Inflation is driving up the cost of food and everything else. The housing has nothing to do with Biden, it’s because of a massive shortage of homes, as building mostly stopped for a long period in 2020. Afghanistan? Biden’s plan was a disaster, he left a lot of people behind, and launched a drone strike on kids and a journalist.

To recap: Jobs, jabs, prosperity and peace. And yet most Americans are unhappy. Just 28.6% say the country’s going in the right direction, says the Real Clear Politics average of all recent polls.

You stupid people just don’t know better!

If nearly 6 million jobs had been created in less than one year on Donald Trump’s watch (fact check: that’s more than were created during his entire four years in office), he’d throw a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue for himself.

Except, they were mostly not new jobs, but, people rejoining the workforce into existing jobs that had been lost during the Chinese flu periods. If a company had, say, 40 jobs in January 2020, and pared down, let people go, saw people leave or not come back when things were reopening, they still have 40 jobs to fill. They aren’t making it, say 43. In the auto industry, every car dealership I know has barely replaced all those positions which were lost. If they were down 10, they might have filled 2.

My sense is that the administration – from the president on down – isn’t doing enough to “own the narrative.” When nearly 60% of the country – a vast majority that extends well beyond the 50-50 split between Republicans and Democrats – say things aren’t going well, well, something’s up.

Perhaps the something is that Democrats have allowed the impressive economic gains occurring on their watch to be overshadowed by their “wokeness.” Not to denigrate words like “equity” and “fairness,” but perhaps Mr. Biden and Co. should spend more time reminding Americans of the basics: Jobs are plentiful. Wages are up. The country is opening up. Things are getting fixed. As Bill Clinton’s adviser James Carville famously said three decades ago: It’s the economy, stupid.

Yes, it is the economy, and people are seeing a lack of new and use cars, lack of some groceries, lack of other goods, and the prices are going up on them all. They’re hearing that the cost of Thanksgiving dinner will be the highest in their lifetimes. That they should shop for Christmas gifts now, and Dems are telling them to just pare back for Christmas, and, heck, everything. He’s shutting down pipeline projects, and even pipelines in operation. Shutting down oil and gas leases. And begging OPEC to increase their output. America had been energy independent under Trump.

Not mentioned is Biden’s open borders, with illegals streaming in and being flown under cover of darkness around the country, and the administration refuses to say how many nor where they are being dropped. And then Brandon is trying to give them all amnesty. The $450k notion is pissing a lot of people off. He can try and clean that up, but, they are considering it.

People are pretty unhappy with Joe’s performance for a whole lot of things. With Trump, they were unhappy with his mouth and Twitter. With Joe, it’s about what he’s doing, trying to do, and failing to do. He’s focused more on creating more and more government while ignoring the economic issues. So, it’s just a total shock that he’s polling so poorly, eh?

The president will go to Baltimore on Wednesday to talk up the new infrastructure bill and all that it’ll do for Charm City. God knows Baltimore needs fixing. But why waste time in a blue city in a blue state?

Why not step up his game and go to Ohio, where he got creamed by eight points a year ago, to remind Trumpsters who’s getting their bridges fixed?

Go for it. I triple dog dare Biden to go to non-friendly places, see if he can convince them on his agenda. He won’t. He goes to the bluest of blue.

Yup, no focus on the actual jobs, not focus on the economy.

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3 Responses to “USA Today: Why’s Biden’s Approval Rating So Low, He’s Doing A Great Job!”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    On a tour, The Queen was visiting a farmer in the Yorkshire Dales, and while admiring the horses at the fence, the farmer accidently passed gas.

    Mortified, he said, “Your majesty, my sincere apology!”

    Replied the Queen, smiling, “No need to apologize, sir. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would would naturally assume it was the horse.”

    IF what is reported actually occurred, the Duchess of Cornwall could have exhibited a bit of that famous British decorum.

  2. alanstorm says:

    Maybe that was Pollyanna Brandus.

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